Monday, October 7, 2013

Hola Familia!

This week was super awesome because we had conference!   I don't have much time so I can't really describe things talk by talk, but I loved Elder Hollands talk. It was great. Also all of the talks that mentioned that missionaries need to work together with members. or vice versa. haha. It seemed like everyone was talking on the same themes, which means they are important and what we need to be doing right now. Something that stood out to me was this...that people are not living the gospel outside of church.  This is something we should be worried about.  Like (Richard J. Maynes) of the 70s said, We can't get spiritually fit from watching conference, its takes work and practice, just like basketball. I love that part.  It made me think of all the less active people we are working with right now in the ward. They just don't understand the doctrine and that's why they aren't going to church. they are lazy...haha. harsh but true. 
Okay so the house situation is this. There are 6 of us living in the house. It has 2 floors and 2 bedrooms.  We are sleeping in a tiny office because my companion volunteered us to take it -  thanks...haha. It has mold everywhere too.  We're currently looking for a new house. haha    I like living with other missionaries because its like a party always. You always have someone to talk to and always have someone to do something with.  It's also hard though because it gives you more distractions.  Living conditions¿ hmmm..I'm not sure what that implies...but I would say good. Our house is pretty great and we live in a safe neighborhood.  Our neighbor told us yesterday that we have to stay quiet until 12pm...he says we shout hallelujahs in the mornings...haha what the crap-. What a lier! haha 
I haven't had anything weird to eat for a while, thank goodness! This carrot thing is amazing. Its like sweet and delicious with pasta. I'm not sure what changed, I just think I decided that I was going to start taking care of my body now.  It's super worth it.  I feel like I can do more things now haha  like jump better!! haha legit.. I'm not crazy like dad with the pills though. although I do have multi-vitamins...haha. they are huge! ugh. 
So we went to get a marriage date for our investigators and its for the 25th of October.  They will get baptized now on the 26th.   They are super stoked and so are we! whoo!   We have 4 baptisms on that day.  Everything is fixed and super normal now. the husband, wife and daughter will be baptized. And our Bishop is going to throw them a reception party! whooooo! 
There is also this kid named Pablo, he's 17.   He wants to come out and work with us and he is super cool. He is going to be a future missionary for sure. He went to conference and loved it so much. He told us yesterday that his Grandma is sick in Peru and he might go back there and live with her.  I hope he doesn't go, but I'm sure he will get baptized in Peru too. 
well I gotta go!   Wow -  today I hit my 6 month mark 'til I come home! aghhhh! Where has the time gone??? Well gotta run,  love you guys -  chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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