Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Family!
This week has been awesome. It was weird that Thanksgiving doesn't exist here. There are 3 out of 6 Elders in our house that are American so we had our own feast!  Of course we invited the other elders haha. We had pollo asado which is just like barbequed chicken but way better, mashed potatoes and tang. haha. It was awesome.   I made post it note signs all over the house that said happy thanksgiving. We needed to get pumped about it. All the others Chilean elders were confused and didn't know what it was. One of them said it was a holiday of the devil.   haha. We have some America haters. He was joking though of course. It was sweeet. So we had our own little thanksgiving in Argentina. whooo!
 My zone leader, Elder Forkey is from Seattle Washington too. So we always talk. But yeah. This week we were baking brownies haha, and he used the wrong type of flour. Its one that rises or something. But the brownies caved in and it looked dumb. So I was like, lets fill it with flan! So we did. haha. It still looked super sketchy, so Elder Forkey fanned a frutilla (strawberry) on the top of it.  It was super classy and elegant. For sure. He was giving this to the branch president of his branch. So it had to look good.   Today we also made chocolate chip cookies for someone else too haha. Cooking in Argentina is weird. The oven we use is all gas and it doesn't have a temperature indicator. Just a high and a low heat.  Also all of the ingredients here are different. So it doesn't turn out very good. I've decided that I'm not going to try to cook anything else here dessert wise. It will always fail haha.
We actually have some investigadores right now. 2 of them are fairly solid and I think they were pre-prepared. One guy is like 30 years old, Fernando. He met with the missionaries 7 years ago and decided it wasn't for him. While going through the area book, we found him. And visited him and he is now taking the lessons again! He is super interested too. Were just having a hard time because his family is super against it and doesn't want him joining any churches..Lame. But he still has desires to go! He just hasn't made it yet. Our other investigator is named Roberto. We found him tracting. We had a lesson with him and he told us that he is willing to try this out. He has a super open mind about everything. He accepted a baptismal date and liked the first lesson. He didn't make it to church.   I'm finding that this is the HARDEST thing ever. I mean it was the same in Colorado and Kansas, but still. I'm re-learning that its hard haha.
Mom, can you check how much is my checking account. I've had to pull out some personal funds recently because I suck at budgeting here right now. + I bought a soccer jersey. De Boca. Its awesome by the way. Just in case you wanted to know. Anyways.
 Its okay if I don't get my package on Christmas. Its not going to feel the same anyway. Its literally going to be like every other day, except we don't work. If you have already sent the package, that's okay. Here are things that I need maybe in another package: Cleaning wipes for my glasses, new insoles for my slip on shoes. They are size 44 and it says extra wide under the sole. Official replacements would be cool. Umm Socks. I need more socks haha.   I had a list of stuff I was going to write, but I totally forgot to bring the sticky note..ugh haha. I'm so dumb! Oh well.   Oh Dad, about this show that you are watching haha.. the district. I have seen those videos so many times. We get trained on those videos. They are super good. Now we just make fun of them haha. There is 2 series of them. District 1 and District 2. They are really good. The first one seems super fake, so number 2 is my favorite. I have learned a lot of stuff from those videos. It definitely should be a requirement for all members to watch those. It just makes you want to go do missionary work. It pumps me up.
I found out that we have a roof! I mean one that you can go on top of and stuff. All houses have roofs, duh. haha. I went up there at night and It was kinda scary. I need to do it during the day next time. Something 'Ive learned pretty quickly here, is that native south Americans steal your stuff! Like my food and anything I have on my desk or soap or yeah. Basically anything haha. So Ive had to start hiding things. Its not that I don't want to share, its just that I'm poor! haha   They have money too! You still gottta love them though. but just keep a closer eye on your stuff   haha. Or else it will be gone.
I think that is everything that has happened this week. Nothing special, but just your regular Argentina mission stuff. Oh yesterday I hit 7 months..haha. Crazy! Time literally flies by so fast. I've already been in Argentina for almost a month now! My spanish is still pretty terrible. I get compliments here and there about my accent and how fast I'm learning, but I'm still really bad. Sometimes I get frustrated and I don't want to speak spanish anymore.  Oh I almost forgot, this week I had my first Argentine Bash! It was with this guy that knows way too much about our church. He was talking about the temple and quoting the D&C and talking about the priesthood. It was crazy. He said we complicate things. I didn't really know what was happening since I can barely understand people, but I got the gist of what was going on. He was crazy. Anyways. haha That is it! Have an awesome weeeeek! Love You Guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

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