Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hola family! 
This week has been awesome as ever! The baptism that we were supposed to have this week didn't happen.. :(    We went to visit our investigator on Thursday and he said he was going to Colorado to visit his grandpa on a last minute thing. So there was nothing we really could have done there. Bummer. So this Sunday is when it should be happening. He is way solid and I have no doubt that it will happen! Yay! :) 
So yesterday was Columbus day. Aka not p-day and we don't get mail. Haha. Who even celebrates Columbus day anyways? He didn't even discover America first. The Jaredites did. But how come they don't get a holiday? Anyways..haha. Christopher Columbus prevented me from getting mail yesterday. Grrr... 
Yesterday we went tracting in old mexico. And I found a $20 bill on the ground, it was sweet. I'm saving all of the money I find on the ground and putting it into a little bag. So far i have like $24?   It's pretty crazy..haha.   We didn't really have any success while tracting. We did get to practice our spanish though.. so that's always good! When we were walking around the trailers, like a million dogs came our of no where and they were going to like jump us haha. They like made a circle. And then they they started attacking us haha. It was so crazy. One of them bit Elder Wilde's shoes and then a huge dog tried to bite my butt..no joke haha. It was an intense situation. So we just hurried and got out of there. haha. Looking back it's way funny just to think about how it all went down. Also when we were walking, I found a full can of beer, so I started kicking it around... a bad decision haha. It hit a rock and then exploded everywhere, including on me. So I smelled like beer for a little bit haha.   Probably not the best thing to smell like as a missionary... Old Mexico was really fun, even though we didn't see any success from it. 
Conference was way awesome. The announcement about the mission age is crazy! There are definitely going to be a lot more sisters coming out. Which is awesome! We watched a little bit of the press conference after and they said that they talked about changing the duration too, but decided against it for now. Crazy Stuff. We were the only ones watching conference in the church building for the Saturday sessions. So we put the projector on the ceiling and we watched it on the benches in a comfortable position...haha. I actually can stay awake during conference! Watching conference as a missionary is so different, because you feel like all of the messages are directed at you and the work. You feel a lot more connected to it.  It's sweet. 

 Here is a section from an email what my friend in Mexico sent me regarding my visa and me:

"Well keep it strong bro, keep working hard and don't sweat the visa. There's definitely a reason why you are where you are at. If the Lord wanted you in your country already, trust me, a small piece of paper couldn't hold him back from that. You are in Kansas and Colorado for divine reason, make sure you find out why that is before its too late."

Dang. It's awesome. It has really helped me out. Along with everyone else's words too of course haha. I think that is all for this week. It's starting to get cold here! It was 44 degrees a couple of days ago! Brrr.. I got out my jacket finally, it's pretty warm. Well I love all of you guys! Thanks for the emails and all of the support, I really appreciate it!

Elder Wheelwright

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