Monday, November 11, 2013

Hola family!!

Hola family!!!

Hows it going! So this week was semi exciting but semi not haha. We had the wedding though!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaayyy!! It was awesome! We made them a legit cake, okay..well a member helped us make them a cake. We had to go pick it up from this member, and it was pretty far away.. while taking it back to the house, I stained my new tie with strawberry juice..ugh haha. I was so mad. Also yeah, we took the bus, and since the roads suck here, it was super bumpy and the cake almost fell in the bus haha. ooopps. but yeah, the wedding was in Santa Clara.  We took the 30 min bus ride over there and yeah, good stuff.  The ceremony was really short. The tradition here is to throw rice afterwards. Its awesome haha. I attached some pictures of the rice throwing. afterwards we had the party at the church. We had the church keys, so we were obligated to stay haha. There was a TON of food and drinks and our cake. Also there was a lot of raggae music. Like Bob Marley haha. There was a weird mood and vibe of raggae in the air, but I was diggin it haha. Swaying to the music while eating empanadas. Doesn't get any better than that!!
Okay so this week we visited an old investigator from a couple of transfers ago. He was way nice and accepted us and we taught him and he's amazing. But, he's having a hard time going to church. He told us that he would go Saturday night, but then he called us a couple hours later and said that he was going to a club at night and that he couldn't come anymore..ugh. He doesn't understand keep the sabbath day holy haha. Dummy. But he's still awesome and we're going to baptize him.
This Saturday is our baptism!! whoooo! Also this Saturday we have a special meeting with an apostle, D. Todd Christofferson. YAYA!   He's also coming to our stake conference too!! :)
Well okay family, I gottta run! I love you guys so much!      The package hasn't arrived yet...I'm getting kind of scared haha. I'll let you guys know!! Chau Chau!!!

Elder Wheelwright

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