Monday, October 21, 2013


Wow, so once again I have run out of time. sorry guys!  I've just had so many emails lately! haha 
This week has been full of freaking drama. I've had enough.  It's with our investigators that were going to get married. They had an intense fight over some things. It's like a movie plot  haha. But its all real.  Things are really falling apart with them and we're not sure if they have a future as members or not. Gah!  What the crap is happening!? I can't give a full account now, but it's all in my journals. You can read it when I get home. Wow.. you like how I sounded like Nefi (Nephi) right there? I won't write on these plates, but on the other ones haha. I'm so funny, no? hahaha. Wow. 
Ummm..what else. On my birthday - aka mañana - we find out transfers! Something weird happened and it got changed to a different day. I'll let you know next week. I think everything is going to stay the same. I'm okay with that I guess. I'm becoming friends with my comp now! wow, look at that haha. okay so this Hermana in my district is having health problems. She went to the doctor and they did xrays and she has a broken spine, completely in half. The doctors said its bone cancer. So within a matter of 1 day, she was on her way back to the states. We recently heard though that they made a mistake with the xrays and that she is fine! yayyyy!! (its because of the fast we did haha) now she is back and yeah. Crazy stuff. This week has been a rollercoaster of crazy stuff. 
OH!   So this week we came up with an awesome idea. Since there are a lot of dogs here in Argentina, we decided to start tying pass-along cards around their necks haha. When people see it they are going to want to get baptized for SUREEE! 
The huge problem in Argentina is that everyone just lives together and then they abandon each other..its awful and makes me sad. 
So yeah, I'm going to buy a legit cake for my birthday.   Its kind of expensive, but that's okay. FANCY. haha     Yeah mom I'm getting pictures of all of the stuff.    Sounds like Nathan is a boss in tennis. Good for you Nathan. We're going to play soon enough and I'm going to win! 
The sun is killing me right now. It's so hot, well kind of haha. I'm starting to use my contacts so I can get rid of my sweet glasses tan. Oh yeah!   Well you guys are super awesome and I love you a lot! Thanks for the support and the birthday wishes and the packages and all that good stuff.   I miss you  all!   Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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