Monday, December 3, 2012

This week has been interesting. Kinda good and kinda bad. I learned a lesson this week. Bad moods aren't good for anything. Its just Satan trying to mess you up. To be a successful missionary, you have to be on top of your game all the time. You cant afford to be mad or anything like that. Because you aren't going to have the spirit with your..aka you aren't going to be successful. So one of the days this week, I was kinda mad. And I was just like, yeah I gotta shake this or today is going to be terrible. So I tried my best to forgive and be happy. And we found a really solid person like 30 minutes later. It was awesome. I was glad I was back to being happy again, or else who knows if we would have been able to talk to this person we found, who knows how the lesson would have gone. By the way..the lesson went awesome! haha. She is our new investigator and has a baptismal date!! Yay!
 I experienced an evangelical prayer this week too. It was with another person we found. We asked him to say the closing prayer (after we taught him how). He like put his arm around me and the member we were with, and he like massaged our shoulders and necks. It was the weirdest thing ever. I wanted to leave haha. The awesome solid investigator we have been working with is having problems...His family is not supportive at all and is giving him crap for talking to us. ugh...we tried to go by his house but he told us not to come back for a couple weeks..dang. I was sad...Like this guy is awesome. So we are going to try to slowly get back in with him, so we can continue to teach him.
 Its almost Christmas! Well...kind of. Its so hot here that its not even funny. I haven't been this hot in my life. I'll keep an eye out for some nativity stuff. I might wait until next Christmas so its a little closer to when I come home so I don't have to carry nativity stuff with me everywhere I get transfered haha. But if I see something legit this Christmas, I'll snatch it up.   Keep an eye on the mailbox. A surprise is coming....dun dun dun.
I was informed today that Ill be going home April 8th now. I'm not sure why..but all the missionaries lost 3 weeks. I'll forward you the email I got. Its in Castillano, but you can use google translate to help you haha. Well my time is up! I love all of you guys! I hope everything is going awesome and you guys are having a wonderful Chirstmas season. Full of Delilah and Christmas trees, and coldness, and maybe snow? I don't know haha.
My friend in the house, Elder Forkey is going home this weekend....noooo! Who am I going to talk washington stuff with?...lame. Oh well.

Besitos para todo!

Elder Wheelwright

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