Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well This week has kind of been a slow work week. We have worked super hard running around everywhere trying to find people, but peoples hearts just seem so hard recently haha.
So today I hit 10 months in the mission. Woooo! Double Digits BABBBYY!! haha no big deal. FEDERAL WAY MISSSSSSION! that is sooooo awesome! You'll have to tell me where the mission office is when they choose a spot. That's super exciting. Federal Way is going to blow up and be the next Utah (mormon population wise, we don't want their SWAG) hahaha just kidding. What areas are included? Federal Way isn't big enough to host like 200 missionaries. I imagine that includes Kent and Auburn and places like that.
Our most solid people we have right now are kind of slowing down a bit. We were technically supposed to have had a baptism last Saturday, but obviously that didn't happen. I don't know whats going on, its super hard to contact this person now, but were going to try as hard as we can.
On Saturday we had a sweet talent show put on by the missionary team in our branch. The 4 missionaries in our branch included me and my comp. did a sweet sketch-dance haha.   I have a video of it, but its too big to send home. So I guess you just have to wait?
One family we're working with right now is progressing pretty good. Only the dad could come to church last Sunday, but still. We are getting him started on his divorce papers with his past wife, and then getting him and his current wife married. There are several road blocks to baptism, but I think they are willing to do it. We put their goal as the temple. The dad of the family downloaded all the pictures of the temple on his laptop and also downloaded a bunch of conference talks too. Its pretty awesome haha. Also when he came to church, he beat us to the chapel and he came out in a full suit! That never happens if you know Argentina. Everyone thought he was a member from a different branch haha. Super funny. These people are really solid, there are just a couple doubts here and there, but we can work those out for sure. I might not be here to see their baptisms because transfers are coming up soon. But everything is going to be all right with them.
Sounds like you guys as busy as ever over there haha. I guess that's a good thing though!                The weather is starting to change here for the better haha. THANK GOOOODNESS! I'm so tired of coming home sweaty! haha. But yeah, that's about it for now. I love you guys so much! It seems like forever since I've seen you now haha. All my life is now is the mission. I can't really remember what not being a missionary is like now haha. Well gotta run! CHOU! Con Amor,

Elder Wheelwright

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