Monday, April 29, 2013

Hola Family!! 
So not a lot happened this week. Unfortunately our baptism didn't happen again. Rosa actually left out of town this week for Bahía Blanca. And she doesn't know when she´ll be back! gahh.... I'm sad. I wanted to be here for the baptism. She is still as solid as ever, so no doubts there. Since transfers are coming, I'm just worried that I´ll be gone before she gets back. I´m praying super hard that she will come back by this weekend.   So yeah..transfers. I do want to leave. It´s been a long 6 and a half months in Olavarria. Time to go. I love the people here, and the branch is SO awesome, but still.  I feel like I´ve knocked every single door in Olavarria. Seriously. Its getting hard to plan, I´m just like. Nope, I've done that, nope, I've done that. haha. Area book time, nope..nope... already visited them, TWICE. They don't want to listen to us...oh they moved. Gah. It´s so repetitive. Yeah, from the way I talk, can you tell I want to be transferred? haha. I just don't want to miss Rosas baptism. Her family is going to get baptized next transfer too.
Oh, and about that story I told you haha. No I didn't get in trouble. He tried to have an illegal meeting on a Pday. He couldn't have told anyone anything hehe ;) He was just kind of mad at me, but oh well. What are you going to do?
So this week I hit my YEAR MARKK!!!!! OH YEAH! We went up on the roof and I burned a shirt. I have a sweet video, but its too big to send. So a picture will just have to do. I cant believe its already half over! Time goes by sooo fast here I swear. 
So today we went to the zoo here. It was awesome. I took a ton a pics haha. A llama spit on me when I was trying to give it grass! It was so gross. It smelled like poop hahahahaha. Gross. I´m double washing my shirt! 
Last Satuday, we had a pizza competition in our branch. I decided to enter haha with my American style pizza...haha. I almost won! There was a 3 way tie, and they just ended up drawing the winner out of the 3 of us. Lame. Oh well. Life goes on. It was a hawaiian pizza with a ton of coconut on it...yum. It was way good. I´m not trying to brag, but mine was the best. Argentines don't know how to make pizza worth anything haha.
We make Asian food like once a week now haha. I like them all but the sweet and sour one. It requires corn starch, and that doesn't exist here. So yeah. But the rest are realllllly good! :)
Well family, I gotta go! I love all of you guys! Pray for Rosa that she can catch a train back to Olavarria soon so we can have a baptism this weeeeeeekend!!!
Chou Chou,

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hola family!!
So Thanks for Logans email! I can't believe he's going home so soon. Holy cow! I remember when he left!
(questions are from Moms email to Travis)
 Do you guys get served a lunch by RS ladies at your zone conferences?   How often do you have them and do you have to travel far?   Zone conference food is usually provided by the members. But they get paid to do it though haha. You guys were robbed!  We usually have them once every 2 transfers. Or...4 times a year. In my area, they are held at our own building, which is a 15 min walk. So not too far. We have the nicest chapel in the zone haha oh yeah! 

What do you eat most days?  and how often do members feed you?   Glad you liked the taco seasoning - how about the asian seasoning packets - have you tried those?  are they good?   
Most days we eat empanadas. We eat so much of them! Also pasta, pizza, rice/eggs/peas are SUPER common. We only eat like 5 different things here haha. It gets boring! We get pretty well fed in our area. Almost every day we have lunch.  The asian stuff was goood!  We made 2 of the packets today! We have some left over tooo delicious! My companion is lucky that I know how to cooook...haha.

What do you do each day during "siesta" time?  do you still track?      During the siesta, its terrible. When you knock doors, people get super mad at you for waking them up. I still don't have it down. The biggest question for missionaries here, is what to do during the siesta. I knock doors no matter what haha. People need to stop being lazy.

About Hanna´s family, members are going by to see if everything is okay. I don't think she's allowed to come back yet, but I'm praying it will be soon. I found out that the mom is pretty sick with some kind of infection. Thats all I know. I´ll update you guys if I hear anything else.    But there is only 2 weeks left in the transfer!! holy cowwww!! I'm pretty sure I'm out too. SO time to start packing. haha.

The baptism didn't happen unfortunately. We´re hoping for this weekend. It didn't happen because Rosa didn't know if she would have to travel to Bahia Blanca. Her ex husband is dying from something and he wants to see his kids before he passes away.  She still wants to get baptized no matter what, so its all good. Although her current husband is kind of being lame. He told me that he doesn't like that we come over so often...lame. He´s dumb haha. The members are being really friendly with Rosa. She feels super welcome at church and somewhat has friends now.

We´re kind of having a hard time finding new people to teach... its hard! Our district leader keeps giving us crap for it and its getting really annoying. We are trying really hard!! I just don't know whats going on. Everyone is having a hard time right now. I swear that its something in the air or the weather haha.

So today...something funny happened. First of all, P-day time is sacred and you have to use every second of it. Our DL came over to our house this morning during our comp study. I was like what the heck? His comp is American and I´m pretty good friends with him so he told me what was happening. Apparently as a house, we were all going to talk about what we're doing wrong and why were not being successful. AKA a confession session about your disobedience...LAME. haha When I heard this, I was like. "Companion..were leaving right at 10. (because p-day starts at 10). No one has officially told us anything."  The person who told me, said that we should probably leave and turn off out phone haha. So we left out of the house right at 10, super fast and super sneaky! It was awesome. About 5 minutes later, we got a phone call saying that we should probably come back so we can do this confession session. (that we supposedly didn't know about) I just told him that look, its p-day now and were already on our way to Walmart. We´re not coming back. He got kind of mad haha. But I so told him off. It was awesome. Our district leader right now kinda sucks haha. All he does is get mad at us. Welll yup! There's a little story for ya. haha. Well I gotta run! I love you guys!!!! Chou Chou!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hola family!!
So this past week has been really really intense. We had interviews with Presidente Parreño, which was awesome. That man is so cool. We have been teaching Rosa a ton of stuff to get her ready for baptism. When we had lesson 3 (the gospel of Jesus Christ), she cried when we talked about the holy ghost and how we can always have it with us. It was a super spiritual lesson. She will be getting baptized on Saturday! :D !!! Now we just need to get her family on board! That will be 4 more baptisms!
Today marks the half way point of the transfer..holy cow! time is flying!! So I´m really sad again haha. I promise you guys that I'm not always like this!  We haven't been able to contact the Ruiz family in a couple weeks. We stopped by like everyday. Yesterday we finally talked to the dad, and what he told me was terrrrrrible. Terrible. So we knocked twice. And Hanna, our convert, came out and we talked to her and said everyone has missed her at church (which is true, everyone is asking about her), and she smiled. Its been like 4 weeks since she has been at church. I know she really wants to come back, but its her parents, I think. Anyways so we talked to her, and in mid sentence she went behind the door and closed it. She wasn't supposed to be outside and someone called her I think. Anyways, it was super weird. I'm like what the heck is going on. So we waited outside for like 5 minutes and then her dad pulls up in a taxi. He is always so happy and nice. And I was stoked to see him! Its been a long time. But he walked past us and said that he´ll talk with us in a minute. I could already tell that something was wrong. When he came back he said that Hanna couldn't come to church anymore because there are family problems. Its not permanent, but she cant go until things are worked out. Lame. He was kind of mean to me. E.Hoth didn't know what was going on, he´s never met the Ruiz family. But yeah, the dad told us that we shouldn't come by for awhile. And that was it.. When we walked away, I wanted to cry...! I'm so sad. This family is so awesome and they have a place in my heart. It sucks to see this happening right in front of me. I literally can't do anything about it either. Ugh. So yeah, the rest of yesterday after that was wasted. I couldn't really focus or think. I don't know what to do. Keep working? I have to I guess haha. We´re going to stop by right before transfers and see how they are. That will probably be the last time I see them. Soooo yeah.

On a happier note, E.Hoth and I made tacos for lunch today. Haha. Thanks for the taco seasoning mix! Nothing else really happened this week. Kind of boring.  BAPTISM THIS WEEK! Also we were asked to be clowns in this birthday party on Saturday... My district leader said yes... So I guess were doing it.

Well I gotta run! I love you guys!! Chou

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hola Familia!!!
First of all the living room looks pretty fly...haha. You guys got a new rug! It´s so weird to see home again. SOOO....guess what? TODAY IS MY YEAR MARK! Holy weird. I have less days to go now than what I have.  April 25 was when I entered the MTC, but because of the changes, I lost 3 weeks here. So I´m half done I guess. I still feel super new and like I don't know anything and that I don't know spanish..haha.
Soo...this past weekend was conference!! YEAH! It was so awesome. Elder Hollands talk was epic and everyone was waiting for it, me too haha. I cant believe we had to wait until the last session, the nerve.....haha syke. But we had the hookups to watch conference in English! We had our own little private room with a tiny TV. There are only 6 White people in my Zone now, so yeah. We brought lots of food and had a party all 4 sessions haha. The times for conference are weird here. 1pm-3pm  5pm-7pm and the priesthood session is at 9pm-11pm. The priesthood session is past our ¨curfew¨, so we ended up watching on Saturday morning, and it was only available in spanish. Lame. Oh well I understood the majority of it. My notes were insanely Spanglish haha. I would have an English word here or a spanish word there. That's how I talk now. When I do speak English here, Its all mixed up. I (without wanting to) use spanish terms or direct translations haha. I´m losing my English! noooo! haha Oh well.. 
So I got 2 packages last week!! One from you guys and from the Bullock Fambam in Colorado. Both had some epic stuff inside (and also some of the same stuff?) Did you guys coordinate or something haha? Gracias for everything! Mom tortillas don't exist here, so I don't know how to make the casserole thing you sent me haha. Also rice crispies aren't here, so rice crispy treats will be hard too!! The hi chews are awesome. They are almost gone though already.. Everyone keeps asking for them. I cant really say no... From the bullocks I got an epic T-shirt, some American candy!!! (which got stolen..) and 2 ties that everyone wants haha. So I brought my bag of American candy with me, all of it, to Saturday conference. I left it there overnight under my notebook, hidden, BUT, when I came back the next day, it was gone and no where in sight. I would have thought things in the church building would be safe, I guess not...
Gah..I didn't eat like any of it though either haha. I´m sad, but what can you do?

So we got our investigator Rosa to church again! She is so awesome and solid and is going to baptized on the 20th of this month!!!!! She loves coming to church. We found out this week that she is legally married, so there are no big road blocks! I'm scared to teach tithing though, this is the super poor family that only has enough for a little bread and mate. I know with the spirit though we will be able to do it though!

My shoes are holding up good! I think haha. I´ve still only been using one to walk in everyday and then a pair for church. The insoles are great. My feet don't hurt now when I come home! (well not as bad). We should receive the Liahona here, so I think I'm good with the talks. I think that is everything for now. There is more but I have no time! Lame!
Chou Chou! Love you all!!

Elder Wheelwright

I bought a sweet poncho with my companion and we´re rocking them out like bosses. ´nough said...hahaha

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hola Familia!

Well everything is good now people. Thanks for all the emails haha.  I really do appreciate all the emails and all the support! I love you guys! Okay..where to start. So yeah, everything with me is pretty back to normal. It´s still weird being in the same house with like all different people. Not a fan, but what can you do? haha So my companion is Elder Hoth from Logan Utah. He has about 19 months in the mission. We get along fairly well.
So yeah, I´m teaching so much more now. As in the actual talking part. With Elder Henry, he did a lot of the talking. But now it´s my turn to step up to the plate. It was scary at first, and still is scary but I´m handling it better than I thought I was going to. I´m the main one talking in lessons (not by choice though!). It´s best to split up the teaching opportunities, but yeah.
I´ve been in the same branch for almost 6 months now. Pretty intense huh? I´m sure I´ll be out of here next transfer though. This week was a little slow with the work. I have to plan now every night! It´s not fun. I always helped Elder Henry, but my companion is new to the area, so he doesn't even know where to start. I guess he could look in the area book.
But yeah, this week we had someone new at the church! Whooo! It was an investigator that we found a long time ago, but they didn't really progress or anything. But when we were in the area last time (because they live super far out, like 40 minutes walking from the house) we stopped by. We had a good lesson where we promised blessings if they went to church and we made a super big push about how they were going to get to church. They are super poor, so they can´t really afford a bus ticket or cant take a taxi, so we offered them a ride from a member and they accepted! And they totally went to! It was awesome! The only bad thing though, was at church.... we had a sub teacher in our gospel principals class who is a convert. He taught a terrible lesson and basically said everything that he knows about the restoration. Talking about the Melchizedek priesthood and other things like that. Those are awesome things to talk about, but with a brand new investigator at church? I don't think so. Oh did I forget to mention that he taught false doctrine too? Yeah...that was great. I hated just sitting there hearing all of this stuff with no control whatsoever. Elder Tapía and I tried distracting our investigator via playing with her baby so that she couldn't hear or pay attention to the lesson haha. Never have I wanted someone to not pay attention. The whole time Elder Tapia and I were just making faces about each other and talking in English about how big of a fail the class was. GAH! It was so bad! Luckily when it was all done and over with, she said that she had a good time at church. but sweeet!! haha.
Also we hooked Demetrio up with a white shirt and tie. He looks freaking legit now! He was supposed to receive the priesthood this week, but our branch president forgot to interview him. haha cool.
Another good note of this week, was that we found an investigator via the area book who loves the Book of Mormon and who apparently has still been reading it. We have an appointment with her later this week, so I'll let you know whats going on with that.
Easter was pretty cool. It´s called pascua here. We ate with the Galli´s, this awesome family who always feeds us and supports us a million percent. I love them! But at the end we had a cake in the shape of a bunny head and then we got chocolate easter eggs filled with stuff. you´re supposed to crack them on the table and eat them afterwards (tradition), but we were SO full, so we just took them home and ate them after planning haha.
Thanks for the news on the packages! I´m so excited!! I have one coming from the Bullock Family too! (who need to email me back by the way!) haha wink wink. I'm so excited! Like a little boy in footy pajamas on christmas eve. Yup.
You'll have to send me a picture of the living room now! Of the semi finished entertainment center too! It´s about time that you started using it!
It´s currently raining a ton. I don't really want to go back outside haha. I forgot my coat too! CRAP! But we need to go back to the house anyways to drop off my ipod. Luckily its like 3 blocks away. We´ll for sure be running though.
Well I gotta run! I love you guys! Thanks for the support and love and stuff! I hope I answered everything! Chou!

Elder Wheelwright