Monday, January 6, 2014

Hola family! 
Well new years was pretty awesome here. I can't believe that 2013 is already gone and here we are in 2014!  Where has the time gone!!  No one invited us over to eat with them on new years, so we spent it in the house together. We bought 3 kilos of chorizos and we had something called choripan. Its where you take the chorizo and put it in between bread. elegant, no? haha   Also there is this sauce called chimichurri that you use. Its amazing. wait... it was amazing. I never want to eat it again though haha.  There were a ton of fireworks here, holy cow! It was awesome. 
Oh, so today is a holiday here. Well kind of. Its called Dia De Los Reyes or Day of the Kings. Tradition is that you put your shoes out (last night) and on the 6th, in the morning, the 3 wise men or kings put gifts by your shoes. It's pretty big here. I'm going to start it up in the states. Its an excuse to get more presents haha. 
So you guys painted huh? that's cool. I also painted this week as a service activity for this old lady. I painted a wood ceiling for 2 hours. My neck and my right arm were killing me!! ugh haha.  We found this lady knocking doors.  She talked to the missionaries 38 years ago in a different providence here in Argentina but for some reason, she didn't get baptized. So yeah, its destiny! We found her again! She's way nice and invited us to lunch. 
So I'm not sure what were going to do with Diego. He didn't come to church again, and on Saturday he broke his goal of quitting smoking and drinking after more than a month of being clean. UGH. He went to a club with a friend from work...we might end up dropping him as an investigator. It makes me so sad that people don't understand the gospel. But at the same time, I can't expect him to be perfect.  He's human just like I am, o sea.. imperfect. 
Transfers are coming up this weekend! I'm now sure what's going to happen.  I have 3 transfers in this area already, so we'll see what happens.
Well I gotta run family, I love you all!!! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Happy New Year!!

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