Monday, February 18, 2013

Hola familia!
Yeah the beard beanie hat thing is from another Elder in our house. Its pretty coooool. Its call like beard hat or something haha. Yeah the whole dead investigator thing was kinda weird. You don't really know how to deal with it. Because you just have to keep working. So yeah, it was more awkward and strange than anything else. His wife isn't a member or even an investigator really. But she has been really nice to us. We haven't gone back over there yet, we´ll probably do that this week. Maybe this event in her life has shaken her up to want to listen to us! haha. Hopefully!
Yeah so this is really awkward and funny at the same time hahaha. IT was for sure a typo when I said ¨my elder Henry¨... haha. Somehow companion didn't make it in there. awkward...haha. My companion Elder Henry is what it was supposed to say. But we are pretty good friends though haha. That's a funny story about Dallin. That would be weird if he actually got to go home. That would make him a trucho missionary hahaha. Trucho...try to google it?         Dang that sucks about the teriyaki sauce...haha. Its all good though. I guess I can survive a little bit more longer. That's the food that I probably miss the most. That and mexican food.         Luckily I brought a ton of memory cards with me. I have a ton of space left still. And I don't think I'll ever run out of space until the end of my mission. Mediafire takes too long unfortunately, so it eats up a lot of my computer time which is not good haha.
So this week we had 3 people at church today! Now 3 of our investigators have 2 attendances! YEAH! The one that was supposed to get baptized this weekend didn't show up for some reason. We're kind of worried about her. She seemed really solid, but she might have gotten scared...hmm. We'll find out tomorrow at our appointment! We taught the family of our recent convert, Hanna, and we talked about temples and eternal families. We set this as their goal. Of course the parents still have to get baptized. And we talked about how they can get to that point too. Hanna has been asking them when they are going to get baptized haha. Shes so awesome! She is the most mature 9 year old I've ever met. Seriously! at church with one of our investigators, we had a member sitting next to one of the investigators. And during the sacrament, the investigator went to grab the bread, and the member slapped his hand and said that he's not allowed to do that... WHAT! I was so mad when I found out that this happened. Luckily the investigator is super old and he probably didn't understand what was happening haha.
Well this week was kind of slow. But it was filled with a lot of good stuff. I love all you guys! Have an awesome week!!

Elder Wheelwright

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