Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hola Familia!
All is well. I am not sick anymore haha. Thank goodness. It seriously sucked so bad. I think it was just bad food so many days in a row. Your body can only take so many gross empanadas at once. haha.
What happened this week...hmm. Its hard to remember haha. This week was really slow on finding. We worked super hard, but it seems like nothing came out of it..oh well. We´ll succeed eventually if we keep working hard! We had some pretty intense spiritual lessons this week. One was with the family of our recent convert Hanna. We talked about the baptism and they told us they felt the spirit and everything. The mom even told us that, ¨there is something there (in the church)¨. Its so awesome. We just testified like crazy after that. It was amazing. Its probably one of the most spiritually intense lessons of my mission so far. At the baptism, the dad of Hanna told one of the members of our branch that they will probably be getting baptized too into this church. AWESOME! Seriously, the ONLY thing holding them back from baptism is their dumb work schedules. They have to always work on Sunday. We are working with them on this. We read them 1 Nephi 3:7 and yeah. Its just amazing. I'm stoked! This is going to be hard but its all going to pay off when we get the whole family through the temple! Tha'ts where we see this all heading.
Also this week, one of our soso familes that were working with just asked about the marriage that we do in our church, because they have decided to get married!! This is super huge and were definitely going to knock them out with eternal families. Hahaha. Its going to be so great!
 Its still realllly hot down here! I'm dying! Good news is that were almost done with the hottest part of summer, which is January. I don't know what else to write haha. I'm going blank. But missions are awesome! They have their moments, but you just gotta plow through those. I love all of you guys and all of your support!! You rock!

Ohhh... p.s. we finally got a phone!!!! We´re SUPER stoked out of our minds haha. YESSS! World, watch out! Here we come!

Elder Wheelwright

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  1. He makes us laugh each week with these posts! It might be the highlight of my week. lol Sounds like he is having an amazing time and is doing so good. I wanted to send him a small fun package and was wondering if he has mentioned anything he needs. Any idea's or suggestions would be great. My email is Natalei@yahoo.com