Monday, October 28, 2013


So this week when we passed by this crazy couples house and the wife came up and talked to us and she told us that she doesn't want to go to church again and that we can still stop by , but the relationship is pretty much over. We dropped everything on her, I'm sure she felt guilty haha. It's not funny, but you gotta laugh sometimes no¿  I feel bad for the daughter. she has potential, but her mom is not nice and puts the blame of everything on her. It makes me so sad to see people in situations like that. 
So transfers, everything stayed the same unfortunately. Counting down until the next one haha. syke. No packages yet..maybe this Tuesday¿ I hope so!   Halloween doesn't exist here at all. People try to copy us in the states hhaa. What I'm going to do is buy a squash and I'm going to carve it. If I have my camera in time, I'll take some pics! haha. My birthday was pretty normal, a regular work day. It was district meeting though and the Hermanas made me 2 cakes haha. They all sang to me like 4 times in the day. So I felt special haha. The other day the mission presidents wife called me and sang to me too! cool stuff. 
So all of our baptisms are falling through. Lame. We do have one that is pretty sure though on the 16th of November. Things in the ward aren't doing so great right now..everyone is on the borderline of being less active. People don't like the bishop, etc.  We're trying to figure a way out to bring everyone together or else we're in trouble as a ward! Nooooo!  One of our activities that we're going to do here is a night in Mexico. Something that will attract members and so that they can bring their friends!! whOOI!! I'm excited!  Sorry there are so many errors in the email today, I'm super rushed. Umm I'm not sure if there is anything else..hmm. I guess that's it. haha. Sorry this email was so lame! I love you guys! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Tying pass-along cards around a dogs neck.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Wow, so once again I have run out of time. sorry guys!  I've just had so many emails lately! haha 
This week has been full of freaking drama. I've had enough.  It's with our investigators that were going to get married. They had an intense fight over some things. It's like a movie plot  haha. But its all real.  Things are really falling apart with them and we're not sure if they have a future as members or not. Gah!  What the crap is happening!? I can't give a full account now, but it's all in my journals. You can read it when I get home. Wow.. you like how I sounded like Nefi (Nephi) right there? I won't write on these plates, but on the other ones haha. I'm so funny, no? hahaha. Wow. 
Ummm..what else. On my birthday - aka maƱana - we find out transfers! Something weird happened and it got changed to a different day. I'll let you know next week. I think everything is going to stay the same. I'm okay with that I guess. I'm becoming friends with my comp now! wow, look at that haha. okay so this Hermana in my district is having health problems. She went to the doctor and they did xrays and she has a broken spine, completely in half. The doctors said its bone cancer. So within a matter of 1 day, she was on her way back to the states. We recently heard though that they made a mistake with the xrays and that she is fine! yayyyy!! (its because of the fast we did haha) now she is back and yeah. Crazy stuff. This week has been a rollercoaster of crazy stuff. 
OH!   So this week we came up with an awesome idea. Since there are a lot of dogs here in Argentina, we decided to start tying pass-along cards around their necks haha. When people see it they are going to want to get baptized for SUREEE! 
The huge problem in Argentina is that everyone just lives together and then they abandon each other..its awful and makes me sad. 
So yeah, I'm going to buy a legit cake for my birthday.   Its kind of expensive, but that's okay. FANCY. haha     Yeah mom I'm getting pictures of all of the stuff.    Sounds like Nathan is a boss in tennis. Good for you Nathan. We're going to play soon enough and I'm going to win! 
The sun is killing me right now. It's so hot, well kind of haha. I'm starting to use my contacts so I can get rid of my sweet glasses tan. Oh yeah!   Well you guys are super awesome and I love you a lot! Thanks for the support and the birthday wishes and the packages and all that good stuff.   I miss you  all!   Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hollla Family!
I don't have a lot of time at all. I got distracted writing everyone else haha.
So this week was pretty borring I guess. Although a miracle happened to us! We got a phone call from this lady who isn't a member. She has been investigating for a while now. She was like... So I watched conference and I received my answer and I know its true. I want to be baptized. WOW! So yeah, her husband is a member, but they aren't married. they are going this week to mark a date for their wedding in Santa Clara. The wife has a baptismal date for the 17th of November. It would have been one week earlier, but her daughter is going to a Justin Bieber concert in Buenos Aires and she wont be here for the baptism. haha wow.
So my best buddy isn't living in the house anymore. He got switched houses because there was like secret drama with another  missionary or something happening and I'm not really sure what went on haha. But the house is empty now and I'm always bored.
So we have 5 baptisms coming up soon. Although the wanna be missionary is going to be moving to Peru super soon. So I'm not sure whats going to happen there..
Transfers are this week! agh! time is flying! I'm 100% sure I'm going to stay. I'm not sure about my companion though. Hmmm...I guess well find out.
So we cooked a super fancy meal for our bishop this week haha. We were like, hmm the bishop does a lot for us. Lets cook dinner for him and his wife.  It was super fancy and yeah super good. I made that carrot cream, its delicious and yeah. Food is really good.
So yeah, my birthday is coming up. WOW! I'm going to be so old haha. UGH.
I'm sure there is other news with what is happening, but I can't remember right now haha. sorry guys! Oh, its starting to get hot here...grr... not cool! Well I gotta run! I love you guys! Sorry the email was so short this week! Also there will be pictures when I have a camera again!   hahaha   Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hola Familia!

This week was super awesome because we had conference!   I don't have much time so I can't really describe things talk by talk, but I loved Elder Hollands talk. It was great. Also all of the talks that mentioned that missionaries need to work together with members. or vice versa. haha. It seemed like everyone was talking on the same themes, which means they are important and what we need to be doing right now. Something that stood out to me was this...that people are not living the gospel outside of church.  This is something we should be worried about.  Like (Richard J. Maynes) of the 70s said, We can't get spiritually fit from watching conference, its takes work and practice, just like basketball. I love that part.  It made me think of all the less active people we are working with right now in the ward. They just don't understand the doctrine and that's why they aren't going to church. they are lazy...haha. harsh but true. 
Okay so the house situation is this. There are 6 of us living in the house. It has 2 floors and 2 bedrooms.  We are sleeping in a tiny office because my companion volunteered us to take it -  thanks...haha. It has mold everywhere too.  We're currently looking for a new house. haha    I like living with other missionaries because its like a party always. You always have someone to talk to and always have someone to do something with.  It's also hard though because it gives you more distractions.  Living conditions¿ hmmm..I'm not sure what that implies...but I would say good. Our house is pretty great and we live in a safe neighborhood.  Our neighbor told us yesterday that we have to stay quiet until 12pm...he says we shout hallelujahs in the mornings...haha what the crap-. What a lier! haha 
I haven't had anything weird to eat for a while, thank goodness! This carrot thing is amazing. Its like sweet and delicious with pasta. I'm not sure what changed, I just think I decided that I was going to start taking care of my body now.  It's super worth it.  I feel like I can do more things now haha  like jump better!! haha legit.. I'm not crazy like dad with the pills though. although I do have multi-vitamins...haha. they are huge! ugh. 
So we went to get a marriage date for our investigators and its for the 25th of October.  They will get baptized now on the 26th.   They are super stoked and so are we! whoo!   We have 4 baptisms on that day.  Everything is fixed and super normal now. the husband, wife and daughter will be baptized. And our Bishop is going to throw them a reception party! whooooo! 
There is also this kid named Pablo, he's 17.   He wants to come out and work with us and he is super cool. He is going to be a future missionary for sure. He went to conference and loved it so much. He told us yesterday that his Grandma is sick in Peru and he might go back there and live with her.  I hope he doesn't go, but I'm sure he will get baptized in Peru too. 
well I gotta go!   Wow -  today I hit my 6 month mark 'til I come home! aghhhh! Where has the time gone??? Well gotta run,  love you guys -  chau!!

Elder Wheelwright