Monday, February 4, 2013

Hola Family!
This week has been really awesome! We worked really hard, as usual duh, and we found a ton of people! The most we´ve ever found in the area so far! We found this one huge family of like 6 or 7 people, so that's really coool! They aren't 1000% solid, but if they keep up with their commitments, they will be!
I had exchanges this week for a day with this elder from Arizona. That was pretty interesting. I had to guide the area for the first time ever. I was kinda scared haha, but everything worked out good! We had some pretty good lessons!
Right now is the hottest part of the year for sure. You instantly get sweaty when you go outside. GAHHHH. Its so annoying. You just have to get used to smelling bad. Its terrible. But I guess were not out here to smell good and get girls haha. So It doesn't really matter.
During exchanges, we street contacted someone who was busy at the time, so we got her address. Then a couple days later, Saturday, we went and stopped by. The lady we found on the street let us in. Turns out she wasn't really interested, but her daughter sat in with us and in the end had interest in listening to us! It was awesome. The best part? She can speak English!! Not 100% fluent, but still. We taught her the 1st lesson and she accepted a baptismal date. I tried to do the baptismal date in English, but I literally couldn't haha.  I tried and the words didn't come. I forgot how to speak my native language for a second! So yeah, we just did it in spanish instead haha.
The next day Sunday.... we had 2 investigators at church! Whoooooo! One was the girl we found Saturday! It was awesome! And another was from the big family we found. They had a good time at church! It was so great. Although it was fast and testimony meeting...aka bad news. You never know what some crazy member is going to babble about. Thankfully, the only odd thing that got brought up was the word of wisdom. So we were safe! We had full member support during church too. People would say hi to them and sit next to them. This is the ideal ward and how all members should be like haha. So if anyone reading this isn't like that, change! haha.    Its so stressful having investigators at church though. Like its soooo draining!! The whole time, I'm just worrying about how they are feeling and what they are thinking. So when church was over, I was just like exhausted and super relieved. But yeah! AWESOME!
So about the spanish..haha. Yeah familia, I can teach in spanish. I'm probably not as bad as I think I am haha.  I can pretty much say what I want to say for most of the time. Oh, also Natalei is this awesome member in Colorado! She is super great and awesome so you should talk to her haha. She is the ward mission leaders wife.
 Man! Langleys call is soooo awesome! And sooo inspired. Also I don't want to be that prideful guy, but I totally called it! That's 2 for 2!  Langleys and Dallins! Hahaha! But yeah, there is a divine reason as to why he´s going to Cambodia. Maybe something with his ancestors or something. But he was called to his native land for a reason. Its so exciting and I'm super proud of him for making the decision to go on a mission. He is going to kill it in Cambodia! Agghhh!! So exciting!!
The sickness that is going around sounds pretty intense haha. Hopefully it doesn't make its way over here! Well I think that's it! Do you guys have any questions for me about the area or the country or anything like that? If so, shoot me an email!!  Well I love you guys!! You guys rock!

Elder Wheelwright

ps...this foto is of this fake pizza hut place in downtown Olavarria haha. Super funny!

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