Monday, November 25, 2013


 So yeah transfers are this weekend! Oh my gosh! haha aghhh. I only have 3 transfers left! I feel like I could leave or stay.  At least one of us is gone though, I'm positive of that.
I think I got everything in the package, thanks! I don't have time to list everything haha but the box was unopened, so it had everything still. My housemates love you guys for the candy haha. I have to share it or my diet wont have an effect! haha.
Oh, side note. Christmas is in 30 days, go figure. WOW!
Sounds like the missionary event didn't go so hot..hmm.   It's a good idea though. We should do something like that here. This Friday we're going to this huge park to have a stand. Also today we're going to go to this really popular place and write with chalk on the sidewalk. A couple of members are coming with us to help us out. It's going to be great.
The weather here is hot, hot and more hot.  Summer is coming early, that's for sure. Recently I've been dying of heat, we sleep with the window open now.  I wish I had your cold weather, I'm super jealous haha.
So yesterday I confirmed somebody a member for the first time in my life. It was pretty great. At first I was nervous, but that went away in the moment when I had to do it.  Umm, so we have this guy Diego who we are working with now, who is super awesome. He is going to get baptized on the 28th of Dec. He has to stop smoking and he is there. He told us yesterday after church that he has a problem with loneliness and that he wants to find a wife so that he can have a family. Hmm, we're going to start having FHEs every week with him and a different family each time. Also we're going to hook him up with going to institute, so he can find some lady friends......... and learn more about the gospel, duh haha.
The Peruvian has been hard to find recently.  I think she works a lot, but we always leave notes on her door. She didn;t show up at church yesterday either....   :(   That's okay though. maybe she had something to do?   
So last week I forgot to tell you guys, but I got rammed by a sheep. it was awful haha. I just wanted to pet it, but it attacked me with its head. Luckily it didn't have any horns! oh! I also went to Bahia Blanca this week to renew my visa.   I've been illegal for about a month now.   We had time to work, and I wanted to go to my old area in Villa Harding Green, but my president wouldn't let me go. oh man. That made me sad.
Okay, so that's about it. This week is transfers, so you'll be able to know next week what happened. Okay, well I gotta run! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola family!

So the package is in my city, my friend actually has it haha. So they made it here safe!!!! Whoooo!! 
First of all, this weekend was nuts!! I had exchanges this week with an Elder that is brand new. His name is Elder Walker and he's from Utah, and doesn't speak spanish for 2 days I talked non stop. It was intense teaching the full lessons alone, but it was fun too. I like to talk... :D
 Saturday was the meeting with Elder Christofferson and two 70´s too. IT was amazing!! I learned a lot on how to be a better missionary. He opened it up for questions too, but I didn't know what to ask. I didn't want to say anything dumb haha. Only half the mission got to come, so thank goodness I was in the half that came!   
After the talk, we went to the church and started preparing for the baptism of Valeria!!!! YAAAAAYYYYY! :D    At 5pm she was baptized. I was so surprised that lots of people from the ward showed up. We did make fancy fliers and delivered them to the families in the ward though... so that's probably why.   Our ward mission leader said that it was one of the best most spiritual baptisms that he's ever seen. Legit! Now the clock ticks..until one year and then they can get sealed in the temple!! :) I will be confirming her next Sunday. My first confirmation in spanish! It should be cake. Usually members of the ward are supposed to do this, but she asked me to do it. I always love seeing people get baptized, knowing that they are leaving behind their old sinful life haha to start a brand new awesome!
 Remember that one family with that one convert of mine in Olavarria a long time ago in my first area?  They got mad at us or something and told us to stop coming by?  They emailed me last week and it was amazing!  Everything is great with them and I think they are going to church! It made me so happy to hear from them. 
Umm..Sunday we had stake conference with Elder Christofferson too. It was a full weekend of apostle! haha. his wife spoke too, although her spanish wasn't super amazing, she still did a really great job and everyone understood her. 
So 2 weeks until   How the time fly's!   I feel like we were just at this point yesterday. Agh!! 
One of our investigators went to the stake conference this Sunday without us knowing, she also went up and shook the apostles hand and talked with him. She told us that he blessed her baby haha. How awesome. She's this little lady from Peru. She felt the spirit a lot in the meeting and can't wait for us to come back and teach her more stuff!   She could be the next baptism :)
 I think that's all that happened this week. I'm sure there is more, but time calls haha. We only have one hour. Maybe  even less now...eeeek. Okay well I love you guys! Sorry for not sending pics of the baptism! I forgot my memory card in the casa! 
Love you all! chau!!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hola family!!

Hola family!!!

Hows it going! So this week was semi exciting but semi not haha. We had the wedding though!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaayyy!! It was awesome! We made them a legit cake, okay..well a member helped us make them a cake. We had to go pick it up from this member, and it was pretty far away.. while taking it back to the house, I stained my new tie with strawberry juice..ugh haha. I was so mad. Also yeah, we took the bus, and since the roads suck here, it was super bumpy and the cake almost fell in the bus haha. ooopps. but yeah, the wedding was in Santa Clara.  We took the 30 min bus ride over there and yeah, good stuff.  The ceremony was really short. The tradition here is to throw rice afterwards. Its awesome haha. I attached some pictures of the rice throwing. afterwards we had the party at the church. We had the church keys, so we were obligated to stay haha. There was a TON of food and drinks and our cake. Also there was a lot of raggae music. Like Bob Marley haha. There was a weird mood and vibe of raggae in the air, but I was diggin it haha. Swaying to the music while eating empanadas. Doesn't get any better than that!!
Okay so this week we visited an old investigator from a couple of transfers ago. He was way nice and accepted us and we taught him and he's amazing. But, he's having a hard time going to church. He told us that he would go Saturday night, but then he called us a couple hours later and said that he was going to a club at night and that he couldn't come anymore..ugh. He doesn't understand keep the sabbath day holy haha. Dummy. But he's still awesome and we're going to baptize him.
This Saturday is our baptism!! whoooo! Also this Saturday we have a special meeting with an apostle, D. Todd Christofferson. YAYA!   He's also coming to our stake conference too!! :)
Well okay family, I gottta run! I love you guys so much!      The package hasn't arrived yet...I'm getting kind of scared haha. I'll let you guys know!! Chau Chau!!!

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, November 4, 2013


So this week was pretty lame. haha. Sorry to start if off like that. It was full of lots of distractions. Tuesday, we spent the whole day with the sister missionaries. They were all pretty sick and we took them around to hospitals because they didn't know where they were. All day with them was nuts haha.
Our baptism on the 16th is for sure for sure going down! yay!   The wedding is this week on Wednesday and we get to be a part of it. Aka throwing rice and being the witnesses haha. They have a weird way of doing things here.  After the wedding, we're having a reception like thing at the church for lunch. Good stuff. Then the next week, she`ll get dunked. Boom! She is doing really good with everything, commandments, reading, etc. She`ll make a good member.
We got a reference this Sunday of a lady that wants to get baptized in our church. A member brought her to church yesterday and we didn't even know haha.  So now we are going to start teaching her, yay!
So halloween here was super lame. I was feeling like celebrating, so I bought a pumpkin for 15 pesos. Well okay, it wasn't a pumpkin, it was a Japanese squash, but it still worked.  Pumpkins aren't really common here. But I carved it alone haha. Oh yeah! It was really fun and it made me miss halloweeeeen! :(   What did you guys do?
Gah! already out of time, how lame! I need to learn how to juggle my time between emails. Enjoy all of the photos that I got from my comps!
Umm... ice cream down here is lame. Well, it depends from where. It has to be ice cream artesenal. The frozen premade stuff is lame haha. Everything is so cheap here too. You usually but ice cream by the kilo...and it cheap. But I don't eat a lot anyways, soo yeah. Umm no package yet. Maybe tomorrow? The mission office always holds everything up...grr..haha. Well I love you guys! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright