Monday, July 30, 2012

The baptism yesterday went awesome! It was a very cool spiritual experience. I still don't really count it as my first because I was only there for about half of the teaching. But It's part mine! haha
This week has been pretty normal. Nothing special. Oh! Except that someone called the cops on us because they thought we were soliciting.. cool haha. That was pretty weird.
Spanish is still the same as it usually is. Which is rare. I try my best to do language study, but most of the time it gets skipped. When I actually do it, I just study vocab. Which is good, but isn't that helpful. I want to be able to speak it with someone so I can apply the words I'm using. Bleh. I'm in contact with one Elder that came into my district later, who is in Bahia Blanca. And he says he loves it down there. The people, the country. Everything is awesome! Bleh.. I want to go haha.
Yesterday in church, a miracle happened! Some random lady walked in the church, and luckily we were by the door. She was holding a book of Mormon and she asked us if this was the literature we used in this church. We were like yup! You're in the right place haha. It was sweet. We immediately jumped on her! I sat next to her in church and was explaining things as church went on. It kinda sucked, because the theme of the meeting was girls camp.. so not a good first meeting for someone who has never come before..haha. I asked her after what she thought of it. She said it was interesting. hmm.. She had to leave after the first hour to pick up her daughter at the airport. But she told me that she would come to church next week and go to all 3 hours!!! Cooool! We don't really have any contact info of her. And I tried to set up an appointment with her but she kind of shrugged it off. Hmm.. I think it was all a little too much for a first visit. haha. But next week we will try to get an appointment! She was such a nice lady!
I havent got the package yet.. :/  I think it takes longer because you send the box to the mission office address and they have to forward it out to me wherever I am. So thats why its taking longer probably.
I've been having issues with my companion lately. Ugh. I'm learning how to be patient soo much. I just want to explode sometimes. but I'm learning to control it I think haha.... for the most part I think we get along. Patience is key..haha Well thats all for this week! Love you all!

Elder Wheelwright

 We received a short email from a family in Colorado who had Elder Wheelwright and Elder Silva over for dinner.   She sent some pictures, I thought I would share.  Its so great to hear from people that Elder Wheelwright is working with.     (post from Travis's mom)

Monday, July 23, 2012

 Hellllo Family!‏
Hows it going? I dont really have a lot of time today, but I'll just give you as quick update of whats going on. The area is still awesome, and the families are so nice! We really get hooked up food-wise every day.
This Sunday, I have my first baptism with this 9 year old kid named josh. It's going to be sweet! So one of our main focus's has been on this family (josh's family). We try to get in contact with them a lot to help them stay solid. So last Friday, the dad got sick and had to go to the hospital. We showed up the next day with cinnamon rolls and some ice cream. To make them feel better + make that contact right before Sunday so they would come to church. This family needed to come to church this Sunday or their son would lose the baptismal date ( because you have to come 3 times to church). Last week the whole family got food poisoning from some hot dogs. So the bap. date got pushed back one week. So this Sunday, they came to church yay! But about 50 min. into sacrament meeting the little daughter threw up all over herself..yuck. And guess what made her sick?? Yup. Our cinnamon rolls that we gave the family the day prior.. awesome haha. It sucked. But it was super funny at the same time. Like we made her sick. the family left right after that happened. Stupid Satan, trying to do everything he can to stop a baptism..! But it still counted as coming to church so its okay!! :) Baptism is still on!
 Its been super hot here in Colorado... like 90's every day. It sucks. But yeah, about the white shirts... I did stick them in the dryer..ooops. But I'm not going to give up yet! I'm just going to keep on trying everything that I can! I'm excited for this package coming! Yay!  A Mariners game again? Fun! I never got to go to those... :(
Our ward mission leader was telling us about the terrorist attack that happened at the batman dark knight rises premiere in Colorado. He said its all over national news. Its so crazy.. It just makes me sick. And it's kind of near us too! So thats crazy! As missionaries, we are legit disconnected from the world. It kinda sucks. but oh well, its not what we're out here to do.
Well I miss you guys! Still no word on my VISA at all. I've calculated a date, October 25th is when ill get my visa, according to the time frame that Elder Higley got his. So that sucks.. I love Colorado, but I want to speak spanish! There is this family in the ward that is from Argentina. She cooked us food from Argentina. So that was sweet. There is also a less active lady that served a mission in Bahia Blanca! The only reason we got in her house is because she wanted to talk to me about Bahia Blanca! We went through her photos! It kinda gave me a taste, but those pictures were like 20 years old. I'm sure some things have changed! Anyways! gotta go! Love you!!! :)

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hola Familia!
Again, so much to write haha. My new area is crazy. I got put in a trio. But I found out that one of the guys in my trio is also a VISA waiter going to Argentina. But he got his VISA! So he actually left this morning.. jealous. haha his name was Elder Higley, he was an awesome guy and I'm going to miss him. Even for the short amount of time he was it, we had some awesome times haha.

So my area is supposed to be a bike area, but since my companion, Elder Silva is District Leader, we get a car! Sweet. I don't even have a bike anyways so I'm not sure how that would even work out. But my companions are awesome. Well I only have one now, but everything is cool. He is from Los Angeles and he is Mexican. But doesn't speak Spanish! I always make fun of him for it. The new companions  I got put with are super hard workers. They actually do what they are supposed to do. Unlike my last pair of companions..They were so lazy. I always felt like we were wasting time. We never proselyted or talked to anyone on the streets. But this new companionship is like a complete 180 from the ones I had when I first got to Colorado. We talk to everyone. I'm still scared to death though about random contacting. I'm getting better and better I guess with practice. With my last companions, I didn't really learn anything. Except how to be a bad missionary haha. Like I told my new comps. the day I met them. Treat me like a brand new missionary and like I don't know anything. And it's been working good so far. I'm learning so much and am working way hard.

The new area I am in is called Indigo Ranch / Oakwood. It's like a rich area. All the houses are like way nice. My last area in Fountain was GHETTO. Members here fight over who gets the feed the missionaries..sweet! We get fed so good here, it's not even funny.
I'm losing my spanish already... ugh. It's super lame that they keep putting me in English places. There have been several occasions where I had the opportunity to talk in spanish with people but I just blank up and cant speak.. I hate it. I don't really have time for language study. But I'm going to make sure it gets done. Like I will put it in my planner!
We have this 9 year old right now for a bap. date, 2 weeks from now. Which is cool. I came in like half way, so I don't really feel like its my baptism. But I'm still stoked to be able to participate in it!

One of the days this week, we went to lunch at Taco bell! First time in a long time haha. Anyways while we were there, we totally taught the first lesson (the restoration) to somebody and got them a bap. date. It was so awesome haha. I picked to go to taco bell too.. ;)  And on our way out we also met someone else and got a return appointment! We call taco bell out golden spot. I am not really a fan for eating out. It costs money for one, and 2, its terrible for you. If I keep eating out, I'll just gain weight back. Which is not something I want to do haha. 

Elder Higley had this corn bread mix that he wanted to make before he left. But we didn't have the right kind of pan. So he did it in a skillet with a rubber So he put it in the oven. Holy crap it stank up our whole apartment! It set off the smoke detector AND the carbon monoxide sensor. So we opened the doors and windows haha and then called the mission office. We were super sketched out after they went off. We live in some nice apartments. Such a step up from my last ones in the ghetto. Although yesterday, we found that we have an ant problem in our house.. what the crap? haha So we need to figure out what to do from there. We were just spraying them with windex..

So 2 of my white shirts are ruined... :( My short sleeved ones. One of them has like car oil or something on it. I rested my back against a wall and then it got on my sucks. And another one i spilled franks red hot sauce on the collar.. I tried washing it like twice with a bunch of different stain removers..but nothing. Do you have any tips?

 I got a piece of mail today from Michelle! It was sweet! First letter being out in the field!!
 Has anyone sold my 2 PSPS yet? If possible could someone do that this week? If nathan can do it, I'll hook you up with like $20..haha.. The longer they sit around, the less value they have.  I cant really remember anything else..
That sucks that something is wrong with Miracle.. hopefully its just something temporary? She better be good when I come back! haha
You don't actually have to send aloe. There is a Korean market around here that has them. If you want to send beef jerky then that would be okay ;) haha Everything else can be random though.
Thanks A ton! I miss you guys! :) Have a great week!!

Sincerely Elder Wheelwright

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First week out in the field! so much to say.. Hmm, so first day/night I met my companions. Yep I'm in a trio again. Their names are Elder Olsen And Elder Park. Elder Olsen is actually from Saint George. And then Elder Park is from Korea.

My time here so far has been interesting haha. I'm supposed to be getting trained but nothing has happened. Nobody is really telling me anything, which sucks. If I want to know something, I have to ask. I probably seem annoying but I'm just trying to figure out how things work! haha. I think that I didn't get put with hard working missionaries. Elder O. sleeps in until like 9:30/10:00 everyday.. which is terrible. I don't really have good examples of super missionaries around me, but I'm trying my best to be obedient to the mission rules. I wake up at 6:30 every morning, by myself. And then do all my studies. Oh so right now I am in an English speaking area. lame. I dont want to lose my spanish! But tomorrow is transfer day, so it's possible I could be moving around. We'll see.

Hmm. So right now I'm basically in the city of Fountain. Its like right on the border of Colorado springs and Fountain. The first day the weather was hot! But it has been heavily raining with thunder and lighting for the majority of my time here. It's unusual for the weather to be like this here...But I'm totally fine with it staying haha. Way better than being hot! So far I've had 3 dinner appointments, which have all gone good. Nothing weird yet. The people here are so nice! I like meeting new people. We have a good chunk of investigators. But a lot of them aren't progressing. I've only met like half of them so far. My area right now is pretty ghetto. We live on this street called Kokomo street. You can probably google map it. But it has a nickname of Krackomo street. Because apparently everybody does drugs here and like right out in the open. Half of our investigators have word of wisdom problems. Including this 14 year old kid who smokes weed and drinks! holy crap haha. Thats messed up!
The food situation has been kinda weird. This first week I have been kind of living off of random things like top ramen and chili. Transfers are tomorrow, so I don't really know where I'll be going. Hopefully like a Spanish area. So since I don't know if my current apartment is where I'll be staying, I have been living out of my suitcase. I didn't really unpack anything. Thats why I didn't try to buy real food either. Because I don't know how long I'm going to be here.
 Hmm, what else? Oh, I haven't done any service yet. The fire didn't effect anyone in my area. Maybe If I move then I'll be doing service. The mission president said he was going to mail (physically) a photo of me and them and a letter. So expect that at home. I don't know when but sometime it will come.
Being in the real world is great! haha Although everything seems so different now. Like especially going in stores and stuff. It's weird. And hearing music all the time! Wow it's great..haha I mean I don't let it distract me, but I love hearing it. Music is the best. Besides missionary work of course..haha. One thing that I'm having to get used to is strange looks from people. Like wherever we go, people just look at you like you're weird. But whatever, haters gunna hate. Haha. The field is so much more fun than the MTC. I love going out and meeting people. The area I'm currently in is not a tracting area, so I'm glad for that. I'm scared of knocking on doors and talking to random people. That's something I'll just have to get over though.
Dylan is cute! Awww precioso.. haha. I'll be looking forward to the pictures in the mail! :) Also now that I'm out of the MTC, its just like I'm using a regular computer, so attachments and stuff like that work. Also When you want to mail me something, just send it to the mission home. They will forward it out to wherever I'm at. It's better that way. Who knows what area I will be in. I need to send my card home at some point but I don't know how I'm going to do it.. Anyways I'll figure it out. It just has to be before I go to Argentina. But who knows how long that will be!
Well I love all of you guys!! Have an awesome week! Congrats again on the bonita bebe! haha If you have any questions for me about the field or about the area, shoot me an email! P-days are normally on monday

Elder Wheelwright

 Oh also.. I just found out that My new area is a bicycle hahaha     And I'm 99% sure its an English area.

Byeeee!! :)

Some pictures:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

 Hello! Last Email From The MTC!!‏
Hellllo Family! Wow. Today is the day! I have an hour and a half left in the MTC!!! I'm super nervous! AGHH. haha My companions left this morning, so I'm the only one left from my district now. Packing is done. It was pretty annoying but I got it down. MY bags are 45, 35 and then my carry-on is 40. Yay! I had to situate things around several times though. I am traveling alone to Colorado Springs. Other missionaries that got reassigned also to colorado springs are leaving at like 2 or 3pm for the airport? So I'll just be alone. No worries. My flight is only like an hour and a half I think. I hope my mission will be in spanish.. I guess I'll find out soon enough. 
So about calling. I should get to the airport at about 12pm. From there I'm going to check in and then grab some food. Then I will call. I'm not sure if there is a time difference? haha Someone told me that their phone card didnt work in the airport. So i'm hoping that ill be able to figure it out! What else? hmm Ill send you my address to my new mission when I get there. Hopefully I can have a cool trainer and that we will get along. I never got the chance to send a package because today is the fourth of July, so everything around here in the MTC is closed. So I have my SD card now with 700 pictures on it... I don't even know how I'm getting all of these pictures haha. I feel like I'm not even using my camera that much. Also can you put up some pictures on my blog. I have gotten requests from people for pictures. Just pick some good ones. I have my emergency money still, well most of it. Somehow I spent like 100+ $$ here. What did I even buy? I can't even remember buying stuff.. I dont know.
 HAPPY 4th of July! 
 I dont know if anyone will be doing fireworks in colorado because of the fires. So i'm not sure If i'll have the opportunity to see them. People here at the MTC get to watch fireworks from BYU. I think I even heard that the "bed time" here is being pushed back to 11pm just for tonight. I'm sure it will be the same for me too if we do get to watch fireworks. I really have no idea what to expect when I land in Colorado. I have heard that you are in meetings pretty much all day. Oh joy. haha. Well I really dont know what else to say.. Except that I will talk to you soon! Somewhere between 12-2. I love you guys!

Elder Wheelwright

email received on July 3rd:  


Packing all day today...crazy. I should have helped you pack the first time before I came out so I know where everything goes! I think im doing pretty great though. I love my suitcases! They are so deep and huge. You can fit a TON of stuff in them! Okay I'll have one more opportunity to email tomorrow. So this one will be short. I'm meeting here at the MTC travel office @11am. My flight leaves at 2:05pm or 2:55pm. Can't remember. So between those times is when I will call. Thanks for the numbers on the dear elder! But I think i acidently packed it away... :/. So I'll have to dig them up! I think im going to send a package home.  Back to go pack some more/do more laundry! Love you guys! I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Elder Wheelwright