Monday, December 17, 2012

Hola Family!
So yeah Christmas is coming up! haha   We WILL be we need to pick a time. Because we both have to be on at the same time. I wrote down your account number. But you will need to make me a skype account and then send me the details next week for the account. Also add your account as a friend in the new account you are going to make for me. I hope that all makes sense! haha   So we could do it at like 12 or 1 your time or another time. Just let me know ASAP.
Guess what! I got my package today!!!! YEAHHHH! It was awesome. I was going to wait until Christmas to open it, but other people kind of (rudely) opened it up a little bit and then they read me what was on the custom declaration...FAIL. There is no such thing as respecting privacy of peoples things here haha. But yeah I love everything in it! Its awesome! And yeah, I already bought my own Chirstmas present. 3 Brand new fresh to death ties hahaha. They are super classy. Don´t even worry about that. I also got 2 letters too!! My very first in Argentina!! About time!! haha syke. Shoutouts to the Bullock family in Colorado yup yup! And Teresa James in Federal Way! Gracias! You made my day!!
Yeah, I heard fireworks are huge here on Christmas, so were going to party on our roof top. Because we have one of those. Its sweet. On our patio thing, there is this ladder connected to the house that I found. One time I wanted to see where it led to, and I discovered we had a legit roof that we have access to! YEAH! Sicknesses are not fun. I finally got over mine. But I am left with a little cough like I always get. Dang. It sucks. Thats lame that Nikki and Scott can't go to Utah. I wanted to see them and talk to them! Maybe Mothers day or Christmas haha. Or in a letter? Sweeet! Another house! But still in puyalllup? Un pcco lejos... a little far still. But all is well. What is happening to the pool table? Are they taking it with them? Hopefully. Hey maybe you guys could work out a 3 way skype call? Hmm... look into it haha.
 I'm super excited about Chirstmas! I gotta say though, the season is not the same without movies and music and cold air. When its hot, the only thing you want to think about is dying. hahaha.
I'm glad things are moving with Langley. That's lame that he got stuck in the cracks... dang those cracks. I just want to see where he´s going to be going!!!! haha
 This week was like my worst week as a missionary. Bleh. Nobody wanted to talk to us. None of our investigators are ever home. So last Tuesday, we got dropped by our investigator. (the one that we gave space to because of his family issues.) We talked to him on the phone and he hung up like mid conversation when we asked if we could meet with him in the chapel. It was really sad. This guy is so legit. It sucks! We saw him on the street during the week and he tried to avoid us on purpose..ugh.   Missionary work is hard. You rarely get to see the fruit from your labors. They should call us seed planters hahaha.
Anyways. I think its time to go! We have an asado (an awesome bbq) to go to tonight for family home evening. We are cooking like a whole lamb or something. I'm not sure how I feel about this. hahaha. Oh well, we will see! I love you guys! Talk to you next week!
Maybe sure you talk about the skype time! AND make me an account!

Elder Wheelwright

Also the picture is of me hating weekly planning - haha.

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