Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This week nothing has really happened. It's just the same old MTC. But I'll try to make it sound like its actually exciting here... haha. On Sunday my companion was made district leader for our 2 remaining weeks here. What this means for me? I have to wait for him while he is in meetings...sweet. But it's only for two weeks. I still can't believe that we're almost out of here! gahhh! On Monday the district above us left for Mexico. I was pretty sad because I was pretty good friends with some of them. On the night before we left, out whole zone got together in the bathroom and sang 'Til We Meet Again. Why In The Bathroom you ask? Because of the acoustics, duh. haha. It was awesome. It was so loud. Everyone came to see what we were doing too. 
Soo yesterday, i got a letter in the mail concerning my VISA. I have 2 meetings before I can leave the MTC (to be reassigned) The first meeting is with the VISA agents and that is next week (June 18th). We get to go to Salt Lake, so I'm excited..haha! In this meeting, we're not signing anything. I honestly don't even know what the meeting is for, but whatever. It will get me out of the MTC... :P   The next meeting is on July 2nd! But wait, my departure date is June 25th? They are keeping us here for an extra 2 weeks past our original departure date. Just 3 of us from our district. (Elder Evans, Elder Raymond, and me). So the meeting on the 2nd of July is when I will sign for my VISA. The next Monday/Tuesday after that, I will be reassigned to another mission stateside. I'm kind of excited for this but its whatever. It will probably be English speaking so I will most likely forget all of my Spanish.. wah wah wah. Everyone going to Argentina has been getting reassigned. I don't know what happened to all the people who I thought/was told got their VISAs. It's going to be sad when everyone in my district leaves in a couple weeks. 12 Days to be exact! I am going to be put into a trio with Elder Evans and Elder Raymond...which is going to be terrible. Not even going to lie haha. They are probably the...most difficult out of our whole district. And they are pretty mean. So I'm not looking forward to it. The plus side is that I will have more time to perfect my Spanish! There will only be 3 missionaries in the class with 1 teacher so it will be more personal teaching. I'm basically going to be fluent when I get out of here! ...syke. But I'm sure I will improve a ton! 
I hope you guys received my letter with my memory card from my camera in it. Write me a dead elder telling me you got it, so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I'm going to try to send a package home today. With all of my letters and my used planner and my camera and something for Nathan. Oh. So the next package you send me should be Asian themed! :D haha just go buy me stuff at H-mart pleassse! PLEASE PLEASE include like 2 large bottles of aloe juice.. I'm craving that like mad right now. Yesterday we got this new elder in our district until the 25th of June. He is only here for a short time. He was actually here in the MTC a year ago, but had to leave due to health issues. He already has his VISA and everything. He is going to Bahia Blanca Argentina as well. Well I think that is all that happened this week, or all the I can remember. Oh. some kid while playing soccer almost got hurt super bad. The goalie like dove for the ball and landed right on his back. And we're not talking like a small goalie. We're talking like 250 pounds here.. He like couldn't breathe or talk. And when he did talk, it was in Hungarian because he was in consecration week. (where you can only speak your language). It was kind of scary. 
Dallin! If you're reading this, congrats! Provo, Utah? How sick is that! You can hike up to the Y on P-day! We always joke around that Big foot lives on the Y. So maybe you can go find him and take pictures for us. We would love that haha. I'm planning on writing you a letter so look out for that. 
Well, I love you all! Have a great rest of the week! When I get my reassignment, I get to call home for exactly 3, yes THREE minutes. So I'm stoked for that haha. Even if it's super short! BYEEEE!

Sincerely Elder Wheelwright

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