Monday, September 2, 2013

No way! You got a tablet...haha. holy cow, look at you mom all high teched up and up to date with the world. haha I'm super jealous. Nathan is playing tennis? This is news. Haha. I don't think you told me that. Tennis is super borring, pero mal. Haha. But I'm glad that he enjoys it. I'll make fun of him for it later haha. Syke. I love you Nathan! So how is your spanish anyways? You should ditch it at Decatur and take it at Highline. You will learn so much more!
So the amount of snow was super lame. We're talking flakes falling for like a minute. Santa Rosa is so weird. Its hot for a week and then freezing the next. When I say hot, it is HOT. I got burned already haha...crap.
Nathan has his license...legit! Watch out world! So does dad drive the white car now then? Hey I've been thinking..on the subject of a car...haha. Its not trunky thoughts or anything, but one does have to think about what one is going to drive. I'm thinking an Audi...think about it. hahahahahaha. Anyways, we´ll talk later. You should drive the white car off of a cliff, it doesn't even work properly. What classes are you taking at Highline Nathan? The kid that never writes me...
OH! So we don't have to move just yet. We didn't have a new place to live so the mission gave us an extra month in our house and to keep looking. Legit! This weekend we have transfers. Wow. Already! We'll see whats going to happen. For some reason, I really do think I'm gone this transfer. Its weird. I guess next Monday you will find out! haha

So this week we have someone getting baptized!! Her name is Marta. She's been investigating the church off an on for about 4 years in total. So we're super stoked for that! YEAH! This week we worked super hard. We taught like 29 lessons! YEAH! yesterday we got in a bash attack with an adventist. He let us in, and before we ever started talking. He pulls out his phone and calls someone. He says...Hey so I'm talking here with 2 Mormons in my house about the bible. You uhh.. you think you can come down here? Hahaha oh my gossshhhhhhh!! hhaha  He called his pastor who happens to also be a famous religious radio host down here haha. Dang. Luckily he never came though. It was a super heated conversation. I can't sit there and be attacked. I always get mad haha. So I kind of let him have it. But its okay, it was still in a loving manner I think haha.
We'll I am out of time.  OKayyyyy bye!! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

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