Monday, January 13, 2014


my white car died???? NOOO hahaha.
Okay, so transfers.. really fast, I don't have much time. I stayed here in Mar Del Plata and my comp left to go to Bahia Blanca. I am actually sad that he left...we got to be pretty good friends in the end. Funny how things change. In the beginning, I was pretty much dreading my life, but these past few was fun. Sad day. My new comp is a Latino again....noooo! haha I'm not racist, I just get along better with Americans. His name is Elder Chapuic from Uruguay! He is pretty cool, I can tell that we're going to get along good. He might even be the one that "kills"  me, but we´ll wait 6 weeks before we talk about that haha.
Umm so this week was awesome, we found 22 new investigtors and we taught 36 lessons!! It was the best thing ever, we worked dang hard.. and we also left with some members. They helped us out a lot! About this old couple, they are so awesome! they went to church this past Sunday and they made lots of friends at church! they are so going to get baptized on the first of February! The only hurtle they have to jump is quitting smoking.. so we´ll see how that's going to go, but I have faith! We have to teach them slowly, so they understand. Like 3 lessons to cover the first lesson, etc. But they are so golden!  :D :D :D   I am happy to stay in my area for them, and because everything is picking up now. But I also wanted to move, but I'm content for now :D  We're going to work super hard with my current companion now. Baptize everyone hahaha :)
Thanks so much for the email guys and I love you all!  I'm going to talk to my mission president to get permission for the BYU thing this week. Yeah I want to apply to Provo and Idaho. We'll sorry for the short email!   I don't have any more time! Love you guys, chau!!!

Elder Wheelwright

My old companion.

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