Tuesday, October 2, 2012

 This week was really awesome. A lot happened! At the beginning of the week, it was just alright. We were just doing what we regularly do. Nothing special. Wednesday/Thursday we were going on exchanges in a different city called Hugoton. It's this even smaller city than Ulysses. But this place was like way nice and seemed rich haha. They had speakers on the main street playing music all the way through the town. Crazyyy. It was really boring there and honestly not much work to do. So we went back to Liberal to finish our exchanges. For the first part, I was with Elder Warr, who is also a Visa waiter for Argentina. He has been out for 7 1/2 months total..and is still here. It was really cool being with someone who is in the same boat as me haha. Then for the 2nd half I went with the district leader. On this one ITL (Street contact) that we did, we shared the first lesson with them and then then the first vision. After we share the first vison, we usually asked them how they felt during it. So I did this. And they responded: "to be honest I felt nothing.". DANG! This is the first time that that has happened to me.. I didn't know what to do for a second haha. It was funny. So I just told them to pray about it.

On the way home that night, we found a turtle in the road. Skippy! so we picked it up and brought it back home! (Well, to the other Elder's apartment haha) technically pets are illegal..dang. So yeah, it was an evil turtle. It's eyes were red.. But it started freaking on out me. When I was holding it in the car he came out of his shell and was like swimming in the air! His sharp claws were digging into my skin haha. I tried moving my hands where I was holding the shell, but he could reach me anywhere.. :/  Noo. haha The person I was on exchanges with was just laughing at me. Then the dumb turtle starting peeing on me and all over my pants! :/ And maybe poop too, i'm not sure haha. It was just really gross. The person I was with was like, throw it into the pond! (this pond he was referring to was a street gutter full of water..) I wasn't about to do that. That would be mean. So we stopped on the side of the road and I let him out in the grass in this park. Gooodbye Donnnnny! Haha yeah, we named him donny, from the Ninja turtles.

Saturday was an epic day. We had this service called the Numana project. I think I talked about this a little bit earlier, but we were being some of the volunteers in charge. We got to wear these green staff shirts haha. It was awesome. So before the event started, we had to be there early to set up all of the stations/get the food ready in bins. Then we had a meeting with this speaker from Columbia. It was a really awesome speech. She had a continuous slide show of pictures from her orphanage. She told us how poor the kids are down there. It was really sad. So I was stoked to be helping at this event, so that the kids can eat! Everybody loves food haha. So the event itself was putting some rice, soy, beans, and wheat + a vitamin packet in a bag and then sealing it and them boxing all of them up. Each bag will feed 6 people. On saturday, we filled our goal of 20,000 bags! It was so awesome. There were a ton of people there too helping out. It was a really good experience. The BEST service by far on my mission.

 Literally right after the numana project was our baptism for Damien! It was crazy... we had to go home and get changed super fast and then run over to the church. The baptism itself was really great. The spirit was there totally. There was quite a turnout too. We did the confirmation the same day too, so I got to participate in that as well. That was an awesome experience too. Saturday was just a REALLY awesome day. Sunday morning our
investigator (that likes to sleep in and then misses church) was waiting on his porch for us!! AWESOME! That means next week we will be having another baptism after conference! :) This guy is so solid! Then our recent convert Damien, went up and bore the most sincerest testimony ever. It was so great :) . This guy is so strong in his beliefs. He has so much faith in the gospel. He definitely is an example to me. It was the highlight of the sacrament meeting! Everyone was talking about it.
 Yes, so today we got transfer calls and.... i'm staying! Yesss! haha I was so nervous last night. I'm glad i'll get to be around for another transfer here. There is still so much potential. And I would never want to miss our investigator's baptism!
For conference, we are going to the chapel to watch it with our investigators. Nathan... man haha. It sounds like it was fun, but you got owned! haha Maybe take it a little easier. You need to be non-broken for the upcoming snowboard season! Stay focused man! haha  Congrats nikki and scott, thats so epic! I'm stoked for you guys.

 You can start sending letters to my Ulysses address again! So feel free to post that up again! Well I think that's it! I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

Elder Wheelwright

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