Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hola Familia!
All is well. I am not sick anymore haha. Thank goodness. It seriously sucked so bad. I think it was just bad food so many days in a row. Your body can only take so many gross empanadas at once. haha.
What happened this week...hmm. Its hard to remember haha. This week was really slow on finding. We worked super hard, but it seems like nothing came out of it..oh well. We´ll succeed eventually if we keep working hard! We had some pretty intense spiritual lessons this week. One was with the family of our recent convert Hanna. We talked about the baptism and they told us they felt the spirit and everything. The mom even told us that, ¨there is something there (in the church)¨. Its so awesome. We just testified like crazy after that. It was amazing. Its probably one of the most spiritually intense lessons of my mission so far. At the baptism, the dad of Hanna told one of the members of our branch that they will probably be getting baptized too into this church. AWESOME! Seriously, the ONLY thing holding them back from baptism is their dumb work schedules. They have to always work on Sunday. We are working with them on this. We read them 1 Nephi 3:7 and yeah. Its just amazing. I'm stoked! This is going to be hard but its all going to pay off when we get the whole family through the temple! Tha'ts where we see this all heading.
Also this week, one of our soso familes that were working with just asked about the marriage that we do in our church, because they have decided to get married!! This is super huge and were definitely going to knock them out with eternal families. Hahaha. Its going to be so great!
 Its still realllly hot down here! I'm dying! Good news is that were almost done with the hottest part of summer, which is January. I don't know what else to write haha. I'm going blank. But missions are awesome! They have their moments, but you just gotta plow through those. I love all of you guys and all of your support!! You rock!

Ohhh... p.s. we finally got a phone!!!! We´re SUPER stoked out of our minds haha. YESSS! World, watch out! Here we come!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, January 21, 2013

SOO....I’m staying in Olavarria for my 3rd transfer!  Transfers just make me super nervous.   I pretty much hate them. A lot of stuff stayed the same.   Elder Henry stayed too, so we'll have 3 transfers together.   This transfer is going to be a long one (9 weeks!), so that should be fun. I’m really glad that I stayed, our area is just starting to pick up.  There is a ton of potential and now we just need to harvest it. One guy that we´ve been working with said he was reading the Book of Mormon one day and he decided that he wanted to quit smoking.   We´ve never even mentioned the word of wisdom or anything like yet, so it’s awesome!! Miracles! Wooot!
Speaking of miracles...Miracle. She sounds like she´s going crazy haha. She just loves being outside. Hmm hopefully this is just a phase or something.    Speaking of dogs....holy crap,  I´ve never been more afraid of dogs than I am right now.   I hate running into mobs of angry dogs on the street.  It happened several times this week haha.  They just look so scary with their huge teeth and what not.  I miss clean, nice dogs from the U.S. hahaha.
We´re just passing the hottest time of the year right now, thank goodness.  I’m so tired of being super sweaty all the time.  It’s so gross. I can’t wait until winter is here!!  Hey so I got my ipod to work, so all is well.   It looks like you never responded to that email anyways.....haha. Gracias.
So I´ve been thinking of stuff that I want in my next package;  I want this stuff called Veri Veri Teriyaki. It’s this awesome sauce that you´ve bought before.  Also sweet and sour sauce.   I’m on an asian kick right now.   You can’t get anything like that here. You can buy rice super cheap, but nothing asian.  It’s like 10$ for a small bottle of imported sweet and sour sauce.  Expensive! Yeah.
So right now as I’m emailing...I feel like I’m dying. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I have a bunch of internal pain around my stomach area. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve eaten sketchy food recently or what.   I took a siesta today and I woke up feeling fine, until I started moving.   Immediate pain.   If this continues for much longer, I’m probably going to call the doctor or the Hermana ParreƱo.   I feel so sick and so in pain gahh.  Haha  Its so annoying.
 Yeah, so I need to control my spending for sure.   Don’t transfer any more money into my account haha. This is the time I need to learn self control. In Spanish self control is autocontrol..random.   But funny, right? haha.
The baptism this week was so awesome!! Hanna´s parents were able to come and everything.   I know without a doubt they are next, when they decide to make sacrifices with their work schedule.   I want to set them a temple date after they are baptized! EPIC!   So when we filled up the font, we kind of overflowed it..haha.  Oops.  We didn’t know it was going to fill up that fast, so we left it and went to work more.  Also the hot water in our building doesn’t work.. The water was 10000% cold!! Gah.   It was my first time actually getting into the water, and it was awesome.   I had been practicing the baptismal prayer all day to memorize it in Spanish.  It was pretty easy.   Hanna´s name was way harder to memorize. haha.  It’s like 6 names long.  The support from the ward was awesome!   So many people came.   We made these invitations and handed them out to families.   Maybe that’s why?   It was super successful and awesome.   Hanna was super happy afterwards.   AMAZING!!   First baptism in Argentina! Many more to come. haha. Lets get to workkk!
Umm honestly I don’t know about the number of missionaries in the mission and if it’s going lower. I’ve heard that there has been a pause on missionaries from the united states because it’s so hard to get a VISA.   But I'm not sure other than that.
Well I gotta go!  Chou!  Love you all!

Elder Wheelwright
Planking Argentina style!


              The picture with all the people is when we had refreshments in the cultural hall.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I’m super jelly of the cold weather. I just have to hold out until June! Then I will be plenty cold!   Socks pretty much suck here haha. Argentine quality will last me for a couple months I think or less. So if you have room, feel feel to send them. I don’t need a ton because Grandma Garlick sent me some! YAY!   My clothes are pretty much holding up. All of the pants that I have, have something wrong with them in different ways. But they are still going. So I will let you know in the future. Gracias for ordering me some insoles!    It’s going to be awesome haha.
Okay, so this Sunday, Hanna came again! Which means her baptism for this Saturday is SO going to happen. We´re really stoked. I know that once her parents see her get baptized, they are going to jump on board for sure. In the lessons, they are already like members. They always have BYU TV playing in their house. It’s crazy. The only thing holding them back is their dumb work schedules! Once we get around that, they will be baptized too.    But next transfer.   Hopefully I’ll still be around!    I can’t believe transfers are already here again. I really hope Elder Henry and I stay. Things are just starting to go our way.      The picture I attached of the 2 girls, Hanna is the one in the blue. She went to a baptism of another girl this week. They are like the best of friends now, so it’s perfect. Hanna already has good friends in the church and she is super excited to go every Sunday.
We’re also working with this owner of a pharmacy. I think I’ve talked about him before, but he is awesome. He reads the Book of Mormon a ton and yeah. He had to go to a wedding this Sunday though, so he couldn’t attend the church. LAME. Oh well, we´ll get him next week! He´s another huge reason why I don’t want to be transferred.
Zone conference was this week. It was pretty good. I had a way better experience at this one, than the one I had in the states. It didn’t feel as long! haha. Today I got 2 packages!! WOOOOT! Every hates on me for getting stuff all the time, but I don’t even care.  haha. The first package I got was from Alisha! It had a ton of pictures in it and stuff. Super awesome! The next one I got was from the Bullock family in Colorado. It had a bunch of letters from everybody in the best Colorado ward ever. OAKWOOOOD. haha. But yeah, that was super epic. I have plans on writing people back, it’s just when I get time. It’s super difficult to find time haha. But I will do it! Thanks everyone for your support! I love you all! Chou.

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hola Family!
Yeah you guys totally didn't email me last week. That's pretty jacked up haha. Oh well. Whats one week. I´ve got like a million left!
This week has been awesome! A member that we´ve been working with finally got us a referral. He is this guy who owns a pharmacy. He works a ton and because of this, he has issues with his family. Well there are other things involved, but still. The day before the member contacted him, the investigator was praying and was asking God for the path that he should follow in his life. So it´s pretty much an awesome situation. The guy is really awesome and he thinks that this is the path that will help his family relations. The only problem is that he is SO busy. Getting him to church is going to be tough, but as he gains a testimony, it will be easier to change.
The family with the girl..ahh yes. They are still as awesome as ever. The girls came to church again this week! Thats 2 times already. She is preparing for her baptism on the 19th of this month. We're super excited for her. The parents want to come too, but they have intense work schedules. So we need to overcome that with them and everything will be good! I'm excited because things in our area are actually starting to pick up! I mean you still have those people that avoid us and don't answer the doors, but still. What are you going to do with them? Umm..
Have you guys got my Christmas card yet? No one has said anything about them yet....so yeah. I feel kinda sad haha. I sent them to everyone that I had in my address book. So if I missed somebody, I'm sorry!! haha. Next Christmas! I was hoping they were going to arrive in time. But I guess Argentine mail is slower than I thought?

Enjoy the new years eve pictures. We went crazy....and then went to bed at 10.30. Yup. Insane! I had to search everywhere for non alcoholic cider. Everyone just drinks the alcholic ones..even the kids. But I found it! It was a miracle!!! haha

 I'll check in Walmart for socks and then ill let you know. They probably wont have good ones. Just crappy Argentine quality.
Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks! AGH! I don't know whats going to happen. I hope Elder Henry and I both stay here. Our area is just starting to get legit. Also one of my good friends here got emergency transferred to Patagonia. I didn't really get to say goodbye. Super sadness. Well I gotta run! I love all of you guys! Thanks for all of your support. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Let me know if you have any questions or comments or anything you want me to take a picture of.

Elder Wheelwright