Monday, March 25, 2013

Hola family!
Sooo...I bet you´re all wondering what happened haha. Well I stayed in Olavarria! I'm going to be here for about 6 or 7 months in total. Dang haha. So the way our transfers work, is we get a call on Saturday around lunchtime and if we´re leaving, we pack up and leave on Sunday. Its a pretty quick turn around. Everything is done on buses here.  So you go to the terminal and then you´re gone.  Elder Henry got transferred to Bahia Blanca, so I´m not with him anymore. It was sad. We had a good long 5 months together. My new companion is Elder Hoth, from Logan Utah. Another American! I was kind of happy about that though to be honest haha. He has 19 months in the mission. He´s pretty cool. He´s like Elder Henry in a lot of ways.
So something weird happened, I went senior companion, but he is also senior companion too. The AP that gave us the transfer news specifically made the point of saying that we are joint Senior comps...hmmm haha wierd. I know titles don't mean anything at all, and it doesn't change anything..but this is the first time I´m not junior comp! haha yessss! I am in charge of the area 100%. I´m kinda junior comp you just sit back and your companion leads everything basically. Now when the roles have switched, its a total different game. I´m going to be tested like none other. Its going to require a lot more spanish skills too. I relied on E. Henry a lot for that. It´s time to fly and be more independent now. I'm freaking out - haha.
Our area right now is kinda lame. Once we baptized Demetrio, we didn't really have anything else going for us. Investigators aren't really progressing.   I have a couple goals for the area now.   I want to drop all of the so-so people that are just sucking up our time.   We need to focus on the people that matter now!   We are going to be spending a lot of time knocking doors...bleh haha.    I hate tracting.

This past Sunday, there was a broadcast for Argentina only. We got to hear some of the Quorum of the 70 speak and also we got to hear Russell M. Nelson. They all spoke in spanish. It was weird.   I'm used to hearing Nelson speak in English!  Its still hard for me to understand a lot of spanish.   It´s frustrating.   I just think to myself, why am I still not getting this! Its super discouraging.

A rule was changed in the mission this week about emailing. We now get an hour and a half! And we can email basically anyone now, not just family. So you can tell people they can email me now if you want.   (email addresss is now listed on the right column of this blog)

Thanks for all of your support, and the packages too! haha   I'm really excited to get them! It will probably be in about another week. Well I gotta run! I love you guys a ton and I miss you!

Elder Wheelwright

 Saying goodbye to Elder Howard - who is finishing his mission.

 Last night, I had to wake up at 2.00am to help bring my companion to the 
terminal so he could catch his bus.

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