Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello Family!‏

Hello! Guess what,  
Yo Tengo solomente dos y medio semanas mas en la CCM!!
OH MAN. 2 and a half week left! I don't feel prepared at all haha. I feel like my Spanish is still garbo. I'm going to have to press hard these last few weeks so I can get better! So today a new district is coming in. The problem is that there is no room for them. In our residence room, we have 6 beds with only 4 of us in there. so we were informed that we would be getting more roommates... wah wah wah.... Im not looking forward to that. We have to share desks and closets with them too and there is legit no room. So this is going to be interesting. So I definitely am sick right now. Our zone leader got like a bad sickness with the flu and a sore throat and a bunch of other bad things. And I caught it somehow. Well I got it because I hugged him, haha. oops. But I only got the soar throat and a cough. Which is cool I guess, comparatively. But I cough so much that I start choking sometimes.. no bueno. It especially get me at night when I'm trying to sleep, which is perfect because Its not like I actually need to sleep to recover from the day haha lame.
This week we started this new training thing. Where we have to make a investigator up and make them a profile and we have to act like them when we are being taught from other missionaries in our district. We were supposed to choose people that we know so it can be more realistic. I chose somebody from back home...but ill never tell!!!! It was pretty fun actually, getting to act like somebody else. I was weird though. In the lesson when someone was teaching me, they asked me about la Trinidad. Aka the godhead. And since I was somebody else I told them that they were one person, etc. It was super weird. I was like this isn't true but I have to say it because I,m not really me.
So I think last week I mentioned somebody in our district feeling like they wanted to go home. We gave him a blessing to have strength to go on. The next day at the temple, he saw his mom! It was CRAZY. Especially because they live in Nebraska. It was totally unplanned too! The missionaries happened to be running late because they helped someone by doing service. If they had not have done this, they wouldn't have seen him mom. The timing was perfect. It was a miracle. He needed that. It´s just a testimony that God knows all of us and that he is watching out for us. He knows what we need. It was a cool experience.
Hmmm.... We have been having squirt gun fights in the halls before gym. Its super fun and way intense. But this week we got told not to play anymore...noooo! Thanks for the package familia! It was awesome. Im hiding the mangos though... because this elder in my room steals them from me haha what a punk. Still no word on our VISAs. There is always so much talk going on. I never know what to believe. Someone told me the next time the consulate is coming is July 1st. So we will meet with them and then be reassigned. That would mean I would be in the MTC a little longer. I also heard that they might fly us out to Los Angeles to sign the papers (because that's where the consulate lives). It really is just a bunch of rumors. So I guess I will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out! Well I think thats it. Nothing special has happened this week. So I never know what to write. Thanks for everyone who has written me! Everyone is still hating on me for getting so many letters, so keep it up! ;) haha Sounds like the project for the living room is coming along good. Cant wait to see it in a couple years. hopefully it still looks good ;). I Love you guys! Thanks for everything and thanks for your support!

Sincerely, Elder Wheelwright

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