Monday, September 30, 2013

Hola Family!!

Me and my companion are doing pretty good right now. I think we’re getting used to each other. There is still a little tension, but it’s somewhat normal. 

So about the family we're teaching and their marriage. We had something super bad happen with them. So we went to Santa Clara and to get married there, they had to do a change of address and then wait 5 days.  So we're going back to Santa Clara next week to take a number. After they do that, We have to come back when it’s our turn and then they will get married. YAY! 
But in one of our lessons this week, it was horrible...ugh. They had a huge fight. One of the first things they told us...we have some bad news for you guys. Were!  That lesson was super hard. I’m 21 years old, not a marriage counselor.  Relying on the spirit was 1000000% necessary. In the end everything turned our great. Yesterday we asked how they were doing and they said
10 points! haha. So everything appears to be back to normal. Yeah!!!
They still have a baptismal date for the 12th of October. 

Spring started Sept. 21 too. It has not brought anything but rain and cold
weather haha. All of my stuff is wet. The jacket from Mr. Mac. is
terrible. It’s ugly and it’s not waterproof. It’s like a sponge haha.
This week was rough for us. We didn’t find one new person to teach. I
know that this week will be better though. God is preparing someone
for us! 
So Nathan likes tennis? That’s cool. We’ll have to play when I
get back. I’m a pro. haha syke. There is a tennis club by our house
haha. How is he liking Highline? its super easy...    Well I have no time
left. I wanted to write more, but I’ve got to run!! If you have any
questions, feel free to ask me! Also thanks for the recipe! I can’t
make carrot cake because it takes stuff that doesn’t exist here haha. I
love you guys! Chou!!
Elder Wheelwright

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hola Family!!!

 Soo I only have one companion again. My favorite one is training a new missionary in our house from Hondouras! I was super sad to see him leave our trio. Now I'm stuck haha. This week we worked a lot in a little part of our area called Santa Clara. It's this vacation town right next to the beach. Everyone who lives there is either retired or is renting a vacation house. Its legit, I love it. A lot of the houses are empty though because its not summer yet. I got to run on the beach for the first time in a year and a half! It was so great.
So with our 2 humble investigators..they are going to get married this week! The wait is 4 months in Mar Del Plata, but we have secrets to do it in a week. And that secret is that we go to this vacation town and do it, bcause there is no one waiting to get married! Then they will get baptized a week later! whooo! One of their 9 kids came to live with them in their tent, and she accepted to be baptized too!!!! whooo!! She's 13 and already has friends at church. Things are going pretty good for us. We're trying to find new people to teach now. Because after them, we don't have anyone.
My relationship with my companion is rough. We had an hour long inventory yesterday..aka a discussion of why we don't get along. It was ugly. Ugh. But yeah, that's my life right now. We have 3 baptisms lined up very soon so that's good. I'm happy.  I miss my old companion. Everything is changing for the worse in our house right now. Gah. But I'm going to have a positive attitude about everything. It's necessary! I love you guys! Sorry this email was so short! But I gotta run!

So my camera broke! noooo!! On its own too, I didn't drop it. It just says lens error and the lens wont come out when I turn it on... I need a new one ASAP.   Probably in this package you are going to send. I want one similar to the one I have now.   Also I want recipes for french toast and carrot cake. If you can find the light version aka less calories, that would be cool. Me and Elder Contreras (my old comp..sad day) are on a diet haha. speaking of that...none of my clothes fit me anymore..haha none. My suit falls off of me. But I can handle it until the end i guess. Or I'll just buy new clothes here. yep. beef jerkey, hot sauce, dried mangos, camera, almonds. = perfect birthday package! haha wink wink...Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey family!

So I’m loving my new area.  We are right by the beach and right next to one of the biggest cities besides Buenos Aires.  And! Everything is sooo green! Awesome. The people here have been pretty friendly so far. So I’m excited to find people to teach. 
Okay, so my companions. First I’ll start off with Elder Contreras. He is from Rio Negro, Argentina. He also speaks English too! Legit! He is basically like my twin but from Argentina haha. We like the same stuff, have the same humor and the same personality. It’s awesome. Probably one of my favorite companions so far. I have to be careful in a trio because I don’t want to give all the attention to one of my comps, or the other is going to feel bad.  Its already starting to turn into this. My other companions is  from Paraguay and I’m trying my best to love this guy, but he isn’t a happy person.   I’m super stoked to be in Mar del Plata, all the elders in my house are super cool. And we get along great. The Spanish all the time is pretty easy. When I first thought of being with Latinos, I was scared haha. But it’s super easy. Spanish is coming along great. There is still a lot to learn, but hey it’s okay. I’ll never be perfect. 
So we have 2 investigators that I want to tell you about. They are this couple that are living together (not married), and between them they have 15 kids...and one on the way haha. Their house burned down and now they have nothing. The dad sold his car to buy a piece of land to build a house on. He collects pieces of wood where He can find it and puts it on his house. We’re talking super humble. But they are soooo amazing. Super great people. When we teach them, I feel like we're camping haha. We sit on wooden stools outside at night..and we turn into ice cubes because it’s so cold! They have problems with smoking, but they are ready to drop it. And haven’t smoked since we taught them the word of wisdom. Also they are going to get married really soon. This week they are going to take a number to get married. It might be like a 4 month wait, so that sucks. But at least they are fulfilling the commandment with God. They’ve been to church twice already! YEAH! They have to walk 45 min. to get here too. Basically nobody has a car here, so we can’t help them out. But yeah, their baptism is on the 13th of October! I’m super excited! 
Sorry this email is so random. I had to type it super fast because I didn’t have a lot of time. Also Nathan never wrote me to tell me about the tennis match haha. FAIL! That’s cool that he’s driving now alone! Scary Stuff. Also..teriyaki. That sounds soooo good. You don’t know how bad I miss that. That’s one of the first things I want to eat when I get home. But we won’t talk about that yet haha. I love you guys a ton! Have an awesome week! If you have any questions, let me know!! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

okay so about this package...beef jerky teriyaki flavored. Dried Fruit..mangos, papaya? Hot sauce. Cholula. Yumm. Haha food, somewhat healthy. haha. Almonds!! Flavored almonds please!! The blue diamond brand in those cans haha. Please!

Baptism in Santa Rosa

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hola family!!
So big news... I got transferred! haha It was a huge surprise. Being in Santa Rosa for only 6 weeks is weird. People usually stay there for months and months. I thought I was going to end my mission there. But yeah, I'm now in the city of Mar Del Plata! It's a HUGE city and it's right next to the beach! whooo! I'm stoked! Its the furthest place away from Santa Rosa though. My bus ride was 11 hours! was so lame. and uncomfortable! I tried to sleep, but it was pretty much impossible. In the end, I actually wanted to stay in Santa Rosa for the ward and the investigators. We have 2 baptisms that are 100% for sure that I had to leave...nooooo! I was way sad about that. But in some ways I'm happy I left. Fresh air, new companion, new area.
The baptism on Saturday was awesome! A miracle happened too. Marta, the lady who got baptized, has a huge fear of water. In her whole life shes never put her face under water. The night before the baptism she couldn't sleep at all because she was so nervous and scared. We even stopped by her house 2 hours before the baptism to check on her, and she was practically shaking. But when it came time for the baptism, I asked her how she felt. She said that all of her fears left her and that she was calm. We did the baptism in one try! YEAH!! What a miracle. I'm going to miss her and her family so much. They are sooo cool! We bonded like instantly with them. They would always invite us over for dinner and stuff too. She cried when I had to leave, it was way sad. I'm no goood at saying goodbyes haha. Bleh. But that's the life of  missionaries. Don't live with feelings, or else you're just going to be sad in the end haha.
So I am finally with my first latino companion! He's from Paraguay. Actually, I have 2 latino companions... I'm in a trio. Nooo...those are the worst. The other guy is from Argentina and he is waiting for his visa so he can go to Spain. The air in Mar Del Plata is so awesome, its fresh and clean and moist and smells like the ocean. Our house is not that great. It's 2 stories though.
I forgot my memory card this week, lame. Sop I'll have to send you guys some pictures next week! I love you guys so much and thanks for all of your support! Let me know if you have any questions, chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Oh, as for stuff in the package. I'm super good with supplies and stuff. Shirts, I have too many haha. It's almost time to start ditching stuff, like all of my winter stuff. Maybe just food from the states haha. I'm not sure. Tapatilo hot sauce and cholula hot sauce would be great!! haha I love it.. Chau!

Monday, September 2, 2013

No way! You got a tablet...haha. holy cow, look at you mom all high teched up and up to date with the world. haha I'm super jealous. Nathan is playing tennis? This is news. Haha. I don't think you told me that. Tennis is super borring, pero mal. Haha. But I'm glad that he enjoys it. I'll make fun of him for it later haha. Syke. I love you Nathan! So how is your spanish anyways? You should ditch it at Decatur and take it at Highline. You will learn so much more!
So the amount of snow was super lame. We're talking flakes falling for like a minute. Santa Rosa is so weird. Its hot for a week and then freezing the next. When I say hot, it is HOT. I got burned already haha...crap.
Nathan has his license...legit! Watch out world! So does dad drive the white car now then? Hey I've been thinking..on the subject of a car...haha. Its not trunky thoughts or anything, but one does have to think about what one is going to drive. I'm thinking an Audi...think about it. hahahahahaha. Anyways, we´ll talk later. You should drive the white car off of a cliff, it doesn't even work properly. What classes are you taking at Highline Nathan? The kid that never writes me...
OH! So we don't have to move just yet. We didn't have a new place to live so the mission gave us an extra month in our house and to keep looking. Legit! This weekend we have transfers. Wow. Already! We'll see whats going to happen. For some reason, I really do think I'm gone this transfer. Its weird. I guess next Monday you will find out! haha

So this week we have someone getting baptized!! Her name is Marta. She's been investigating the church off an on for about 4 years in total. So we're super stoked for that! YEAH! This week we worked super hard. We taught like 29 lessons! YEAH! yesterday we got in a bash attack with an adventist. He let us in, and before we ever started talking. He pulls out his phone and calls someone. He says...Hey so I'm talking here with 2 Mormons in my house about the bible. You uhh.. you think you can come down here? Hahaha oh my gossshhhhhhh!! hhaha  He called his pastor who happens to also be a famous religious radio host down here haha. Dang. Luckily he never came though. It was a super heated conversation. I can't sit there and be attacked. I always get mad haha. So I kind of let him have it. But its okay, it was still in a loving manner I think haha.
We'll I am out of time.  OKayyyyy bye!! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright