Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This post is from Travis's Mom.

Yesterday, Monday, October 29th was Travis' day #1 travel day!      He arrived at the Colorado Springs airport around 12 noon-ish and flew to Dallas, Texas, arriving there at 4:20pm.   He boarded another flight there at 7:50pm heading for Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Day #2 - He arrived in Buenos Aires, at 7:35 am.   He will then board a bus for a 13 hour ride to Bahia Blanca. (arriving there Tuesday night)   Thats a lot of traveling!!!

We got to talk to him several times during the day, and it was so GREAT!  He is very excited to get there, but nervous about the language.  He said he has been practicing his "airport" spanish words for the Buenos Aires airport.   He will miss Kansas and the people there.

We were able to track his flight and watch where he was.  

                                                He made it to Buenos Aires!!

Now we wait to hear from him or his Mission President that he made it to Bahia Blanca.

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