Monday, January 20, 2014


Ohhhhhhmy gosh! Holy cow.. ARGENTINA!!! HECK YEAH! (Travis's cousin got his mission call)   Yeah the Neuquin mission is pretty cool from what I've heard. Man I can't believe he's coming down here, its the best. Yeah, I'll have to give him the scoop. basically all of my rules apply to him, because they are from the area presidency. soo.. try mate now, drink a ton of coke now, and umm yeah. haha. Thats so exciting!! ARGENTINA!!! WHOOO!!! Represent! haha
umm vacations...crap. This is all trunky stuff, but it had to be talked about haha. California ehh...pretty legit. Umm I'll be willing to go whenever I guess, but I do plan on getting a job though. So we´ll see how that plays out. Everyone needs to start getting beach bodies ready...hahaha SYKE. Beach house in oceanside...mehh... I'm a fan of hotels and yeah big cities...but umm yeah, think about it!
Still haven't gotten my package yet...I'm starting to get worried that something happened to it unfortunately.  I never got the one from Alisha either or the one from my friend in Spain, so something is happening..shoot. I'll update you guys on that.
Umm so yeah the superbowl! That's awesome!! I've been talking to the Bullock family (from Colorado - in my visa waiting area) for awhile now about the possibilities of this happening, and it did!! (Seattle vs. Denver)  GAHHH!! Too bad I won't be there to watch it. But that's okay, saving souls is better than any football game!! haha yeah! Make sure you talk smack to them haha :P :P Broncos are lame......booooooooooo. haha

Okay, so my comp. Elder Chapuis from Uruguay is awesome. We get along great and we have personalities pretty much the same. Its just that he doesn't speak English though, but he wants to learn! I'm his first North American companion ever. yeah!
This week wasn't that great. Of the 22 we found, pretty much 0 are still listening to us. The golden couple is amazing. they went to church this week again and they are getting baptized for sure. They are super smokers, but when we taught the word of wisdom to them, they were ready to drop it ASAP.   Also we were worried about tithing, but what do you know. on Sunday, everyone talked about tithing.    We haven't even taught tithing yet and they told us after.."so we talked about it and were going to pay tithing" was so great.
Recently I've been noticing the difference between people that God has already prepared and people that aren't prepared. We're still workiing with Diego, but we're going to drop him today.
My companionship right now is awesome, I'm happy. Now were just looking for some awesome people to teach. Pray for us!
Also..thanks for all the college info. It kinda overwhelmed me haha. I'm going to print everything out today and then do it during this week with permission. Thanks for much for everything,seriously.   I miss you guys a ton! Have an awesome weeeeek!!! :D :D :D :D Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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