Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hola familia, I can’t believe I’m already half done with the MTC! its so crazy to think about. I feel like I just got here and that I still don’t know anything. Except for I've learned a just doesn’t seem like that. I could probably write part of this email in all Spanish, pero hoy es una dia de preparacion. haha..syke. I hope that was right though. I'm taking a break today from all the craziness.

Good news concerning VISAS. I am hearing that multiple districts have gotten their VISAs on time! Yay! :) Which means I will probably get mine on time, maybe. I was actually kind of looking forward to getting reassigned. It's like a second mission call.

Elder Parker and I are getting along pretty well now. I make it sound like we never got along. We did but there are just little things here and there. Our last companionship inventory (Saturday), we got pretty real with each other. If you don’t know what companionship inventory is, its when you sit down with your companion (weekly) and you plan for your investigators. You also take the opportunity to tell them what they are good at and then what they need to change/improve (we call it shredding Each other) My teacher, Hermana Breedlove, was in the room with us. She was kinda making fun of us because we can't express our feelings that well (because we're elders).  haha It's true though I guess. I know I'm not the best. But it was good I guess, we sorted out things and things have been smoother.

This week I joined the MTC Choir! It is pretty fun. I like singing so it's awesome. Elder Parker came to the first practice with me but didn’t come to the performance because he said the chairs that we have to sit in suck. Which is true, they really do suck. They are so hard!   But I persevered! We performed on Tuesday at the devotional, we sang Josephs Smiths First Prayer.

Hmm what else happened this week? It's time for another haircut soon, dang my hair grows fast! Some letters I got this week from Elder Davidson y Elder Bustamante were partially/mostly in Spanish. It was lame! I couldn’t read it :( I still haven’t found out what it said but I'm working on it. Also I can only write to people on Wednesday (Today). So that is why I haven’t written some people back yet. I seriously have so much to do today..gahhh.

My spelling in English is getting a little bad. I'm used to Spanish spelling now. So my journal is full of crossed out and scribbled words. Earlier this week, I apparently was talking in my sleep..haha I said "mom" and "dad" and then Elder Raymond said I started speaking Spanish... HAHA YESSSS! Spanish in my sleep. I was so stoked when I heard that! I was like awww yeah. haha anyways.

Elder Parker and I did really good on all of our lessons this week. Like such a big improvement over last week! It has been awesome. This week we now get to practice playing the role of the investigator. We had to create details and info about them. And we get to act them out and play as them for other people in our district. It should be fun.

 Sooo the picture printing service at the MTC has stopped... I don't know how to get any of my pictures printed out now. I was kinda bummed about that.     One of my branch presidency members from my District was talking to me about the Ottos. I guess he knows Carol Otto from somewhere. He tells me to say hi. Brother Russin is his name. There is this elder is our district that is thinking about leaving. He is really the most genuine guy ever. He doesn’t know if he has a testimony. I am trying to do my best to befriend him. He is sort of socially awkward. We do get along fairly well. We talk about random stuff that we've seen on youtube..haha Not the best topic but I guess that is how we connect. He is an awesome guy and I would hate to see him leave. Alright well I can’t think of anything else to write, so I guess that’s it! I love you guys :) I miss you! Have a great rest of the week!

Sincerely Elder Wheelwright   <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some MTC pictures

 My Badge!  I feel so legit.
 In front of the Provo Temple.
 District 56A
The infamous map picture!
 Roommates!  Elder Raymond, Elder Evans, Elder Parker, and ME!  (this was our second night)
Elder Raymond and Elder Evans are in the same mission as me, Bahia Blanca. Elder Parker is the only one in our room not going to Argentina.
Very first gym time!!  We were so excited!
He found his "DRANK"!   Cactus Cooler!  Elder Evans and I.
Cinco de Mayo!  Our room had a sweet party. 
It consisted of week old donuts, a bag of chips and a jar of cheese!  

Hola Familia!‏

This week has just flown by! I feel like it was p'day 2 days ago! I{ve been in the MTC for a month already, wow! I feel like my spanish still sucks. But I am learning so much about the gospel and the doctrine everyday, which is awesome! Everyone is pretty much better, in terms of sickness. YAY! No more missing classes and sitting in waiting rooms...haha.
My teacher, Hermano Shiede had us start a game this week. We have to speak in 100% spanish everywhere!!! Except gym. Its sooooo hard! We have 5 notecards every day. If someone hears you speaking english, they take a card for each english word that you said. The first day was probably the hardest. I realize now that I am talking all the time. Even when Im sitting somewhere, I need to be talking. I now found myself sitting there wanting to talk, but cant because I dont know how to speak spanish..haha So I have to restrain! Yesterday was the second day, and I failed hard. I had 0 at 1pm..! Later in the day before our devotional, Elder Parker found someone he knew and he spoke english to them. I told him to give me all of his cards, and he said it didnt count. Later our DL told him that it did counted. So he took all of his cards, and threw them in my face... and then stormed out of the room. For the rest of the day he didnt talk to me or wouldnt walk by me. He would walk like 10 to 15 feet in front of me. IT WAS SO AKWARD! I hated it. It's just a game.. At the end of the day, he finally talked and said that he wasnt mad at me but was mad at the rules... Okay then... I saw the angry side of my companion this week. It was no good. I hope something like that doesnt ever happen again, but I know in the future i'll probably have some issues with my companions.  This week our lessons didnt go so great. I guess it was a humbling experience. After one of our lessons, our teacher just straight up told us that it was bad.. I was pretty down about that, but I got over it. Redemption time is today, so hopefully everything goes alright!

So miracle is becoming a killer¿ No bueno! I thought about her biting the mole haha it's so gross. Maybe you should take her to the vet, dirty animals like birds and moles might have diseases. Also maybe just a suggestion, write me a short email with things you want to know. Its so hard just sitting down and trying to think of what to say. It sounds like the cabinet is coming along. Funny how things get done when Im gone...

Mail is the best thing in the world, besides the gospel of course. Thanks for everyone who has written me so far! I always get hated on by my district because I get so many.. haters gunna hate! The super sarcastic person I was telling you guys about just got made district leader..haha so we'll see what happens. He knows how to push peoples buttons and does it frequently, hopefully this position can help him overcome that.

Well I guess that is all for this week! It's short but this week was super uneventful. I love you guys! Ñ=  ugh.. that was a smiley face, but im using a spanish keyboard..haha

Elder Wheelwright

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week has been pretty normal. everything is starting to feel like the same thing over and over. Well, thats because it is. Our schedule is the same from week 2-8. Lame. Anyways The mangoes you sent me are already gone. I shared them with my district. That was a mistake ;) haha.
So Sunday was pretty much a break day for me. My companion is really sick so he basically just stayed in bed all day. I had to be with him so I got too take a nap as well. Although initially I was committed to studying spanish! My blanket was just so soft and warm... It felt super good to sleep more though. OH! Last friday I got to take a fieldtrip with my companion! It was sweet. We got to leave the MTC! Highlight of my mission so far. :P just kidding. We went to the health clinic here at the MTC and they took his temperature and it was 106! I thought he was going to die. I think the nurse just messed up though. Anyways, we got shuttled to the BYU Emergency care building off campus. I saw real people there! The TV was on, it was kinda wierd. They made him put a mask on, he looked way funny! Anyways we were there for a long time. I had to sit out in the waiting room..sigh. I was just glad to be away from the MTC!
Yesterday (which was the 183rd anniversary of the priesthood being restored) we got to hear Elder L. Tom Perry speak at our Tuesday devotional. It was awesome. He is probably my favorite apostle. Thats 2 weeks in a row to have apostles speak. My companion was dead set on the prophet speaking to us on Sunday for mothers day. Well it didnt happen. I called it!
Me and my companion get along pretty well, we joke around a lot. We are definitely the closest companionship in our whole district. I've been in the MTC for 3 weeks! Holy crap. Time is like flying, but at the same time it drags. Spanish is getting so complicated. This week/last week they threw a ton of heavy spanish stuff on us. I don't understand all of it. But i'll get there! El don de lenguas! I love playing soccer here. It's like what I look forward to everyday that we have gym! I'm finding that when I run a lot that my shins start to hurt. I hate it, but I just keep going because I love it! I'm kind of even getting tan from being in the sun so much..! Teaching "investigators" are getting a little bit easier. I don't really get nervous in the lessons. I'm mostly nervous right before we enter the door. It's still crazy thinking that we have to teach in spanish.

So a little update on the VISA status. Some Elder told me that the consulate has shut down temporarily. No one is getting their VISAs at all. They are starting to reassign people that arent even leaving for another 3 weeks. This is disappointing.. But a new side adventure will be waiting for me! It's like getting a second mission call. I mean there is always the chance that my VISA might come, but from what I've seen/heard it probably wont happen. So in 3 weeks I might already have my reassignment! DANG!
What else is going on? So i'm the only one who still hasent gotten sick! I'm so happy haha. The people who got sick first are getting sick again. I think its the 2000mg Vitamin C a day that is helping me. I am like the supplier for vitamin C..people in my district ask me for packets. I would love to share! But i'm running out pretty fast! Like I really don't want to get sick! My companion has had it the worst, with several doctor visits. One of the branch counselors for our zone asked me for some of my blood, because I havent gotten sick. I was like, what the heck? haha
Also Pictures are in the mail! So look forward to that! Thanks for everyone who has written me! It's really the best feeling ever. Oh Mom the scripture I want on my plaque is Matthew 28. Im not sure the verses. I'm pretty sure they are the last ones in the chapter. The one verse says go ye therefore and preach... and then the next verse as well. It says ..for I am with you always. Sorry that's its not very specific haha I just cant remember right now. I'll write it in on Nikkis letter that I'm sending!

Well out of time! I love you guys! :)

Sincerely, Elder Wheelwright

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.dv

I (Travis's Mom)  got this in my email this morning.   Thought I would share.  So great so see him.

"Happy Mother's Day! I teach your sons at the MTC and they are all doing great! They are great missionaries and are working hard. They wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day so I recorded them last night during class. "
 -Hermana Angela Breedlove

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So week 2 in the MTC...hmmm. It's starting to go by super super fast! Everything is pretty much the same haha. Go to classes, eat, sleep. I am still not liking this getting up at 6.30's pretty lame. The language is coming along good I guess, I'm pretty okay at it.
This week we got 2 new investigators, named Gabriellina and Gustan. It's way funny teaching gustan because he is drunk everytime we go to teach haha. I mean the things he says are way funny, him drinking is bad. That is going pretty well. I still get nervous right before our appointment though.
There is this tree in the MTC that apparently smells like cream soda...Elder Parker and I always see people smelling it, it looks wierd. But we decided to try it out yesterday when no one was looking haha. And it smells like cream soda!! It was crazy.
My favorite hymn is in spanish. I guess I should call it himnos..haha It is number 88. Titled "Placentero nos es trabajar". It only exists in the spanish language. It's awesome. Mom, you should try to play it on the piano so you can see what it sounds like. Es Bonita! You know how dad always whistles that same tune like all the time? My companion Elder parker does the same thing. Except he whistles the Jurassic Park Theme song..haha what the crap? It's super random. But it reminds me of dad.
Yesterday at our devotional Elder Christofferson spoke. It was super cool to have an apostle of God speak to you. We got really good seats so we were way up close. There is this Elder in my district (elder Hanzlik). He falls asleep in EVERY meeting haha. And he snores.. It's so funny. He never fails at sleeping during meetings. We always poke him and try to wake him up, but he always falls back asleep. When he falls asleep I always steal his pencils and pens that are in his hands..haha!
Today, since it's P-day, we got to go the temple again. This time we did a sealing session. This was my first and it was pretty cool. There was this older couple with us and they were cool. They were like old old. And they were just holding each others hands. It was sweet. They are sealed together for time and all eternity. They looked so happy together. It reminded me of the song Dear Bobbie by Yellowcard, haha. MUSIC! I miss it so much. I sing any song that comes to my head. I know I shouldnt because they arent hymns, but it's so hard! Speaking of music...After we do our language study on the computer we sometimes have left over time left. So a lot of us go on mormon messsages/ I am a mormon videos. So one day searching through the videos on I am a Mormon..  i found brandon flower's video. AKA the lead singer from the Killers. And in it he is singing Crossfire Live. When I first heard it I got so excited! hahaha I was like oh my gosh!! And I started singing... haha I'm a bad missionary ;) . So I watch that same video whenever I can! Although my companion always is like NO. hahaha Not in like a mean way at all though. almost in a joking manner. We are pretty cool. We don't fight or anything like that. Although sometimes we pretend that we are going to fight. We say Vengame Herman..the spelling is wrong but it translates to "come at me bro"..haha
Everyone in my room makes fun of me because  I write a lot in my journal. Like a full page almost everyday. I've adopted Haters gunna hate as my slogan or whatever. haha What else? It's so stressful emailing. Like we only get 30 minutes so the moment we sign on, the clock goes down. It's so hard haha. And so intense. My heart starts racing as soon as i hit enter. Oh also everyone here thinks i'm a hipster..haha Because of my glasses and because I wear v'necks. And apparently the haircut I got is a hipster haircut? haha sike they are so dumb. They are really dumb. fo' real. haha I'm SO not a hipster.

Mom: Happy mothers day! A card is coming! (I bought it from the BYU bookstore) Oh, p.s. I need those address’s.  I have letters written here with no address, so they just sit on my desk. Also if you want you can put on my facebook about dear elder. So people can write me. OH and can you please send more spiral notebooks. And please send my other watch. The large black one with the blue hands. I'm excited to get my first package! :)

Dad: Thanks for writing me everyday haha..It's really the best thing in the world to get mail.

Nathan: How's it going? Now that my xbox is gone, what do you do? haha Write me sometime.

Miracle: I love you. haha. I saw these 2 dogs as we walked back from the temple. I was like!!! DOGS! MIRACLE! hahaha

Nikki/Scott: Hope errything is going good. Write me more sometime. I will get to your last letter soon I promise!

Alisha/Braeden: Thanks for the pictures! Good memories! I need them...haha because I'm stuck in this prison called the MTC... Also braeden, I havent fallen asleep in class yet. My companion has though... I just let him be. haha

alright, well times up! I love you all! Write me! :) Miss you guys!

Sincerely, Elder Wheelwright

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hola famila.
 I only have 28 minutes left to write..sigh. SO much to say. I'm not sure if you got my first letter yet, but it was about my first days here so I won't waste time in writing that.
Me and my companion are getting along fine still. Although he is starting to get where he thinks the whole district is his companionship. He is to worried about what everyone else is doing...Maybe that will impove I hope. Okay so the food is TASTES good, but it like screws you up interally. It makes you feeel awful and it makes you need to poop alot...haha. It's like a free for all with food, but I try to control myself. I have a salad every meal (besides breakfast) and also a banana every meal. Nikki was right, the wraps here are great. It tastes like Chipotle...super good. Today we went to the temple for the first time, we did an endowment session. That was cool and very spirirtual. We ate breakfast there too.
Almost every day we have a gym time. for ~50 minutes. Not enough time at all, but whatever. I always want to play soccer haha. At first my companion hated soccer, but I said to try it this once... and now he likes it. I converted him haha. He is really attached to another missionary in our district and he basically wants to do whatever he wants to do. Such a follower...haha anyways, that kind of bugs me. I want to be like I am your companion not him! Maybe i'll have the courage to bring it up in our planning meeting together. Other than that we get along pretty well.
The spanish is so extreme and intense.. like i'm so overwhelmed but I am getting it little by little. I'm doing much better than my companion in spanish. He always has to ask me for words and how to pronounce things...haha. In our discussions with our investigators, since I know more spanish than him, I'm usually the one doing to the talking (unless we have something written out, then he reads) Pronunciation is ehhh.. for him. But I'm glad I ca understand about 40% of what the investigator says. I'll catch words here and there and can put it all together. It's cool. I like being the one that can do something better than everyone else.. I'm not usually that person. And I don't want to be like fulll of myself..haha But I want to help my companion speak better and sound better. Elder Parker is the senor companion, so I guess he calls most of the shots. This will change..haha. I´m kind of a pushover and that is something I am trying to change. I´m going to be nice about it, but he kind of pushes me around. Anyways haha I know this probably just sounds like I´m venting from my companion, which I kinda am, but I love the guy.
 Okay soo what else. The MTC is okay. At first I didnt like it but now I am getting kind of used to it. Now i have the attitude of I´m going to be sad when I leave. Today, wednesday, new missionaries are coming in. We talked to this Elder about coming in. He was way nice, and im pretty sure he is way scared.. like I was haha.  
 So I was told that I should probably expect to be reassigned to another mission. But that I should have faith.. haha what does that mean? Anyways, 3 people in my district (and that I room with) are also going to bahia blanca. Elder evans friend just got back from the exact same mission. He said that if you are in the city then it is nice. Apparently Bahia blanca is a rich place, because they are at a bay and what not. But if you are away from the city, that it is pretty ghetto. Like dirt floor status...haha oh no.. He also said that the government down there is pretty whack.. like their tax write offs are insane and really corrupted. Like he said that some housed will have a dirt floor and live in a shack but they will have a flat screen tv..haha. Sooo I don't really know what to expect. I'm honestly just so excited to go down there. It's a whole new world to me!
 Also Please send me some phillipine brand dried mangos! :D haha and more Hi-chew. You can but it cheap at super walmart. Also Send me my toms when they come. Also please send me the random things from china that I bought. And my camera. Tell Langley and Dallin And Matt to WRITE me.. no emails for now until I am out in the field at least. Please pass this email along to family or my friends. I don't have time to write people individually, sorry! Maybe I'll learn to better use my time? idk... Umm ALSO we arent allowed to call home on mothers day :(  ....waH WHA WHA... haha. LAME. I almos might need more spiral notebooks.Will you please send me michelles and dallins addresses (at college) . Ask them on facebook for it. I'm not really homesick anymore unless I think about it, If I keep myself busy then I won't be sad. Although I do miss miracle a lot.. haha she was my best friend! hahaha
Okay I think thats all the time I have. DANG, 30 minutes goes fast. I love you all! AND I miss you so much! I am here where I need to be though, doing the Lords work. Yesterday we got to hear from one of the seventy... I hear general authorities come a lot... So I'm looking forward to that. I'm trying to write in my journal alot.. like almost a page a day. my companion always make fun of me that I write so much.. whatever lol He is going to regret it later! ANYWAYS! I love you all, I'm doing great-ish...haha