Monday, February 24, 2014


Okay! So this week was super awesome with the baptism and all!  It was an awesome service and everything.  Cristina invited her friends and family and everything and lots of people came. She has no shame at all, she's proud to be una mormona hahaha. I love her so much, I wish you could meet her. We´re going to skype with her when I get home!!  I got to baptize her, in the freezing cold water. Even though its hot outside, it still sucked. The water heater decided to stop working...
Okay.. so I have some really sad news.  I got freaking transfered! noooooooooooooooooo!   :( :( :( :( :( :(   I left the beautiful city of Mar Del Plata and now I'm here in Bahia Blanca again, right next to my old area of Villa Harding Green. Bleh,  I don't want to be here at all.  I had the greatest ward and the best converts ever in Mar Del Plata... I had a giant family!  Now I'm going to end my mission in this area called ¨Millamapu¨ where I'm in a branch and there are only 20 members...gah.  No one knows me and yeah, it's going to be lame. I'm going to make the best out of it and baptize the world here, but still.  Also its a semi rich area.. My companion is from Peru and he's 25 years old, umm his name is hard. I'm going to look at his name tag... Elder Huacachi.  Wow, yeah I still don't know how to pronounce that, but still. He's pretty cool.  He studied kung fu and he has a tattoo. haha   So yeah, its going to be interesting though. I'm still so sad, I had to leave all of my converts. You don't even know how hard I cried with them. haha  it was embarrassing. I couldn't even talk at all..lame. But it eventually came out though. I´ve come to love these people so much, its not fair that they are taking me away! I want to stay...ugh. Sometimes I can't understand the reasons for transfers, but God does. I just have to trust in the revelation. I guess my mission in Mar Del Plata was completed.  
Oh also, one of my really good friends Elder Schroeder is going home to his house right now.  Nooo! Also yeah, last transfer! :(   It's soo crazy that its almost all over. I'm not happy about it. I told this to Nikki, that your whole mission you think about going home, and then in the end you want nothing to do with it. You just want to stay forever. The plus side of this transfer is that I can see all of my converts in my old area. I'm going to love that! 
Okay, well that's pretty much whats up with my life right now.  Any questions?
I'll send in the temple thing to get it done, it looks pretty great!  I love you guys a lot!  Until next week!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, February 17, 2014

Alright so this week was pretty lame, my email is going to be really short too..wahh wahh wahh. You´ll never guess who got sick this week! :(   Yupp..thats me. I basically couldn't eat anything at all or it left immediately. I leave it at that. haha. I was on a diet of rice and water and nothing else. My stomach always killed me, even now I'm not 100%.   Its a good thing that my investigator and recent convert are nurses/doctors!   I was blessed in that sense (trying to see the positive in the dark hole I was in haha). They helped me out and even brought me pills and medication to the house. I'm super grateful for them. Now I'm doing pretty good. I'm still watching what I eat, nothing too intense, but yeah. I was basically out for this week.
Our baptism is so on for this Saturday.  Cristina is super solid and there is nothing in the world that could happen that could change her mind. She just got back from vacations, so we couldn't teach her all this week. But she brought her BOM with her and all of her family gave her crap for it and they were talking bad, etc. But she didn't let that bother her at all. She told us that she just cried and took it haha.  I think that trial strengthened her testimony a lot. We were worried that something bad was going to happen, and it did. but she came back better than ever!
Also... this weekend we planned out a missionary activity. It was a tarta making contest, yummm! hahaha. The ward didn't super support us, only 20 people came and the majority were less actives and investigators..but still. It was awesome. We played a few games and then we all tried the tartas and then voted. My companion and I wore chef uniforms... = awesome! Sooo out of everyone Cristina won the competition.. yay! she was stoked. The prize for first place was something we just found in the house, since were a little broke. It was a package of cookies, a salami stick, and a game of ninja turtles tops. haha it was the best. Everyone had a great time.
That was my week. we already have transfers this weekend ugh. I hate this. This will determine where I'm going to ¨die¨. I hope I stay! Also my pal Elder Schroeder is going home this weekend... noooo! So that's going to be sad. Okay well, I better run! I'll be praying for snow in the mountains in April haha. legit! Love you all!!

Elder Wheelwright

ps:  I just received something called trunky papers.. I have to fill it out so they know where to buy my airplane ticket...they will be in contact with you guys in a couple weeks. Shoot, I dont like this....haha. Chau!!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Dang! I'm loving the snow picture! I'm so jealous... it made me happy to see it though. I'm still here burning in the heat, bleh. But that's okay! I'm hoping that it will still be cold when I get home :D  That would be ideal. Also happy birthday to Nathan!! He looks super different now! Like one of those kids from one direction...hehaha ;) . Umm.. So yeah. happy birthday to you. P.s. I like your shirt.
This week was pretty low key, we taught Cristina again (the doctor) and she is doing awesome, she told us the other day that she knows the BOM is true! She left for vacations this week to go to Cordoba (another providence) and she's getting back this Tuesday (AKA tomorrow.)  But yup! she´s still on date for the 22nd. Its going to be great!
Yesterday Carlos received the Aaronic priesthood! He´s a priest! :D :D yay!  Also the family was assigned some really awesome active home teachers, so they are going to be super supported. Tonight we have dinner with them, were eating something called canelones.. I know what it is, but I can't describe it haha. Its good though, look it up.
OH! So I finally got the package! THANKS! The stickers and ctr rings are great. I'm going to pass them out like mad, (obviously not to everyone though, duh) haha It looks like everything made it safely though! ;) the socks were needed, so thanks for that! Umm the kit kats were great too, although it came in a giant clump/ball, it still tasted pretty great though.
We tried to focus this week on finding new people, it always seems to be the case haha. I had exchanges though, and my comp. got sick and yeah. Our week was okay, we didn't find anyone too great or prepared. I'm having a problem now that I am expecting to find super prepared people like Cristina and Mary and Carlos. But I have to keep reminding myself that some are more prepared than others.
I gotta run, but I love you guys a ton! thanks for all the emails and everything! you´re the best!

Elder Wheelwright


Monday, February 3, 2014

Hola familia!

I don't have a ton of time, but this week was pretty great! We had our 2 baptisms with Mary and Carlos! They are so awesome. They were having major health problems the day before, but they came anyways. They are so strong and legit. I baptized Carlos and my comp. baptized Mary. Soo great!  We did it on the first try too. They showed up before us to the church and in matching outfits! Cooooolio! When Carlos came out of the water with me, he turned to his wife (who was waiting to be baptized still) and he said with the biggest smile on his face ¨I'm already baptized mama, I'm born again¨. It was so great and just made me super happy.
Our doctor investigator came to the baptism and she said that she felt a spirit soo strong during the ordinances, and she was crying the whole time. She said she received her answer that its what she needs to do, be baptized. so while we were eating refreshments afterwards, she was telling everyone that she decided to be baptized. It was such a miracle. So I have a testimony that bringing investigators to baptism works! They can receive their answer right then. Christina (thats her name) is so prepared. She understands everything and agrees with it all. She loves the Book of Mormon too. Umm so on an appointment we had with her, we accidentally broke the word of wisdom. We drank green tea! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wasn't sure if were allowed to drink it or not, and my comp. wasn't either haha. So we did it, it was nasty. I'm never going to do it again! NASTYY!! Okay, well yeah.
So we're preparing Christina for her baptism on the 22nd aka the end of this transfer. Our week was pretty hectic with everything about the baptisms. Sunday Mary and Carlos were confirmed. And then Mary went up and shared her testimony from the pulpit. They are really so amazing. What a blessing it was to find them. They are going to be the strength in the ward, I know it.
Okay well I gotta run! I love you guys a lot! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright