Monday, January 27, 2014


Hola Mom!
Well  - This week was pretty great. Yes, our golden couple is still golden. They are having a little bit of problems giving up smoking, but they are on their way to overcome it!!  We announced their baptism for this Saturday in church! whoooo!! :D  
So another awesome miracle happened this week. On Friday night we were knocking doors at like 8:30,  at the last second of our day.  We knocked at this one house with this big gate and it was dark. I thought that no one lives there or that no one was home, but we decided to knock it anyways. This lady named Christina came out and she said that she was busy but that we could come back tomorrow during the siesta, legit!   So we came back and she was actually there! We had a super lesson with her, I say super because it was 3 hours long and we taught lesson 1, lesson 2 and temple marriage haha. Holy crap! This lady doesn't really belong to any church, but she has her own beliefs.   Luckily, all of her beliefs are the same as ours! haha legit. She loves the Book of Mormon, and to her it make sense that Jesus would visit the people in the Americas. She agreed to everything. This is like the most prepared person I've ever met. She told us that she normally rejects everyone that knocks on her door, and that she wasn't sure why she told us to come back. But in the end of the lesson she said she was glad she did! Oh, did I mention she´s a doctor too? haha   She treats people with problems in their veins. Holy cow, we found someone amazing! She is going to be baptized for sure. We invited her to church and she showed up the next day on Sunday in her car. She loved everything about church too, she felt comfortable and welcome and it was what she was looking for. She's read a lot in the BOM already too and she understands it completely.   I told her that there is a movie about when Christ comes to the Americas called "The Testamentos", and she wants to watch it.  haha.   So awesome! Recently we've been finding golden people. I really do have a testimony now that God prepares people before we even show up! It's real because I've seen it!
This week we also got really creative about the not smoking stuff with Mary and Carlos. We made them a bunch of posters and put it all over their house.  haha   There is an envelope attached at the bottom that has candy in it, so they can eat it instead of smoking.
Oh, so the ecclesiastic endorsement is already done, I checked it today and my President already did it!  Now I'm just waiting on the transcripts.   Sorry that I don't have more time to write, I always run out of time! Have an awesome week! I love you all!! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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