Monday, November 5, 2012

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.....

Holy crap there are so many things to say! But not enough time haha. So p-days are today, and we email at 5pm my time.
Right when we landed in Buenos Aires, the language switched over to spanish..It was so intense and is still so intense haha. I don't know what is going on at all! I'm starting to pick up words here and there, but I can't understand anything. It´s super frustrating! The travel down here was way crazy. I felt so dirty and gross when we finally got here and got settled. It had been like 4 days since I got to change my clothes and shower...gross. The area I´m in is called Olavarria. It´s pretty close to Buenos Aires. And about 4 hours away via bus from Bahia Blanca.
 I never got the chance to call Alisha or Nikki. So sorry guys! The plane was boarding!!
So my trainer is Elder Henry, he is from Spanish Fork, Utah. (So he´s white..haha. Dang.) We speak English which is bad for me, I think I´m going to give it up 100%. That's the only way that I will learn faster! He is a nice guy and we get along well. We live in a pretty small house that 6 elders in total live in. Its crazy. We have 1 washer that is like way tiny.
Tracting here is so weird. To knock on a door, you clap outside haha. When my companion, Elder Henry first did that. I was like why are you clapping...haha   Super funny!
Dinner doesn't exist here! There is only a big lunch and breakfast. So that's pretty weird.  Everyone eats pasta here for lunch, pasta with meat sauce and super good cheese. Its awesome. Fancy foods all the time...heck yeah!
The members here are awesome! Well I think they are awesome. I don't know what they are actually saying haha. Argentina is such a beautiful place!! Especially Buenos Aires. I love it!
We live next to a pizzaria, its sweet.
PESOs!  Its like 5 pesos to 1 US dollar. I'm getting used to it already. I love them!
 I love everything about Argentina. I thought we would be having more success here. I thought baptisms were super easy, haha. But they are hard! Nobody here in Olavarria wants to listen to us. They always just say they are busy! On Sunday, I had to go up and bear my testimony since I am new. It was sooo scary!! But members said that my spanish is really good for being here for such a little amount of time. I think they are lying! haha. It´s so hard. It literally seems impossible to learn this language. I don't think I´ll ever get it down to be honest. Gahh. Oh well, I guess I have a lot of time to learn haha.

The bathrooms here are interesting. They have badai´s. I dont think that is spelled right but google it. (correct spelling "bidet".)   I don't want to describe it. So that was a new experience..

I feel like everything is cheap here. Like shopping, I feel like I don't spend a lot of money. The food I'm buying is like super nice too. So I don't understand haha. I´m buying like fancy cheeses and meats and bread and pasta and all that stuff. That's pretty much my diet. Cereal for breakfast, pasta and bread and cheese and meat for lunch. And nothing for dinner. The no dinner thing is still foreign to me.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me them. You can google earth exactly where I´m at. The address is 2988 9 de Julio Olavaria, Buenos Aires Argentina. Yup! Cool stuff.

There are little corner stores everywhere called kioskos. You can buy drinks and stuff and food. Those are super popular here. We stop by them on a daily basis. Also panaderias too. Those are on every corner. Soo good! yummmm!!   I have so much more to say but I have no more time! I have to write President spanish... It will take me forever! haha. Ahhh....wish me good luck. Also its about to be summer here..its so hot! I hate it haha! I love you guys all! Even though we're so far away!! haha

Elder Wheelwright


  1. Hey this is the Bullock's from Colorado. We are so excited that he finally made it!! I know he gave his address but I assume its still better to mail letters to the mission office. Could we get that address please? :) Thanks so much for keeping this blog. It's so awesome to be able to follow his mission. He's a great guy and missionary. We sure love him a lot!

  2. Hi, his mission home address is in the right hand column underneath his picture on this blog. I am so glad that there were members like your family to take him under your wings while he was serving in the colorado springs mission. Thank you!