Monday, November 4, 2013


So this week was pretty lame. haha. Sorry to start if off like that. It was full of lots of distractions. Tuesday, we spent the whole day with the sister missionaries. They were all pretty sick and we took them around to hospitals because they didn't know where they were. All day with them was nuts haha.
Our baptism on the 16th is for sure for sure going down! yay!   The wedding is this week on Wednesday and we get to be a part of it. Aka throwing rice and being the witnesses haha. They have a weird way of doing things here.  After the wedding, we're having a reception like thing at the church for lunch. Good stuff. Then the next week, she`ll get dunked. Boom! She is doing really good with everything, commandments, reading, etc. She`ll make a good member.
We got a reference this Sunday of a lady that wants to get baptized in our church. A member brought her to church yesterday and we didn't even know haha.  So now we are going to start teaching her, yay!
So halloween here was super lame. I was feeling like celebrating, so I bought a pumpkin for 15 pesos. Well okay, it wasn't a pumpkin, it was a Japanese squash, but it still worked.  Pumpkins aren't really common here. But I carved it alone haha. Oh yeah! It was really fun and it made me miss halloweeeeen! :(   What did you guys do?
Gah! already out of time, how lame! I need to learn how to juggle my time between emails. Enjoy all of the photos that I got from my comps!
Umm... ice cream down here is lame. Well, it depends from where. It has to be ice cream artesenal. The frozen premade stuff is lame haha. Everything is so cheap here too. You usually but ice cream by the kilo...and it cheap. But I don't eat a lot anyways, soo yeah. Umm no package yet. Maybe tomorrow? The mission office always holds everything up...grr..haha. Well I love you guys! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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