Monday, December 31, 2012

Hola Familia!
This week has been super awesome! First of all because I got to skype you guys! That was awesome. Everything worked with Nikki and Alisha too. So I got to see everyone!!   (from Travis's Mom - this picture is a screen shot that we took when we were skyping with him - it was so good to see him!)

We went and caroled to one of our investigators who has cancer that day too. We got to come back later and talk to them. It was a really nice almost teary eyed conversation. He said that we barely know him, but he feels that we care about him a lot. He also said that when he gets better, he wants to come to church immediately! Legit!!!
Also this week we found an awesome pre prepared family. They were a reference from another set of elders or a family in another branch. Not sure. But these guys own one of our hymn books and they love playing them on their piano. They love the Mormon Tabernacle choir, they have seen conference before on their own, online. They have a Book of Mormon too. These guys are legit. They have really looked into the church and love that it is family oriented. We taught them the first lesson and have accepted baptismal dates. There is a mom and a dad and a 9 year old daughter. Supposedly right now, they are only searching for a church for their daughter, but I know they will jump on board. This Sunday the daughter attended!! It was legit. This was our first person that has come to church here in Olavarria. FINALLY!  We were worried about her making friends and fitting in. Because shes been to other churches before and she never feels included. This Sunday though, literally everything went perfect. This other primary girl came up to her and they like instantly became friends. They are the same age too. We checked on our investigator every hour secretly by walking in the halls haha, and everything was going great. When her dad came and picked her up later and he asked how she liked it. She told him that she loved it!!! YES!! Everything was perfect! It literally couldn't have gone any better.

So like everyday this week, we've been having asado, which is basically really good steak. I'm starting to get sick of it though haha. Some people probably think I'm crazy, but when you have a ton of it all the time, its not as good. I'm good with eating pasta every day haha.

Last night we came home to a dark house. Our power was out, with like half of the city. We had to plan in the dark and everything. It was so terrible. I used my alarm clock light to see things. Also without power, we have no fans. So our house was incredibly hot.

 I got a lot of mail today!! It was so awesome! I got a sweet letter with pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Wheelwright. I got 2 packages! One from the Kauers and one from Grandma and Grandpa Garlick!! THANKS! Everything I got today was way awesome and it totally made my day! Also everyone in the house was really jealous too haha.

Well I think that's it for now. Everything is closing down early for the new years. Apparently its a really big deal here. Well Chou! Love you guys! I hope I didn't forget anything...haha.

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, December 24, 2012

The  cyber we are at today is terrible. Everything is super dark and I cant see anything haha. So please excuse the errors haha. So I am using the computer starting at 4pm my time. I think that is like 12 your time. But just make sure to be sure. I already have a skype account like you said. I added you yesterday as a friend or a contact. Hopefully you saw that. I'll try both accounts to see which one is going to work. But I'm going to try the one that I sent a friend request on yesterday. Were going to be in the church using the family history center computer, complete with AC!! How awesome!
The weather down here has been so terrible. I haven't sweat or been this hot ever in my life!! Gahh. It won't go away either. Its just miserable to work in. I miss snow and cold weather!!! haha
This week has been okay. Nothing too special. The lamb I ate on Monday was pretty good. haha. We found out this week that one of our investigators found out he had pancreas cancer. He is about 65 or 70 years old. Its pretty sad. His wife came out and told us when we knocked on the door and she started crying when she told us. I didn't really know what to say except that we would pray for him. It doesn't help that my spanish is terrible either. We came up with this idea. Today we bought some stuff to put in a gift bag for them. Some time tomorrow afternoon, were going to go ring their doorbell and carol for them plus give them the gift bag. We are also going to share a Christmas themed message. Its going to be awesome. Hopefully it can boost their spirits or give them hope. Definately put some joy into their Chirstmas. Im exited for it!!!
What else. This guy stopped us on the street to speak a little English to us haha. He learned this stuff from a movie so not a lot of it made sense. But I was impressed. He said he had talked to missionaries before too and that he has read the Book of Mormon before too!! We're meeting with him today, so that should be awesome.
We saw a miracle yesterday. This inactive lady in our branch had a family member die the day before. She didn't tell anyone. We showed up to her house just to visit her. And we had no idea what had happened. She needed comfort and we were sent there for a reason. We made plans for her for a divine reason. I have no doubt about that. Things just work out really cool sometimes. Its amazing.
Well I think that's all for now. I don't really have any time left. And we'll get to talk tomorrow!! YEAHHH!!!! Remember 4pm my time. Pretty sure its 12 your time. Double check though for sure. Be on like 10 minutes early to be ready. Hopefully everything will work out! I bought a special tie just for this too...haha. Get ready to seee it. Its epic. Chou! See you tomorrow!! Love You!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hola Family!
So yeah Christmas is coming up! haha   We WILL be we need to pick a time. Because we both have to be on at the same time. I wrote down your account number. But you will need to make me a skype account and then send me the details next week for the account. Also add your account as a friend in the new account you are going to make for me. I hope that all makes sense! haha   So we could do it at like 12 or 1 your time or another time. Just let me know ASAP.
Guess what! I got my package today!!!! YEAHHHH! It was awesome. I was going to wait until Christmas to open it, but other people kind of (rudely) opened it up a little bit and then they read me what was on the custom declaration...FAIL. There is no such thing as respecting privacy of peoples things here haha. But yeah I love everything in it! Its awesome! And yeah, I already bought my own Chirstmas present. 3 Brand new fresh to death ties hahaha. They are super classy. Don´t even worry about that. I also got 2 letters too!! My very first in Argentina!! About time!! haha syke. Shoutouts to the Bullock family in Colorado yup yup! And Teresa James in Federal Way! Gracias! You made my day!!
Yeah, I heard fireworks are huge here on Christmas, so were going to party on our roof top. Because we have one of those. Its sweet. On our patio thing, there is this ladder connected to the house that I found. One time I wanted to see where it led to, and I discovered we had a legit roof that we have access to! YEAH! Sicknesses are not fun. I finally got over mine. But I am left with a little cough like I always get. Dang. It sucks. Thats lame that Nikki and Scott can't go to Utah. I wanted to see them and talk to them! Maybe Mothers day or Christmas haha. Or in a letter? Sweeet! Another house! But still in puyalllup? Un pcco lejos... a little far still. But all is well. What is happening to the pool table? Are they taking it with them? Hopefully. Hey maybe you guys could work out a 3 way skype call? Hmm... look into it haha.
 I'm super excited about Chirstmas! I gotta say though, the season is not the same without movies and music and cold air. When its hot, the only thing you want to think about is dying. hahaha.
I'm glad things are moving with Langley. That's lame that he got stuck in the cracks... dang those cracks. I just want to see where he´s going to be going!!!! haha
 This week was like my worst week as a missionary. Bleh. Nobody wanted to talk to us. None of our investigators are ever home. So last Tuesday, we got dropped by our investigator. (the one that we gave space to because of his family issues.) We talked to him on the phone and he hung up like mid conversation when we asked if we could meet with him in the chapel. It was really sad. This guy is so legit. It sucks! We saw him on the street during the week and he tried to avoid us on purpose..ugh.   Missionary work is hard. You rarely get to see the fruit from your labors. They should call us seed planters hahaha.
Anyways. I think its time to go! We have an asado (an awesome bbq) to go to tonight for family home evening. We are cooking like a whole lamb or something. I'm not sure how I feel about this. hahaha. Oh well, we will see! I love you guys! Talk to you next week!
Maybe sure you talk about the skype time! AND make me an account!

Elder Wheelwright

Also the picture is of me hating weekly planning - haha.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hola Familia!!
First of all, I'll answer all of the questions in your email. We should be able to skype using the family history computers in the church. So yeah. I guess we should start talking about what times I can call and chat. Basically any time works. I'm not sure of our Christmas schedule yet, but I'll know soon. probably early afternoon would work best since you guys will be 4 hours behind me in Utah. 'Im excited to see all of y'alls pretty faces! haha
Sadly, we haven't been in contact with out investigator. We've decided to give him a little space so the air can settle. This week we will for sure contact him. I really hope he can get past these little road bumps. He is super solid and an awesome guy!
Elder Forkey is from Snohomish, WA. He left a couple days ago. I'm gunna miss him! We talked a ton, just because were from the same place and we have a lot in common. I'm not going to lie, I got a little trunky when I saw him packing/us talking about things in Washington that are awesome. But I'm good now. So Satan didn't win! haha. All is well.
For the insoles, I only need one pair. I'm loving these shoes that I have. They are holding up decently well and still look as classy as ever haha. The leather is starting to crack a little though. Soo I don't really know what to do about that.
 Its almost Christmas time! Even though it doesn't even feel like it. Because its so hot! I don't even know how many degrees, but I just know its hot. I hate not being able to know things because everything is different here! Gahh. Oh well. I'm sweaty all the time, its nasty.
This week we found this husband and this wife who we are going to start teaching. They were really nice to us and I think they are interested. Last Tuesday, while we were walking, this girl stopped us and asked us if we could help her with her English homework. So we did, and we found its a super inactive part member family!! Awesome! So we are going to try to reactivate them and teach the parents! Also this guy A....  is someone were teaching now. We met him like the 3rd day that I got here and we haven't been able to talk with him since last Sunday. He is super awesome. He said he felt something when we talked to him and that made him want to change some things in his life. For the first time ever on my mission, someone was actually looking forward and waiting for our appointment! It was awesome. I cant wait to keep teaching him! That is about all that I have time for! I love all of you guys and I hope you have an amazing weeeeek!

Also the photo is of me modeling my rain jacket, classy huh?

Elder Wheelwright

(This little note explains the above picture and the picture that Elder Wheelwright sent last week (see previous post) )

haha one of our crazy investigators thinks he can actually fly. I asked him if he would show me how to fly. So look, I'm flying!!! Hahahaha. This dude is seriously crazy, But he has a baptismal date...sooo he´s legit! ...well kind of.

Monday, December 3, 2012

This week has been interesting. Kinda good and kinda bad. I learned a lesson this week. Bad moods aren't good for anything. Its just Satan trying to mess you up. To be a successful missionary, you have to be on top of your game all the time. You cant afford to be mad or anything like that. Because you aren't going to have the spirit with your..aka you aren't going to be successful. So one of the days this week, I was kinda mad. And I was just like, yeah I gotta shake this or today is going to be terrible. So I tried my best to forgive and be happy. And we found a really solid person like 30 minutes later. It was awesome. I was glad I was back to being happy again, or else who knows if we would have been able to talk to this person we found, who knows how the lesson would have gone. By the way..the lesson went awesome! haha. She is our new investigator and has a baptismal date!! Yay!
 I experienced an evangelical prayer this week too. It was with another person we found. We asked him to say the closing prayer (after we taught him how). He like put his arm around me and the member we were with, and he like massaged our shoulders and necks. It was the weirdest thing ever. I wanted to leave haha. The awesome solid investigator we have been working with is having problems...His family is not supportive at all and is giving him crap for talking to us. ugh...we tried to go by his house but he told us not to come back for a couple weeks..dang. I was sad...Like this guy is awesome. So we are going to try to slowly get back in with him, so we can continue to teach him.
 Its almost Christmas! Well...kind of. Its so hot here that its not even funny. I haven't been this hot in my life. I'll keep an eye out for some nativity stuff. I might wait until next Christmas so its a little closer to when I come home so I don't have to carry nativity stuff with me everywhere I get transfered haha. But if I see something legit this Christmas, I'll snatch it up.   Keep an eye on the mailbox. A surprise is coming....dun dun dun.
I was informed today that Ill be going home April 8th now. I'm not sure why..but all the missionaries lost 3 weeks. I'll forward you the email I got. Its in Castillano, but you can use google translate to help you haha. Well my time is up! I love all of you guys! I hope everything is going awesome and you guys are having a wonderful Chirstmas season. Full of Delilah and Christmas trees, and coldness, and maybe snow? I don't know haha.
My friend in the house, Elder Forkey is going home this weekend....noooo! Who am I going to talk washington stuff with?...lame. Oh well.

Besitos para todo!

Elder Wheelwright