Monday, April 1, 2013

Hola Familia!

Well everything is good now people. Thanks for all the emails haha.  I really do appreciate all the emails and all the support! I love you guys! Okay..where to start. So yeah, everything with me is pretty back to normal. It´s still weird being in the same house with like all different people. Not a fan, but what can you do? haha So my companion is Elder Hoth from Logan Utah. He has about 19 months in the mission. We get along fairly well.
So yeah, I´m teaching so much more now. As in the actual talking part. With Elder Henry, he did a lot of the talking. But now it´s my turn to step up to the plate. It was scary at first, and still is scary but I´m handling it better than I thought I was going to. I´m the main one talking in lessons (not by choice though!). It´s best to split up the teaching opportunities, but yeah.
I´ve been in the same branch for almost 6 months now. Pretty intense huh? I´m sure I´ll be out of here next transfer though. This week was a little slow with the work. I have to plan now every night! It´s not fun. I always helped Elder Henry, but my companion is new to the area, so he doesn't even know where to start. I guess he could look in the area book.
But yeah, this week we had someone new at the church! Whooo! It was an investigator that we found a long time ago, but they didn't really progress or anything. But when we were in the area last time (because they live super far out, like 40 minutes walking from the house) we stopped by. We had a good lesson where we promised blessings if they went to church and we made a super big push about how they were going to get to church. They are super poor, so they can´t really afford a bus ticket or cant take a taxi, so we offered them a ride from a member and they accepted! And they totally went to! It was awesome! The only bad thing though, was at church.... we had a sub teacher in our gospel principals class who is a convert. He taught a terrible lesson and basically said everything that he knows about the restoration. Talking about the Melchizedek priesthood and other things like that. Those are awesome things to talk about, but with a brand new investigator at church? I don't think so. Oh did I forget to mention that he taught false doctrine too? Yeah...that was great. I hated just sitting there hearing all of this stuff with no control whatsoever. Elder Tapía and I tried distracting our investigator via playing with her baby so that she couldn't hear or pay attention to the lesson haha. Never have I wanted someone to not pay attention. The whole time Elder Tapia and I were just making faces about each other and talking in English about how big of a fail the class was. GAH! It was so bad! Luckily when it was all done and over with, she said that she had a good time at church. but sweeet!! haha.
Also we hooked Demetrio up with a white shirt and tie. He looks freaking legit now! He was supposed to receive the priesthood this week, but our branch president forgot to interview him. haha cool.
Another good note of this week, was that we found an investigator via the area book who loves the Book of Mormon and who apparently has still been reading it. We have an appointment with her later this week, so I'll let you know whats going on with that.
Easter was pretty cool. It´s called pascua here. We ate with the Galli´s, this awesome family who always feeds us and supports us a million percent. I love them! But at the end we had a cake in the shape of a bunny head and then we got chocolate easter eggs filled with stuff. you´re supposed to crack them on the table and eat them afterwards (tradition), but we were SO full, so we just took them home and ate them after planning haha.
Thanks for the news on the packages! I´m so excited!! I have one coming from the Bullock Family too! (who need to email me back by the way!) haha wink wink. I'm so excited! Like a little boy in footy pajamas on christmas eve. Yup.
You'll have to send me a picture of the living room now! Of the semi finished entertainment center too! It´s about time that you started using it!
It´s currently raining a ton. I don't really want to go back outside haha. I forgot my coat too! CRAP! But we need to go back to the house anyways to drop off my ipod. Luckily its like 3 blocks away. We´ll for sure be running though.
Well I gotta run! I love you guys! Thanks for the support and love and stuff! I hope I answered everything! Chou!

Elder Wheelwright

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