Monday, December 30, 2013


Well no one but Alisha wrote me..HAHA- fail.   I know we just sykped, but still. Come on family!  ;)
 Well this week was pretty nuts. We had the 24th, and you guys already heard about that. The fireworks were nuts and they woke me up. It sounded like a war zone outside. I wanted to watch, but I couldn't find my glasses in the darkness. Bleh.
My companion is with some serious medical problems right now. So the work really hasn't been consistent or productive. His back and his neck and his shoulders are always killing him. We went to a traumatologist and he gave him some shots that he needed to take. He got those done this week, one in the morning and one at night. Fun stuff. He didn't let me inject him. I went on exchanges with the other elders in the house though, so I wouldn't go crazy all cooped up in the house. I stayed home one day, and yeah. Lets just say I resorted to cleaning. AKA I was bored and there was nothing to do. We tried to cover the 2 areas on exchanges and it didn't really work out good. There was too much to cover.
The baptism didn't happen, like I told you guys on skype. Diego still doesn't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon or Jose smith, so he doesn't want to do it (until he knows).  I had a cool lesson with him on exchanges and he said he was willing to stop praying to Maria and that he would give up his Catholic religion if he got an answer saying it was true. It was awesome, he's never said that stuff before. We even prayed with him on our knees and I felt the spirit really strong, but he said that he felt nothing. hmm... I'm not really sure what to do with him anymore. It seems like every time we go over there, we just talk about the same thing. How to get an answer. But ugh.. I'm not sure, we're stuck.
Can someone look up info on BYU and when it starts in the fall. also if I can be a transfer student?? that would be great.    Well, gotta go! I love you guys!! :) Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013
   SKYPE  time!!

It was so great talking with Elder Wheelwright!  He is doing great and looks great too!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!

Well -  Merry Christmas Family!! YAY!! I'm dying from the heat here haha. Covered in sweat always and sunburnt...Feliz Navidad! We did a service project on the coast with a semi-investigator and I got super burnt. The goal was to get more tan, but it kind of failed.  I've been walking like a robot recently because it hurts to move.. haha. Aloe Vera gel isn't something super common here, and if it exists, its imported so its expensive! Like $20 for a bottle...heck no! But there are plenty of aloe plants here, so I've been using the legit stuff. It's pretty awesome. I'm decided that I'm going to grow aloe vera in a later stage of my life haha. You should do it too mom, its good for lots of things. AND you can eat it too! 
Hey! good job Nathan! Looks like he inherited my skills, or no? haha. I think I'll use my same skype account, if I can remember it! I'll test it out on the computer here in a second.   6pm is when I'm calling, be ready! No package yet, I think things will be slower around the holidays anyways. I finally got my Christmas cards out just a week ago, so be on the look out for those in January...or February haha. 
Sounds like the Christmas party was pretty cool! Santa on a firetruck..heck yes. I was wondering when Tyler was going to be leaving, but you answered my question haha. Maybe he´ll come here to Bahia Blaca. That would be crazy, no? Let me know where he's going! 
So Christmas day here isn't that big at all. Nothing happens at all.  The 24th is the most celebrated day here.  There are a ton of fireworks on the 24th too, not sure about the 25th...can't remember.   Oh my gosh... our ¨christmas program¨was awful haha.  It was soooooo hot in the chapel, everyone was dying..the fans didn't really work. (we don't have AC..just fans)   And the talk was soooo long and the speaker giving it has a monotone voice.   I was happy when it was over haha. 
Soo... exciting news!! Our investigator Diego had an interview with the bishop yesterday and Diego came out of there saying he's getting baptized this weekend!! (which has always been his scheduled date)!! Whoooooo!! I'm super happy, this guy is way awesome and I just have to say FINALLY. haha we've been working with him for this whole transfer now! We've been finding lots of new investigators lately, but the thing is, is that they wont go to church! Why don't they understand? Gah. That's what were currently trying to figure out. Yesterday we had a giant discussion and bible bash with a hardcore was awful. Super prideful and he wouldn't listen to us at all. It was like an hour and a half in total. During the conversation, I rubbed my eye and my contact fell out haha. It was kind of awkward. 
Hey!  so my best buddy ever wants to start writing you guys!   He was my old comp here, aka "my twin" and now he's in Spain!!   I think he'll write first though, so just wait.  Give the email to Dad too so he can reply.   Well that's about everything.  
If you have any questions... ask me Wednesday!  Hopefully the video quality is good haha..... Well love you guys, see you soon!!    
Elder Wheelwright

                                                Veggies on the sunburn???

Monday, December 16, 2013


Oh! So the chalk writing -  haha funny story!  We kind of got the idea from the people in New York, but not really.  We used the inspiration from them, but it was really our idea haha. When we went to do it that day, we forgot to buy chalk.. So we found some rocks on the side of the road and yeah. We scratched it into the pavement. That didn't last too long haha. It was kind of a fail.
Yeah the police thing was pretty nuts. We had to stay in all day on p-day, but we had to go out and work. Things were kind of nuts. When we first left the house and we hit the main road, this guy rode by on his bike yelling to this other person saying that someone just got killed. and then an ambulance zoomed by. Hmm.. that was scary. The buses also refused to run because a lot of them already got robbed. So we walked to our area, which is far. There was like this look of panic in the faces of the people here. It was very movie like. The other companionship in my ward almost got robbed too, but they got away. We took refuge in a house of a member. we tried calling a taxi to go back to the house, but the wait was an hour because everyone in the world wanted to use a taxi. So we decided to run home. To get to the house, we basically have to run through the ghetto haha. We didn't want to do that, but we started out anyways. Miracle! We found an open taxi after like 2 blocks of running..yaya! It only lasted one day, but everyone is saying now that its going to happen again. The government here is kind of corrupt.. but oh well.
You should try to do the skype thing, even if it costs a little bit of money. The google thing could work, but I'm not familiar with it at all. So I think it would be best to use skype. I think 6pm my time will be the time. But I'll double confirm it for next p-day and I can tell you for sure. but yeah I'm like 99% sure it will be at 6.
Our Christmas party was a little lame haha. Everyone had to bring a salad and something sweet. So we just ate a ton of salad and the Bishopic bought chicken, yumm.. Were trying to pick a family for Christmas this year. but we don't know of anyone super cool haha. Were planning on having the baptism for Diego on the 28th, but he still doesn't have his answer..ugh. So I'm not sure if its going to happen in the end. Well see. Pray for him!   We have a huge problem in the ward right now, no one knows how to fellowship people at all. Its awful. No one wants to talk to Diego or even say hi to him. I don't know what to do anymore. I can give it my 110% , but if the ward doesn't do their job, my work is in vain.
Oh, this Sunday we found this guy early in the morning before church. He is a historian and he has his genealogy back to Moses. Cool stuff.   We're going to start teaching him soon!

Well gotta run! Love you guys a ton! see you in a weeek!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, December 9, 2013


So this week has been better than the majority of the weeks haha. We've actually found a good number of new people to teach. I told my companion that to be honest I'm getting a little burnt out of the area. I mean its almost been 4 months already.. I was like enough. haha  We walk down the same streets and knock the same houses. I'm ready to go to a new area. So we've been looking for places that we've never been before. And in these places, we've been finding new people to teach. We found this lady with 27 dogs, 17 horses, 3 cats, 7 puppies, and a baby hawk.  She also lives alone too. She told us that the animals are her family. It was pretty great. So that's whats going on with our area right now. Looking for new places to look, and we're finding success with it too.
Our investigator Diego is having some problems right now. He's doing great with everything, reading, praying, he's even stopped smoking (we're on day 10 now! Whoooo!!). But his problem is that he can't find his answer. He's been praying and praying but he can't get an answer. We even knelt down with him in a lesson and he asked God. But still, nothing happened. Its kind of hard for me to see this. Diego appears to be willing and he said he really wants to know if its true. The other day though, we found out the reason why he's not getting it. He came out of nowhere with a bunch of doubts about Joseph Smith and about how it doesn't say his name in the bible. He was catholic before, and his catholic ways are coming out again.. He's letting his doubting get in the way of him knowing the truth. We're not sure what we can do with him.   Ideas?    It's like on the show who wants to be a millionaire. I'm phoning a friend haha.
Downtown is closed for the missionaries now, too much temptation from the beach, that's why its closed. Lame.
We're going to skype again. I'm thinking like at 6 or 7 my time. Whatever works best for you guys. If we can do a multi-chat again, that would be legit.   Find out a way mom?? hahaha. Well yeah, we'll make it happen somehow haha.
This Friday we already have our conference for Christmas! Its already here haha dang. Okay, well.. I think that's it! Oh! thanks for the package thing. I'll be waiting for it anxiously haha.    Sorry for the lack of photos too, the thing is that the computers we use are kind of ghetto and full of viruses, so I don't like to stick my card in anymore..sorry!! Today we're on a lock down in our house..haha. The police in Mar Del Plata are on strike and aren't working. So there are no police in the comforting haha. So our mission president said we have to stay inside..lame! okay well gotta run! Chau!! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hola family!

Hola family! 
I'm going to have to make this one short, I don't have much time.   Well everything basically stayed the same.  I'm still in Mar Del Plata with my companion. I'm not going to lie, I was super sad.  Hmm.. I went downstairs by myself and I was just like why? Why is this happening?? And then a voice came into my mind and it said "dont you think I know whats best for you". Dang. I was like, you know what.. you're right. It was a cool little experience. Although it doesn't take away how I feel. I just know that I'm here for a reason. There is something I need to learn. I just better figure out what that is! 
Okay, so not much has happened this week. We've been having almost daily contact with our investigator Diego. He's doing super great , but only needs to stop smoking. We've been bringing members over and stuff too.    Our ward here in Caisamar is pretty lame, not going to lie. All of the members are afraid to get close and to fellowship the new people at church. We ask people to do stuff, like sit next to people in church and they give us excuses on why they can't. This is our goal right now. To try to train the members in the ward how to treat investigators.  Because I can bet that the investigators don't feel comfortable at all. 
So..thanksgiving was this week. I totally forgot haha. I remembered it on Friday for black friday haha. How was that? Anyone got up early?   I told this one family about black friday here and they just laughed and said we were crazy for what we do.  I told them about the prices and then they asked me if they could come next time haha...
Okay, well I ran out of time! I love you guys!! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 25, 2013


 So yeah transfers are this weekend! Oh my gosh! haha aghhh. I only have 3 transfers left! I feel like I could leave or stay.  At least one of us is gone though, I'm positive of that.
I think I got everything in the package, thanks! I don't have time to list everything haha but the box was unopened, so it had everything still. My housemates love you guys for the candy haha. I have to share it or my diet wont have an effect! haha.
Oh, side note. Christmas is in 30 days, go figure. WOW!
Sounds like the missionary event didn't go so hot..hmm.   It's a good idea though. We should do something like that here. This Friday we're going to this huge park to have a stand. Also today we're going to go to this really popular place and write with chalk on the sidewalk. A couple of members are coming with us to help us out. It's going to be great.
The weather here is hot, hot and more hot.  Summer is coming early, that's for sure. Recently I've been dying of heat, we sleep with the window open now.  I wish I had your cold weather, I'm super jealous haha.
So yesterday I confirmed somebody a member for the first time in my life. It was pretty great. At first I was nervous, but that went away in the moment when I had to do it.  Umm, so we have this guy Diego who we are working with now, who is super awesome. He is going to get baptized on the 28th of Dec. He has to stop smoking and he is there. He told us yesterday after church that he has a problem with loneliness and that he wants to find a wife so that he can have a family. Hmm, we're going to start having FHEs every week with him and a different family each time. Also we're going to hook him up with going to institute, so he can find some lady friends......... and learn more about the gospel, duh haha.
The Peruvian has been hard to find recently.  I think she works a lot, but we always leave notes on her door. She didn;t show up at church yesterday either....   :(   That's okay though. maybe she had something to do?   
So last week I forgot to tell you guys, but I got rammed by a sheep. it was awful haha. I just wanted to pet it, but it attacked me with its head. Luckily it didn't have any horns! oh! I also went to Bahia Blanca this week to renew my visa.   I've been illegal for about a month now.   We had time to work, and I wanted to go to my old area in Villa Harding Green, but my president wouldn't let me go. oh man. That made me sad.
Okay, so that's about it. This week is transfers, so you'll be able to know next week what happened. Okay, well I gotta run! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola family!

So the package is in my city, my friend actually has it haha. So they made it here safe!!!! Whoooo!! 
First of all, this weekend was nuts!! I had exchanges this week with an Elder that is brand new. His name is Elder Walker and he's from Utah, and doesn't speak spanish for 2 days I talked non stop. It was intense teaching the full lessons alone, but it was fun too. I like to talk... :D
 Saturday was the meeting with Elder Christofferson and two 70´s too. IT was amazing!! I learned a lot on how to be a better missionary. He opened it up for questions too, but I didn't know what to ask. I didn't want to say anything dumb haha. Only half the mission got to come, so thank goodness I was in the half that came!   
After the talk, we went to the church and started preparing for the baptism of Valeria!!!! YAAAAAYYYYY! :D    At 5pm she was baptized. I was so surprised that lots of people from the ward showed up. We did make fancy fliers and delivered them to the families in the ward though... so that's probably why.   Our ward mission leader said that it was one of the best most spiritual baptisms that he's ever seen. Legit! Now the clock ticks..until one year and then they can get sealed in the temple!! :) I will be confirming her next Sunday. My first confirmation in spanish! It should be cake. Usually members of the ward are supposed to do this, but she asked me to do it. I always love seeing people get baptized, knowing that they are leaving behind their old sinful life haha to start a brand new awesome!
 Remember that one family with that one convert of mine in Olavarria a long time ago in my first area?  They got mad at us or something and told us to stop coming by?  They emailed me last week and it was amazing!  Everything is great with them and I think they are going to church! It made me so happy to hear from them. 
Umm..Sunday we had stake conference with Elder Christofferson too. It was a full weekend of apostle! haha. his wife spoke too, although her spanish wasn't super amazing, she still did a really great job and everyone understood her. 
So 2 weeks until   How the time fly's!   I feel like we were just at this point yesterday. Agh!! 
One of our investigators went to the stake conference this Sunday without us knowing, she also went up and shook the apostles hand and talked with him. She told us that he blessed her baby haha. How awesome. She's this little lady from Peru. She felt the spirit a lot in the meeting and can't wait for us to come back and teach her more stuff!   She could be the next baptism :)
 I think that's all that happened this week. I'm sure there is more, but time calls haha. We only have one hour. Maybe  even less now...eeeek. Okay well I love you guys! Sorry for not sending pics of the baptism! I forgot my memory card in the casa! 
Love you all! chau!!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hola family!!

Hola family!!!

Hows it going! So this week was semi exciting but semi not haha. We had the wedding though!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaayyy!! It was awesome! We made them a legit cake, okay..well a member helped us make them a cake. We had to go pick it up from this member, and it was pretty far away.. while taking it back to the house, I stained my new tie with strawberry juice..ugh haha. I was so mad. Also yeah, we took the bus, and since the roads suck here, it was super bumpy and the cake almost fell in the bus haha. ooopps. but yeah, the wedding was in Santa Clara.  We took the 30 min bus ride over there and yeah, good stuff.  The ceremony was really short. The tradition here is to throw rice afterwards. Its awesome haha. I attached some pictures of the rice throwing. afterwards we had the party at the church. We had the church keys, so we were obligated to stay haha. There was a TON of food and drinks and our cake. Also there was a lot of raggae music. Like Bob Marley haha. There was a weird mood and vibe of raggae in the air, but I was diggin it haha. Swaying to the music while eating empanadas. Doesn't get any better than that!!
Okay so this week we visited an old investigator from a couple of transfers ago. He was way nice and accepted us and we taught him and he's amazing. But, he's having a hard time going to church. He told us that he would go Saturday night, but then he called us a couple hours later and said that he was going to a club at night and that he couldn't come anymore..ugh. He doesn't understand keep the sabbath day holy haha. Dummy. But he's still awesome and we're going to baptize him.
This Saturday is our baptism!! whoooo! Also this Saturday we have a special meeting with an apostle, D. Todd Christofferson. YAYA!   He's also coming to our stake conference too!! :)
Well okay family, I gottta run! I love you guys so much!      The package hasn't arrived yet...I'm getting kind of scared haha. I'll let you guys know!! Chau Chau!!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 4, 2013


So this week was pretty lame. haha. Sorry to start if off like that. It was full of lots of distractions. Tuesday, we spent the whole day with the sister missionaries. They were all pretty sick and we took them around to hospitals because they didn't know where they were. All day with them was nuts haha.
Our baptism on the 16th is for sure for sure going down! yay!   The wedding is this week on Wednesday and we get to be a part of it. Aka throwing rice and being the witnesses haha. They have a weird way of doing things here.  After the wedding, we're having a reception like thing at the church for lunch. Good stuff. Then the next week, she`ll get dunked. Boom! She is doing really good with everything, commandments, reading, etc. She`ll make a good member.
We got a reference this Sunday of a lady that wants to get baptized in our church. A member brought her to church yesterday and we didn't even know haha.  So now we are going to start teaching her, yay!
So halloween here was super lame. I was feeling like celebrating, so I bought a pumpkin for 15 pesos. Well okay, it wasn't a pumpkin, it was a Japanese squash, but it still worked.  Pumpkins aren't really common here. But I carved it alone haha. Oh yeah! It was really fun and it made me miss halloweeeeen! :(   What did you guys do?
Gah! already out of time, how lame! I need to learn how to juggle my time between emails. Enjoy all of the photos that I got from my comps!
Umm... ice cream down here is lame. Well, it depends from where. It has to be ice cream artesenal. The frozen premade stuff is lame haha. Everything is so cheap here too. You usually but ice cream by the kilo...and it cheap. But I don't eat a lot anyways, soo yeah. Umm no package yet. Maybe tomorrow? The mission office always holds everything up...grr..haha. Well I love you guys! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, October 28, 2013


So this week when we passed by this crazy couples house and the wife came up and talked to us and she told us that she doesn't want to go to church again and that we can still stop by , but the relationship is pretty much over. We dropped everything on her, I'm sure she felt guilty haha. It's not funny, but you gotta laugh sometimes no¿  I feel bad for the daughter. she has potential, but her mom is not nice and puts the blame of everything on her. It makes me so sad to see people in situations like that. 
So transfers, everything stayed the same unfortunately. Counting down until the next one haha. syke. No packages yet..maybe this Tuesday¿ I hope so!   Halloween doesn't exist here at all. People try to copy us in the states hhaa. What I'm going to do is buy a squash and I'm going to carve it. If I have my camera in time, I'll take some pics! haha. My birthday was pretty normal, a regular work day. It was district meeting though and the Hermanas made me 2 cakes haha. They all sang to me like 4 times in the day. So I felt special haha. The other day the mission presidents wife called me and sang to me too! cool stuff. 
So all of our baptisms are falling through. Lame. We do have one that is pretty sure though on the 16th of November. Things in the ward aren't doing so great right now..everyone is on the borderline of being less active. People don't like the bishop, etc.  We're trying to figure a way out to bring everyone together or else we're in trouble as a ward! Nooooo!  One of our activities that we're going to do here is a night in Mexico. Something that will attract members and so that they can bring their friends!! whOOI!! I'm excited!  Sorry there are so many errors in the email today, I'm super rushed. Umm I'm not sure if there is anything else..hmm. I guess that's it. haha. Sorry this email was so lame! I love you guys! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Tying pass-along cards around a dogs neck.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Wow, so once again I have run out of time. sorry guys!  I've just had so many emails lately! haha 
This week has been full of freaking drama. I've had enough.  It's with our investigators that were going to get married. They had an intense fight over some things. It's like a movie plot  haha. But its all real.  Things are really falling apart with them and we're not sure if they have a future as members or not. Gah!  What the crap is happening!? I can't give a full account now, but it's all in my journals. You can read it when I get home. Wow.. you like how I sounded like Nefi (Nephi) right there? I won't write on these plates, but on the other ones haha. I'm so funny, no? hahaha. Wow. 
Ummm..what else. On my birthday - aka maƱana - we find out transfers! Something weird happened and it got changed to a different day. I'll let you know next week. I think everything is going to stay the same. I'm okay with that I guess. I'm becoming friends with my comp now! wow, look at that haha. okay so this Hermana in my district is having health problems. She went to the doctor and they did xrays and she has a broken spine, completely in half. The doctors said its bone cancer. So within a matter of 1 day, she was on her way back to the states. We recently heard though that they made a mistake with the xrays and that she is fine! yayyyy!! (its because of the fast we did haha) now she is back and yeah. Crazy stuff. This week has been a rollercoaster of crazy stuff. 
OH!   So this week we came up with an awesome idea. Since there are a lot of dogs here in Argentina, we decided to start tying pass-along cards around their necks haha. When people see it they are going to want to get baptized for SUREEE! 
The huge problem in Argentina is that everyone just lives together and then they abandon each other..its awful and makes me sad. 
So yeah, I'm going to buy a legit cake for my birthday.   Its kind of expensive, but that's okay. FANCY. haha     Yeah mom I'm getting pictures of all of the stuff.    Sounds like Nathan is a boss in tennis. Good for you Nathan. We're going to play soon enough and I'm going to win! 
The sun is killing me right now. It's so hot, well kind of haha. I'm starting to use my contacts so I can get rid of my sweet glasses tan. Oh yeah!   Well you guys are super awesome and I love you a lot! Thanks for the support and the birthday wishes and the packages and all that good stuff.   I miss you  all!   Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hollla Family!
I don't have a lot of time at all. I got distracted writing everyone else haha.
So this week was pretty borring I guess. Although a miracle happened to us! We got a phone call from this lady who isn't a member. She has been investigating for a while now. She was like... So I watched conference and I received my answer and I know its true. I want to be baptized. WOW! So yeah, her husband is a member, but they aren't married. they are going this week to mark a date for their wedding in Santa Clara. The wife has a baptismal date for the 17th of November. It would have been one week earlier, but her daughter is going to a Justin Bieber concert in Buenos Aires and she wont be here for the baptism. haha wow.
So my best buddy isn't living in the house anymore. He got switched houses because there was like secret drama with another  missionary or something happening and I'm not really sure what went on haha. But the house is empty now and I'm always bored.
So we have 5 baptisms coming up soon. Although the wanna be missionary is going to be moving to Peru super soon. So I'm not sure whats going to happen there..
Transfers are this week! agh! time is flying! I'm 100% sure I'm going to stay. I'm not sure about my companion though. Hmmm...I guess well find out.
So we cooked a super fancy meal for our bishop this week haha. We were like, hmm the bishop does a lot for us. Lets cook dinner for him and his wife.  It was super fancy and yeah super good. I made that carrot cream, its delicious and yeah. Food is really good.
So yeah, my birthday is coming up. WOW! I'm going to be so old haha. UGH.
I'm sure there is other news with what is happening, but I can't remember right now haha. sorry guys! Oh, its starting to get hot here...grr... not cool! Well I gotta run! I love you guys! Sorry the email was so short this week! Also there will be pictures when I have a camera again!   hahaha   Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hola Familia!

This week was super awesome because we had conference!   I don't have much time so I can't really describe things talk by talk, but I loved Elder Hollands talk. It was great. Also all of the talks that mentioned that missionaries need to work together with members. or vice versa. haha. It seemed like everyone was talking on the same themes, which means they are important and what we need to be doing right now. Something that stood out to me was this...that people are not living the gospel outside of church.  This is something we should be worried about.  Like (Richard J. Maynes) of the 70s said, We can't get spiritually fit from watching conference, its takes work and practice, just like basketball. I love that part.  It made me think of all the less active people we are working with right now in the ward. They just don't understand the doctrine and that's why they aren't going to church. they are lazy...haha. harsh but true. 
Okay so the house situation is this. There are 6 of us living in the house. It has 2 floors and 2 bedrooms.  We are sleeping in a tiny office because my companion volunteered us to take it -  thanks...haha. It has mold everywhere too.  We're currently looking for a new house. haha    I like living with other missionaries because its like a party always. You always have someone to talk to and always have someone to do something with.  It's also hard though because it gives you more distractions.  Living conditions¿ hmmm..I'm not sure what that implies...but I would say good. Our house is pretty great and we live in a safe neighborhood.  Our neighbor told us yesterday that we have to stay quiet until 12pm...he says we shout hallelujahs in the mornings...haha what the crap-. What a lier! haha 
I haven't had anything weird to eat for a while, thank goodness! This carrot thing is amazing. Its like sweet and delicious with pasta. I'm not sure what changed, I just think I decided that I was going to start taking care of my body now.  It's super worth it.  I feel like I can do more things now haha  like jump better!! haha legit.. I'm not crazy like dad with the pills though. although I do have multi-vitamins...haha. they are huge! ugh. 
So we went to get a marriage date for our investigators and its for the 25th of October.  They will get baptized now on the 26th.   They are super stoked and so are we! whoo!   We have 4 baptisms on that day.  Everything is fixed and super normal now. the husband, wife and daughter will be baptized. And our Bishop is going to throw them a reception party! whooooo! 
There is also this kid named Pablo, he's 17.   He wants to come out and work with us and he is super cool. He is going to be a future missionary for sure. He went to conference and loved it so much. He told us yesterday that his Grandma is sick in Peru and he might go back there and live with her.  I hope he doesn't go, but I'm sure he will get baptized in Peru too. 
well I gotta go!   Wow -  today I hit my 6 month mark 'til I come home! aghhhh! Where has the time gone??? Well gotta run,  love you guys -  chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hola Family!!

Me and my companion are doing pretty good right now. I think we’re getting used to each other. There is still a little tension, but it’s somewhat normal. 

So about the family we're teaching and their marriage. We had something super bad happen with them. So we went to Santa Clara and to get married there, they had to do a change of address and then wait 5 days.  So we're going back to Santa Clara next week to take a number. After they do that, We have to come back when it’s our turn and then they will get married. YAY! 
But in one of our lessons this week, it was horrible...ugh. They had a huge fight. One of the first things they told us...we have some bad news for you guys. Were!  That lesson was super hard. I’m 21 years old, not a marriage counselor.  Relying on the spirit was 1000000% necessary. In the end everything turned our great. Yesterday we asked how they were doing and they said
10 points! haha. So everything appears to be back to normal. Yeah!!!
They still have a baptismal date for the 12th of October. 

Spring started Sept. 21 too. It has not brought anything but rain and cold
weather haha. All of my stuff is wet. The jacket from Mr. Mac. is
terrible. It’s ugly and it’s not waterproof. It’s like a sponge haha.
This week was rough for us. We didn’t find one new person to teach. I
know that this week will be better though. God is preparing someone
for us! 
So Nathan likes tennis? That’s cool. We’ll have to play when I
get back. I’m a pro. haha syke. There is a tennis club by our house
haha. How is he liking Highline? its super easy...    Well I have no time
left. I wanted to write more, but I’ve got to run!! If you have any
questions, feel free to ask me! Also thanks for the recipe! I can’t
make carrot cake because it takes stuff that doesn’t exist here haha. I
love you guys! Chou!!
Elder Wheelwright

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hola Family!!!

 Soo I only have one companion again. My favorite one is training a new missionary in our house from Hondouras! I was super sad to see him leave our trio. Now I'm stuck haha. This week we worked a lot in a little part of our area called Santa Clara. It's this vacation town right next to the beach. Everyone who lives there is either retired or is renting a vacation house. Its legit, I love it. A lot of the houses are empty though because its not summer yet. I got to run on the beach for the first time in a year and a half! It was so great.
So with our 2 humble investigators..they are going to get married this week! The wait is 4 months in Mar Del Plata, but we have secrets to do it in a week. And that secret is that we go to this vacation town and do it, bcause there is no one waiting to get married! Then they will get baptized a week later! whooo! One of their 9 kids came to live with them in their tent, and she accepted to be baptized too!!!! whooo!! She's 13 and already has friends at church. Things are going pretty good for us. We're trying to find new people to teach now. Because after them, we don't have anyone.
My relationship with my companion is rough. We had an hour long inventory yesterday..aka a discussion of why we don't get along. It was ugly. Ugh. But yeah, that's my life right now. We have 3 baptisms lined up very soon so that's good. I'm happy.  I miss my old companion. Everything is changing for the worse in our house right now. Gah. But I'm going to have a positive attitude about everything. It's necessary! I love you guys! Sorry this email was so short! But I gotta run!

So my camera broke! noooo!! On its own too, I didn't drop it. It just says lens error and the lens wont come out when I turn it on... I need a new one ASAP.   Probably in this package you are going to send. I want one similar to the one I have now.   Also I want recipes for french toast and carrot cake. If you can find the light version aka less calories, that would be cool. Me and Elder Contreras (my old comp..sad day) are on a diet haha. speaking of that...none of my clothes fit me anymore..haha none. My suit falls off of me. But I can handle it until the end i guess. Or I'll just buy new clothes here. yep. beef jerkey, hot sauce, dried mangos, camera, almonds. = perfect birthday package! haha wink wink...Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey family!

So I’m loving my new area.  We are right by the beach and right next to one of the biggest cities besides Buenos Aires.  And! Everything is sooo green! Awesome. The people here have been pretty friendly so far. So I’m excited to find people to teach. 
Okay, so my companions. First I’ll start off with Elder Contreras. He is from Rio Negro, Argentina. He also speaks English too! Legit! He is basically like my twin but from Argentina haha. We like the same stuff, have the same humor and the same personality. It’s awesome. Probably one of my favorite companions so far. I have to be careful in a trio because I don’t want to give all the attention to one of my comps, or the other is going to feel bad.  Its already starting to turn into this. My other companions is  from Paraguay and I’m trying my best to love this guy, but he isn’t a happy person.   I’m super stoked to be in Mar del Plata, all the elders in my house are super cool. And we get along great. The Spanish all the time is pretty easy. When I first thought of being with Latinos, I was scared haha. But it’s super easy. Spanish is coming along great. There is still a lot to learn, but hey it’s okay. I’ll never be perfect. 
So we have 2 investigators that I want to tell you about. They are this couple that are living together (not married), and between them they have 15 kids...and one on the way haha. Their house burned down and now they have nothing. The dad sold his car to buy a piece of land to build a house on. He collects pieces of wood where He can find it and puts it on his house. We’re talking super humble. But they are soooo amazing. Super great people. When we teach them, I feel like we're camping haha. We sit on wooden stools outside at night..and we turn into ice cubes because it’s so cold! They have problems with smoking, but they are ready to drop it. And haven’t smoked since we taught them the word of wisdom. Also they are going to get married really soon. This week they are going to take a number to get married. It might be like a 4 month wait, so that sucks. But at least they are fulfilling the commandment with God. They’ve been to church twice already! YEAH! They have to walk 45 min. to get here too. Basically nobody has a car here, so we can’t help them out. But yeah, their baptism is on the 13th of October! I’m super excited! 
Sorry this email is so random. I had to type it super fast because I didn’t have a lot of time. Also Nathan never wrote me to tell me about the tennis match haha. FAIL! That’s cool that he’s driving now alone! Scary Stuff. Also..teriyaki. That sounds soooo good. You don’t know how bad I miss that. That’s one of the first things I want to eat when I get home. But we won’t talk about that yet haha. I love you guys a ton! Have an awesome week! If you have any questions, let me know!! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

okay so about this package...beef jerky teriyaki flavored. Dried Fruit..mangos, papaya? Hot sauce. Cholula. Yumm. Haha food, somewhat healthy. haha. Almonds!! Flavored almonds please!! The blue diamond brand in those cans haha. Please!

Baptism in Santa Rosa

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hola family!!
So big news... I got transferred! haha It was a huge surprise. Being in Santa Rosa for only 6 weeks is weird. People usually stay there for months and months. I thought I was going to end my mission there. But yeah, I'm now in the city of Mar Del Plata! It's a HUGE city and it's right next to the beach! whooo! I'm stoked! Its the furthest place away from Santa Rosa though. My bus ride was 11 hours! was so lame. and uncomfortable! I tried to sleep, but it was pretty much impossible. In the end, I actually wanted to stay in Santa Rosa for the ward and the investigators. We have 2 baptisms that are 100% for sure that I had to leave...nooooo! I was way sad about that. But in some ways I'm happy I left. Fresh air, new companion, new area.
The baptism on Saturday was awesome! A miracle happened too. Marta, the lady who got baptized, has a huge fear of water. In her whole life shes never put her face under water. The night before the baptism she couldn't sleep at all because she was so nervous and scared. We even stopped by her house 2 hours before the baptism to check on her, and she was practically shaking. But when it came time for the baptism, I asked her how she felt. She said that all of her fears left her and that she was calm. We did the baptism in one try! YEAH!! What a miracle. I'm going to miss her and her family so much. They are sooo cool! We bonded like instantly with them. They would always invite us over for dinner and stuff too. She cried when I had to leave, it was way sad. I'm no goood at saying goodbyes haha. Bleh. But that's the life of  missionaries. Don't live with feelings, or else you're just going to be sad in the end haha.
So I am finally with my first latino companion! He's from Paraguay. Actually, I have 2 latino companions... I'm in a trio. Nooo...those are the worst. The other guy is from Argentina and he is waiting for his visa so he can go to Spain. The air in Mar Del Plata is so awesome, its fresh and clean and moist and smells like the ocean. Our house is not that great. It's 2 stories though.
I forgot my memory card this week, lame. Sop I'll have to send you guys some pictures next week! I love you guys so much and thanks for all of your support! Let me know if you have any questions, chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Oh, as for stuff in the package. I'm super good with supplies and stuff. Shirts, I have too many haha. It's almost time to start ditching stuff, like all of my winter stuff. Maybe just food from the states haha. I'm not sure. Tapatilo hot sauce and cholula hot sauce would be great!! haha I love it.. Chau!

Monday, September 2, 2013

No way! You got a tablet...haha. holy cow, look at you mom all high teched up and up to date with the world. haha I'm super jealous. Nathan is playing tennis? This is news. Haha. I don't think you told me that. Tennis is super borring, pero mal. Haha. But I'm glad that he enjoys it. I'll make fun of him for it later haha. Syke. I love you Nathan! So how is your spanish anyways? You should ditch it at Decatur and take it at Highline. You will learn so much more!
So the amount of snow was super lame. We're talking flakes falling for like a minute. Santa Rosa is so weird. Its hot for a week and then freezing the next. When I say hot, it is HOT. I got burned already haha...crap.
Nathan has his license...legit! Watch out world! So does dad drive the white car now then? Hey I've been thinking..on the subject of a car...haha. Its not trunky thoughts or anything, but one does have to think about what one is going to drive. I'm thinking an Audi...think about it. hahahahahaha. Anyways, we´ll talk later. You should drive the white car off of a cliff, it doesn't even work properly. What classes are you taking at Highline Nathan? The kid that never writes me...
OH! So we don't have to move just yet. We didn't have a new place to live so the mission gave us an extra month in our house and to keep looking. Legit! This weekend we have transfers. Wow. Already! We'll see whats going to happen. For some reason, I really do think I'm gone this transfer. Its weird. I guess next Monday you will find out! haha

So this week we have someone getting baptized!! Her name is Marta. She's been investigating the church off an on for about 4 years in total. So we're super stoked for that! YEAH! This week we worked super hard. We taught like 29 lessons! YEAH! yesterday we got in a bash attack with an adventist. He let us in, and before we ever started talking. He pulls out his phone and calls someone. He says...Hey so I'm talking here with 2 Mormons in my house about the bible. You uhh.. you think you can come down here? Hahaha oh my gossshhhhhhh!! hhaha  He called his pastor who happens to also be a famous religious radio host down here haha. Dang. Luckily he never came though. It was a super heated conversation. I can't sit there and be attacked. I always get mad haha. So I kind of let him have it. But its okay, it was still in a loving manner I think haha.
We'll I am out of time.  OKayyyyy bye!! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hola family!
Today I am actually feeling better. Funny story...haha. So I got better from being sick and then I went and worked on a super super cold day and then the next day I was sick again with something different. Awesome no? haha. But I think I'm on the upside of it now, whooo! Finally! This transfer has been a transfer of being sick, bleh. I got a blessing from a member in our ward and he said in the blessing that I would never get sick again on my mission. So that was pretty cool!

Yeah everyone is coming back home! Super weird. It doesn't help me stay focused...haha. It actually makes me trunky haha, but thats okay. I always bounce back super fast! Spencer is going back to California already haha, Seattle didn't last very long. It was too awesome for him to handle ;) hahaha. Yeah so Alisha told me that they were up there visiting, its like a giant party. Fun stuff! Babies are kind of rough. Its easy to play with them for a little bit, but then after (at least for me) I get super bored and frustrated. haha like go away baby! Give me my space! haha what zoo did you guys go too? The one in Seattle? Woodland park? Miracle is a beast, she`ll take down anyone who gets in her way, even babies. So watch out haha. I saw this dog yesterday that looked like Miracle awwww haha. I had a picture in my scriptures of her, so I showed it to the owner of the dog haha. Legit. She liked it a lot. QUUUEEE HERMOSA!

The work down here is coming along. We are seeing blessing from the Lord. He knew we were going to get sick so he gave us people in the beginning of the transfer to teach. We are preparing 2 awesome investigators to get baptized on the 7th of September. One is named Marta, she has investigated the church for 4 years now. She loves the missionaries and is always making us food. Awesome. Although I don't eat it a lot of the time haha. (they are usually sweeets). But yeah, super awesome and everyone in the ward already loves her and yeah. Good stuff. The other lady has investigated the church about a year ago. She is now participating in all the activities in the ward and is making friends and exchanging phone numbers. Haha this is a good sign to us. She couldn't come to church this Sunday because she got sick. (possibly because of us haha) I feel bad! Everyone in the ward knows I'm sick and every time someone else gets sick, the blame gets put on me haha, its not fairrrrr!!!

Transfers are already in 2 weeks! Holy cow! I have a hunch that for some reason I'm getting transferred already. Hmmm, we´ll see. (it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...haha) uhhh I mean....  OKay
Have you eaten anything weird lately?  Nope, nothing weird recently that I've eaten. I now just tell people what I don't like and they don't get offended and I never have to eat gross intestines or things like that. = a win.
Holy cow, it snowed in Santa Rosa on Saturday!!   It was only a little bit but still. It was awesome!! Well I gotta run, this week we have to move out of our house...noo. First we have to find a new one though haha. So I'll probably be in a new house by next Monday. I don't want to leave our hotel and our elevator!!! nooo....haha   Love you guys! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright