Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello family!
This week has been interesting! There is a dentist here in the ward that does work on missionaries for free. So we signed up for appointments to get our teeth clean and checked and all that fun stuff. I ended up having 4 (cuatro!) cavities!!! What the heck!? I brush my teeth and floss several times a day! I was so bummed. The dentist is a lame place. Gah. So that same day I got 2 cavities filled! Ouch! Something went wrong with the numbing and I was only numb in one place. So it hurt SUPER bad. haha. I just took it like a champ though.. This dental office is pretty cool because they use like this super updated current technology. It was cool. Probably about as cool as a dentist office can get..which isn't that cool to be honest haha. I have to go back soon to get my other 2 cavities filled. Right when I got my fillings, we went straight to work. I was super numb. I looked and sounded dumb. I wanted to just go back home and lay on the couch until I could properly talk haha. Nope, didn't happen. I didn't say much that day. It was embarrassing! Eating for the next few days was difficult. I like lived off of spaghettio's haha. My jaw was way sore. But I'm doing amazing now I guess. Back to normal for me. Hmm..
Saturday was a super rough day. Like way hard. We had an baptismal interview set up for our investigator who was supposed to get baptized Sunday. Our district leader is serving in Liberal, Kansas (which is an hour away) and he has to conduct the interview. Okay, so let me back up. We stopped by our investigators house earlier in the day before the interview to make sure that everything was okay and good to go. We got to talk to him and for some reason he seemed super sketched out. We asked him if everything was okay and he said yeah. He was acting completely different than how he was the previous day. Something was up.. The previous day, we went through the practice interview with him. That was cool. I got to do it, but we only had the questions in Spanish  So I had to translate them to English. It was cool that I could actually do it haha. Anyways, back to it. So we told him that we would be back soon to pick him up. Right after that we went to the library and made up the baptismal program and we called up people to give talks and stuff like that. Everything was set. We went back to get him a little before the interview. We knocked on the answer. My heart starting beating super fast.. Finally his brother answered and said he just left to go on a walk with his brother. Hmm... Strange. Elder Wilde and I started getting worried.. We needed to find this kid ASAP. Our district leader was about 10 min. away too. It was crunch time. So we said a quick prayer on the side of the road so that we could find our investigator. We went frantically looking down the streets for him. Nothing. So we went and got the car to look for him some more. We couldn't find him. Our investigator ran away. :( When the district leader got here, we went over to the investigator's house and we waited for him. I asked his mom where he was and she said he was at the store and that he would be home any time. Well we waited there in the front yard for about an hour and 20 minutes.. in the pouring rain...underneath a tree. He never showed up. His dad at one point came out and told us that he has been acting weird around the family recently and that he thinks we're pushing him to do something that he doesn't want to do. He basically told us to back off and to give him some space. I've never got the vibes that he feels pushed..? It was odd. And this all happened with our district leader right there with us. It sucked and it was super embarrassing. We apologized to him, they drove out an hour for nothing. Elder Wilde and I just went home really really depressed and confused. We still don't know what happened. We haven't talked to him since. So yeah the baptism didn't happen. :( It's really hard working super hard with somebody and then nothing ever happens with them. It just makes you want to stop working because you don't see any results. This weekend was definitely a learning experience for me. I'm still bummed out about it. That was pretty much everything that happened this week.
 My birthday is coming up in a week! Dang. I'm old! Also I'm coming up on my 6th month mark too. Time flies! Have a great week everyone :) I miss you all!

Elder Wheelwright

ps  Haha that is a sweet picture of Dylan. It made me laugh. People probably looked at me weird at the library... Yay for Nikki and Scott! That's way awesome! Congrats! :)

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