Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Oh man! My district is leaving on Monday! SOO crazy. I'm gunna miss them. They are like my second family haha. Elder Evans, Elder Raymond, and I will become a Trio on Monday. Sooo excited for that... I got a little taste of what its going to be like on this past Monday. Everyone who was leaving went to in-field training, so it was just us 3. It felt super weird and different. Nothing like how it is with my current companion. But yeah, also on Monday we met with the Visa agents for Argentina (not the consulate though). They took our finger prints and we signed some paper. That only took about 5 minutes. Now what we did there was the first step. We still have to meet the consulate on July 3rd (I believe in Salt Lake.). So we didn't end up going to Salt Lake. The Visa agents met with us here at the MTC. I was bummed, but whatever. I was honestly happy to have any progress on my VISA haha.. After the Meeting on July 3rd, we should receive our reassignments. It's a for sure thing. We have already been told, we just don't know where yet. I think we find that out a couple days before we leave. Our new departure date is July 10th I think. Or somewhere really close to that. I hope I'm reassigned to a Spanish mission, or else I'm legit going to forget everything I've learned haha. I'm hoping for somewhere in California. But I guess I will take anywhere? It's not really an option though..haha. I'm super excited to get a new call!

So since there is going to be only 3 of us here in the MTC from out district, they told us on Sunday that they were going to throw us in with another district. Although I'm not sure how that's going to work... Because the class we are joining is already WAY full.. But they did tell us that they would be frequently pulling us out to teach us so we weren't hearing the same things over and over again. ALSO they said that we are going to be teaching other people Spanish...?! We have these tutors here at the MTC that you can sign up for. And they said that we will kind of be like that. So my Spanish is going to way improve over these 2 extra weeks. Which is awesome! When you are teaching, you learn so much better the things that you are teaching. I can't wait to be fluent haha.

OH. Next week, well I guess this week, starting on Saturday, all of the new mission presidents are going to be coming in to be trained. They are blocking off a lot of the buildings here because members of the quorum of the 12 and the first presidency will be here all the time during the conference. They said that they don't want us near any of them..haha what the heck? But its going to be awesome. Saturday night, we get to meet with our new mission president for like an hour. He only speaks Spanish its going to difficult. He is from Spain, so he has that weird lisp.. I don't like it. haha We had this sub teacher here a couple weeks ago and he served in Spain. He had the lisp and it was kind of annoying. But it is what it is! I'm excited to meet him, so he already knows who I am when I get down to Argentina. Our devotionals and firesides during the mission conference week are going to be awesome! It's almost like a guarantee that apostles will speak to us. I'm hoping for the prophet too! But I heard that he rarely comes to the MTC.

So about that package, if you haven't already sent it. You definitely can send liquids in it. Well maybe the post office doesn't want you to I'm not sure, but it works. Elder Evans Dad sends him like a 12 pack of coke every 2 weeks.. jaja. So it will make it! Elder Benioni gets packages all the time from Hawaii, with like Hawaiian goods. He lets all of us try them, yummmm. haha. So aloe juice would be sweet, but if you cant get it to me then that's fine.

Hmm, nothing else is really happening except everyone is leaving. Now its basically just a waiting game until I get my reassignment. I can't wait! aghh! I hope everything at home is going great! I think I'm going to send my SD card home again when I have about a week left here. I already have like another 300 pictures. A lot of them are from other peoples camera's though. You guys got the package? Sweet. Sending packages here are so cheap! It only cost me like $4 to send that box home! Does Nathan like the bottle? Haha. It's the one I use here. I'm not a big fan of MTC on the sides of it, but whatever. I just look like a dork when I carry it around. I tried to peel it off, but it was unsuccessful! I guess I'll be repping that MTC Swag...hahaha

Well I think that is it! I love you guys! I'll let you know when I can call home when I get more information! Have a good rest of the week!

Elder Wheelwright

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