Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Helllo family! :)
I got a ton of packages and cards this week! It was awesome! The vans that you sent me were the right ones! Thanks! It's so nice to have regular shoes again..haha. I have like a ton of food/junk right now. And I'm leaving super soon, so I either have to eat it all WAY fast haha (which I don't really want to do) or I have to leave most of it here.. LAME! I don't think I'll have enough room or weight in my suitcase for them. Oh yeah speaking of leaving so sooon.....

 I LEAVE ON MONDAY!!!! :) :) :) :) :) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Argentina here I come! haha

 I'm super excited! President Anderson told my yesterday during interviews. I had to act surprised since I already knew...haha. I think I pulled it off really good. He didn't suspect a thing!   (Rick had called Salt Lake last Monday to check on the status of his visa.  They told him they had it - so Rick wrote Travis a letter telling him the good news) 
But yeah, I'm leaving Kansas on Sunday and then staying in Colorado springs and then yeah! It's so crazy!!! I'm going to miss this mission so much. I've learned so much here! The friends and people I have met are so awesome, I'm really going to miss them. Part of me wants to stay here, but the other half of me is so stoked haha. Spanish 1000% percent of them time!! Gahhhh! I'm so excited + scared! It's going to be an interesting experience. I have to start packing now...bleh. That's the worst part haha.
So my birthday yesterday was kinda lame. Haha We had meetings and interviews in Garden City. So all day was spent sitting in a chair! I didn't get to take pictures or even make a cake. I'm probably going to do that today though!! Thanks again for everything you guys sent me! It's so awesome! I also got a card from grandma! It was awesome haha. "to our favorite elder" haha! sweet! After interviews, my district did go out to dinner though. So that's cool. It ended up making me sick in the middle of the night last night though...haha. So that kinda was lame!
I have so much going through my mind right now, I can't think of what I want to write! haha I hate this!
This week has been kind of lame. We haven't been finding any success. Well, we have had some success I guess. All of the investigators we have right now are kind of sketchy. Nothing real solid, but we are trying to work really hard with them. The investigator that ran away, probably isn't going to get baptized. It turns out that he really never had a a testimony :( .

 I really can't think of anything else right now though! So this is going to have to be it I guess.   Dads fish looks insanely big and nasty..haha Miracle looks so skinny too! Are you guys not feeding her? hahaha The pics are just random stuff. The one with all the tractors is at a members house. They have a ton of vintage tractors that they restore. So it was pretty cool stuff. Well I love you guys! Have an awesome weeeeek! oh! so I'll be sending home a box or two of stuff that 'Im not taking with me. So look out for that! It will include my journal too! It's all filled up! 6 months worth!!  oh also thanks for the ipod! it's sweet! This one will work just fine! Bye! :)

Elder Wheelwright

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