Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hola familia, I can’t believe I’m already half done with the MTC! its so crazy to think about. I feel like I just got here and that I still don’t know anything. Except for I've learned a just doesn’t seem like that. I could probably write part of this email in all Spanish, pero hoy es una dia de preparacion. haha..syke. I hope that was right though. I'm taking a break today from all the craziness.

Good news concerning VISAS. I am hearing that multiple districts have gotten their VISAs on time! Yay! :) Which means I will probably get mine on time, maybe. I was actually kind of looking forward to getting reassigned. It's like a second mission call.

Elder Parker and I are getting along pretty well now. I make it sound like we never got along. We did but there are just little things here and there. Our last companionship inventory (Saturday), we got pretty real with each other. If you don’t know what companionship inventory is, its when you sit down with your companion (weekly) and you plan for your investigators. You also take the opportunity to tell them what they are good at and then what they need to change/improve (we call it shredding Each other) My teacher, Hermana Breedlove, was in the room with us. She was kinda making fun of us because we can't express our feelings that well (because we're elders).  haha It's true though I guess. I know I'm not the best. But it was good I guess, we sorted out things and things have been smoother.

This week I joined the MTC Choir! It is pretty fun. I like singing so it's awesome. Elder Parker came to the first practice with me but didn’t come to the performance because he said the chairs that we have to sit in suck. Which is true, they really do suck. They are so hard!   But I persevered! We performed on Tuesday at the devotional, we sang Josephs Smiths First Prayer.

Hmm what else happened this week? It's time for another haircut soon, dang my hair grows fast! Some letters I got this week from Elder Davidson y Elder Bustamante were partially/mostly in Spanish. It was lame! I couldn’t read it :( I still haven’t found out what it said but I'm working on it. Also I can only write to people on Wednesday (Today). So that is why I haven’t written some people back yet. I seriously have so much to do today..gahhh.

My spelling in English is getting a little bad. I'm used to Spanish spelling now. So my journal is full of crossed out and scribbled words. Earlier this week, I apparently was talking in my sleep..haha I said "mom" and "dad" and then Elder Raymond said I started speaking Spanish... HAHA YESSSS! Spanish in my sleep. I was so stoked when I heard that! I was like awww yeah. haha anyways.

Elder Parker and I did really good on all of our lessons this week. Like such a big improvement over last week! It has been awesome. This week we now get to practice playing the role of the investigator. We had to create details and info about them. And we get to act them out and play as them for other people in our district. It should be fun.

 Sooo the picture printing service at the MTC has stopped... I don't know how to get any of my pictures printed out now. I was kinda bummed about that.     One of my branch presidency members from my District was talking to me about the Ottos. I guess he knows Carol Otto from somewhere. He tells me to say hi. Brother Russin is his name. There is this elder is our district that is thinking about leaving. He is really the most genuine guy ever. He doesn’t know if he has a testimony. I am trying to do my best to befriend him. He is sort of socially awkward. We do get along fairly well. We talk about random stuff that we've seen on youtube..haha Not the best topic but I guess that is how we connect. He is an awesome guy and I would hate to see him leave. Alright well I can’t think of anything else to write, so I guess that’s it! I love you guys :) I miss you! Have a great rest of the week!

Sincerely Elder Wheelwright   <3

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