Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wow! My district is gone! :( There are only 3 of us here now! Being in a Trio is super wierd haha. We are getting along pretty well though, which is surprising. ON monday when everyybody was leaving, we got up super early to say bye to all of them. It was so strange. The room feels kinda empty now. My district became like my family here. So seeing them all go was pretty sad. The new mission presidents seminar was going on this past week. It was super crazy. Security was tight everywhere. The quarum of the 12 apostles were here along with the first presidency. Crazy! We had to go to the front office in the main buliding several times because we kept on getting called down there for random things..? And we had to be escorted around. Like they were serious about security. 
On Saturday I got to meet my new mission president! It was so awesome! They got here way late though.. The meeting started at 7, but then they changed it to 8. So we got there at 7:45. Presidente 
Perreno and his wife arrived 50 minutes late... so at 8:50.. haha. The first thing that he did when he came in the room was give us all hugs. They are so nice and legit. They are going to be awesome and I'm so excited to be directed under them. The meeting was in Spanish only. But they are from Espana so he was throwing out lisps all the time haha. I only like the Espana lisp if the person is a native of Espana. If someone white/not native tries to speak with a lisp, its just annoying haha. But our mission president spoke beautiful Spanish. For those who understand: He was also throwing out the tu and vosotros form. Which is weird for us missionaries. His wife kept hitting him when he used it! Man they are so awesome. They got me SO pumped. The whole rest of the day, I was just like exploding with energy. Presidente Perreno and his wife are also having visa problems. Tomorrow (Thursday) they are flying out to Buenos Aires, but they are staying there on a tourist visa because of the issues with visas right now. So he wont take over as mission president until he gets his visa. 
The elder that joined us for a little while also left on Monday to our same mission, Bahia Blanca. SOO jealous! That should have been us. It's crazy to think that I should have left on Monday. The travel time to our mission is crazy! Its over 24 hours of traveling to get to our mission. It was funny, our mission president was like (to the elder who has his visa) do you have like connections in Argentina? haha In Spanish its directly means, are you plugged in? So on the board he drew an outlet. haha he's funny. 
Yesterday for our devotional we had an awesome turnout of apostles. The speaker was Elder L. Tom Perry, but 10 other of the apostles were on the stand. Everyone except Boyd K. Packer. It was SOOO cool! just the spirit that they brought was awesome. We ended up getting awesome seats. Our teacher was a staff member with the presidents seminar, so she was helping people get seated. When she saw us, she hooked us up with super close seats. We were within 15 feet from the podium. So I saw all of the apostles up close. Very cool. What a great experiencia. 
Every week here at the MTC, we have this thing called TRC. Where we go to this special building and we teach volunteers that are like 99.9% of the time, members. One of the teachers/tutors here came up to us a couple days ago and wanted to know if we would want to teach a real non member. It is her friend who is coming to visit. She isnt a member either. So this is like real real. As real as you will ever get in the MTC. We said yeah! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. This is great practice for the field! So much pressure though. It will be a good experience.
Today is the last day of the mission presidents seminar, so things should be going back to normal. We've been having sleepovers in our room with friends from another district in our zone. Super fun haha. SLEEEPOVERS! 
Oh hey, my mailbox is changing because we have joined another district until we leave. So when sending mail, use mailbox #270 instead #206. 
On Monday, we get to meet with the consolate! yayy and then that week we should be getting reassignments!!!! I'm so excited to see where I'm going. I really hope its Spanish speaking. Im going to forget everything if its not haha. 
Alish will probably have had her baby by the time I get to email next, so congratulations! Good luck with everything haha. Send me pictures! We're all going to be in the same state again! Isn't that weird? I feel like im far away from everyone haha. But we really aren't even that far away. Well my time is up! I love you all! Have a great weeeeek! Thanks for all the mail and dear elders.

Con Amor

Elder Wheelwright

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