Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey Family!
This week has been overwhelming and crazy! I am adjusting pretty well to things, just little by little.The language is getting a tiny bit there. But not really. Understanding people is getting a little bit better. But I'm still so confused when people talk. haha.
Today we went to WALMART!! It was so flippin awesome hahaha. It was like a 20 min. walk from our apartment but it was so worth it. You can see how excited I am from the picture haha. They were playing Christmas music in English the whole time. It was the best p-day ever. We spent a couple hours inside of Walmart. Going down every single aisle. My mind was blown!  
For packages and letters, ALWAYS send it to the mission office. We get packages and letters once a week from the zone leaders. So it will get to me. Also don't put any medicine or pills in the box. Because customs will open it and hold it. For medicine you have to get written permission saying that you have reason to take it. So I want to avoid that. Also don't put anything sketchy in there. I know that´s vague but still. If customs has to check it, I have to pay for the value of everything in the box to get it. And I don't want to do that'  haha.
Dear Elder is a big thing down here and I'm pretty sure its free. So if people want to write me super easy, tell them to use dear Elder. Fast and free. 
One thing in the package that I want is gatorade powder. Any flavor is good. Gatorade is way expensive down here. Also maybe a bottle of ranch? Hidden Valley of couse hahaha! It doesn't exist down here. There is a type of ranch that the Argentines tried to copy, but its terrible. Don't send me candy either. If I want it I can get it down here. Plus its bad for you and for your teeth. I'm trying to eat good stuff here and keep my teeth from rotting haha.
So this weeek I got kissed twice!! Hahaha soo funny. On the cheek of course. Its custom to kiss on the cheek here, but people usually know to not do it to missionaries. But some random people we came in contact with did it to me really fast. I was like, what just happened?? hahaha.
Also Im sick.  Its like a full on cold and a sinus infection too I'm pretty sure. I'm coughing a ton and yeah. It keeps me up at night. I cant afford to lose sleep! My teeth hurt when I jump or step down from a curb. Its wierd. So we went to a faraceria here. It was sketchy. Trying to describe what was wrong with me with a SUPER limited vocab was impossible. I used a lot of hand signs...haha. It was super embarrassing. But I ended up getting the right thing I think? Well at least I hope. It was pretty expensive too! So I'm taking some sketchy Argentine medicine right now. Hopefully it works. I hate being sick. Just like walking around in the scorching hot humid weather doesn't help either. I just want to fall over and die haha. But other than that...I'm doing pretty great.
 I've drank the water already here. Because members always make us tang with tap water..Tang is huge down here. Maybe the tang disinfects the water? haha probably not. But it hasn't really effected me that much. I still use my filters though.
We had some investigators this week finally, but over half of them have already dropped us. They just say they aren't interested. I don't get it.. Its lame working super hard without seeing anything come out. Were just planting seeds though I guess. There is no such thing as wasted time as a missionary. Unless you´re being disobedient! Well I gotta go! I'll try to think what I want in a package and tell you next week. I love you guys all!

Elder Wheelwright

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