Monday, February 3, 2014

Hola familia!

I don't have a ton of time, but this week was pretty great! We had our 2 baptisms with Mary and Carlos! They are so awesome. They were having major health problems the day before, but they came anyways. They are so strong and legit. I baptized Carlos and my comp. baptized Mary. Soo great!  We did it on the first try too. They showed up before us to the church and in matching outfits! Cooooolio! When Carlos came out of the water with me, he turned to his wife (who was waiting to be baptized still) and he said with the biggest smile on his face ¨I'm already baptized mama, I'm born again¨. It was so great and just made me super happy.
Our doctor investigator came to the baptism and she said that she felt a spirit soo strong during the ordinances, and she was crying the whole time. She said she received her answer that its what she needs to do, be baptized. so while we were eating refreshments afterwards, she was telling everyone that she decided to be baptized. It was such a miracle. So I have a testimony that bringing investigators to baptism works! They can receive their answer right then. Christina (thats her name) is so prepared. She understands everything and agrees with it all. She loves the Book of Mormon too. Umm so on an appointment we had with her, we accidentally broke the word of wisdom. We drank green tea! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wasn't sure if were allowed to drink it or not, and my comp. wasn't either haha. So we did it, it was nasty. I'm never going to do it again! NASTYY!! Okay, well yeah.
So we're preparing Christina for her baptism on the 22nd aka the end of this transfer. Our week was pretty hectic with everything about the baptisms. Sunday Mary and Carlos were confirmed. And then Mary went up and shared her testimony from the pulpit. They are really so amazing. What a blessing it was to find them. They are going to be the strength in the ward, I know it.
Okay well I gotta run! I love you guys a lot! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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