Monday, February 10, 2014


Dang! I'm loving the snow picture! I'm so jealous... it made me happy to see it though. I'm still here burning in the heat, bleh. But that's okay! I'm hoping that it will still be cold when I get home :D  That would be ideal. Also happy birthday to Nathan!! He looks super different now! Like one of those kids from one direction...hehaha ;) . Umm.. So yeah. happy birthday to you. P.s. I like your shirt.
This week was pretty low key, we taught Cristina again (the doctor) and she is doing awesome, she told us the other day that she knows the BOM is true! She left for vacations this week to go to Cordoba (another providence) and she's getting back this Tuesday (AKA tomorrow.)  But yup! she´s still on date for the 22nd. Its going to be great!
Yesterday Carlos received the Aaronic priesthood! He´s a priest! :D :D yay!  Also the family was assigned some really awesome active home teachers, so they are going to be super supported. Tonight we have dinner with them, were eating something called canelones.. I know what it is, but I can't describe it haha. Its good though, look it up.
OH! So I finally got the package! THANKS! The stickers and ctr rings are great. I'm going to pass them out like mad, (obviously not to everyone though, duh) haha It looks like everything made it safely though! ;) the socks were needed, so thanks for that! Umm the kit kats were great too, although it came in a giant clump/ball, it still tasted pretty great though.
We tried to focus this week on finding new people, it always seems to be the case haha. I had exchanges though, and my comp. got sick and yeah. Our week was okay, we didn't find anyone too great or prepared. I'm having a problem now that I am expecting to find super prepared people like Cristina and Mary and Carlos. But I have to keep reminding myself that some are more prepared than others.
I gotta run, but I love you guys a ton! thanks for all the emails and everything! you´re the best!

Elder Wheelwright


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