Monday, November 19, 2012

Hola family!
So this week has been kind of nuts. Tuesday and Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Rodriguez. He is a native from Uruguay and cant speak any English. Holy cow that was so hard. 2 days without English! I was asking him what things meant at least like 50 times a day. It ended up being really fun and awesome though. I had a good time. We found some new people (in their area) to teach. While on exchanges, the other elders working in my area found a couple people to teach. Sweet! One of the people that has potential is named Fernando. He told us that he would come to church, but he never showed up. He still has potential though!
The language is really tough still. I know I am learning stuff every week and every day, but it doesn't feel like I'm progressing at all! Its really discouraging. I found a quote in my old MTC notebook. "Satans greatest tool is discouragement". I put it on a post it note on my wall. Its a good quote, no? haha.

So yesterday I ate something really crazy. An... ARMADILLO!!! Haha the shell of it is in the photo. It actually wasn't that bad. The thought of what I was eating was terrible, but I got it down super easy. By far, its the weirdest thing I've eaten on my mission. I saw the body of the armadillo before I knew we were eating it. I was like, this looks super nasty. And the the dad of the family brings out the meat on the bones... holy cow. haha I was like oh heck no. But I did it! Whooo. Only 2 out of 4 of us ate it.
One of the missionaries I live with, Elder Muñoz knows someone in our stake! He is from Chile. The Bustamante family in our stake used to be in Elder Muñoz´s stake in Chile! What a small world haha. He said his family was pretty good friends with their family. I'm going to write Jorge and include a picture of us haha.
Nothing else really happened this week. Well... hmm. Elder Henry has tendonitis in his foot, so we have had to spend a couple days this week in the house. That has been pretty boring, but I´ve just been studying Spanish. So its been good for me. 
Thanksgiving is already this week? Wow!  It doesn't exist down here at all. So yeah, no one has mentioned it. Super strange. And a super hot Christmas!? Dang. I'm not looking forward to it. Coming home from the day covered in sweat isn't that great.
The ties...hmm. Probably not. I think Im good on ties. Umm things in the package. Gatorade powder, maybe some franks red hot sauce? haha I don't know. American things. Ill try to expound on that more on my next email.   Hopefully it wont be too late? Well I love all of you guys! I gotta run. Have an awesome week!!

élder Wheelwright

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