Monday, April 29, 2013

Hola Family!! 
So not a lot happened this week. Unfortunately our baptism didn't happen again. Rosa actually left out of town this week for Bahía Blanca. And she doesn't know when she´ll be back! gahh.... I'm sad. I wanted to be here for the baptism. She is still as solid as ever, so no doubts there. Since transfers are coming, I'm just worried that I´ll be gone before she gets back. I´m praying super hard that she will come back by this weekend.   So yeah..transfers. I do want to leave. It´s been a long 6 and a half months in Olavarria. Time to go. I love the people here, and the branch is SO awesome, but still.  I feel like I´ve knocked every single door in Olavarria. Seriously. Its getting hard to plan, I´m just like. Nope, I've done that, nope, I've done that. haha. Area book time, nope..nope... already visited them, TWICE. They don't want to listen to us...oh they moved. Gah. It´s so repetitive. Yeah, from the way I talk, can you tell I want to be transferred? haha. I just don't want to miss Rosas baptism. Her family is going to get baptized next transfer too.
Oh, and about that story I told you haha. No I didn't get in trouble. He tried to have an illegal meeting on a Pday. He couldn't have told anyone anything hehe ;) He was just kind of mad at me, but oh well. What are you going to do?
So this week I hit my YEAR MARKK!!!!! OH YEAH! We went up on the roof and I burned a shirt. I have a sweet video, but its too big to send. So a picture will just have to do. I cant believe its already half over! Time goes by sooo fast here I swear. 
So today we went to the zoo here. It was awesome. I took a ton a pics haha. A llama spit on me when I was trying to give it grass! It was so gross. It smelled like poop hahahahaha. Gross. I´m double washing my shirt! 
Last Satuday, we had a pizza competition in our branch. I decided to enter haha with my American style pizza...haha. I almost won! There was a 3 way tie, and they just ended up drawing the winner out of the 3 of us. Lame. Oh well. Life goes on. It was a hawaiian pizza with a ton of coconut on it...yum. It was way good. I´m not trying to brag, but mine was the best. Argentines don't know how to make pizza worth anything haha.
We make Asian food like once a week now haha. I like them all but the sweet and sour one. It requires corn starch, and that doesn't exist here. So yeah. But the rest are realllllly good! :)
Well family, I gotta go! I love all of you guys! Pray for Rosa that she can catch a train back to Olavarria soon so we can have a baptism this weeeeeeekend!!!
Chou Chou,

Elder Wheelwright

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