Monday, September 23, 2013

Hola Family!!!

 Soo I only have one companion again. My favorite one is training a new missionary in our house from Hondouras! I was super sad to see him leave our trio. Now I'm stuck haha. This week we worked a lot in a little part of our area called Santa Clara. It's this vacation town right next to the beach. Everyone who lives there is either retired or is renting a vacation house. Its legit, I love it. A lot of the houses are empty though because its not summer yet. I got to run on the beach for the first time in a year and a half! It was so great.
So with our 2 humble investigators..they are going to get married this week! The wait is 4 months in Mar Del Plata, but we have secrets to do it in a week. And that secret is that we go to this vacation town and do it, bcause there is no one waiting to get married! Then they will get baptized a week later! whooo! One of their 9 kids came to live with them in their tent, and she accepted to be baptized too!!!! whooo!! She's 13 and already has friends at church. Things are going pretty good for us. We're trying to find new people to teach now. Because after them, we don't have anyone.
My relationship with my companion is rough. We had an hour long inventory yesterday..aka a discussion of why we don't get along. It was ugly. Ugh. But yeah, that's my life right now. We have 3 baptisms lined up very soon so that's good. I'm happy.  I miss my old companion. Everything is changing for the worse in our house right now. Gah. But I'm going to have a positive attitude about everything. It's necessary! I love you guys! Sorry this email was so short! But I gotta run!

So my camera broke! noooo!! On its own too, I didn't drop it. It just says lens error and the lens wont come out when I turn it on... I need a new one ASAP.   Probably in this package you are going to send. I want one similar to the one I have now.   Also I want recipes for french toast and carrot cake. If you can find the light version aka less calories, that would be cool. Me and Elder Contreras (my old comp..sad day) are on a diet haha. speaking of that...none of my clothes fit me anymore..haha none. My suit falls off of me. But I can handle it until the end i guess. Or I'll just buy new clothes here. yep. beef jerkey, hot sauce, dried mangos, camera, almonds. = perfect birthday package! haha wink wink...Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

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