Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Family! :) 
This week was pretty awesome. We have been working with this guy for awhile now. I wrote about him in my journal. But we had a dinner with them and we got him with a baptismal date! He is going to be baptized this Saturday! It's pretty much a for sure thing too. I'm sure excited for that! He has been to church like a million times and we are going to teach him the last lesson tonight at dinner. So yep, it's going down haha. Brett was doing good. He is still progressing, which is good. We went to go pick him up for church and he got super sick out of nowhere the night before. :( It was a bummer. So his date got pushed pack to the 7th, which is next transfer. I really hope I can stick around for that. We have been giving him reading assignments every time we see him. And when we ask him what his favorite parts are and what he learned. He always says that it's all good and that he cant remember what happened...hmm. So we don't know if he's actually reading. Yesterday we gave him 1st Nephi 2:15  (And my father dwelt in a tent.) This is a test to see if he's reading or not haha. So we will see on Tuesday if he says anything different! 
The Holland talk this weekend was awesome. The drive wasn't that great though. It was like 6 hours. Road Trip! We stayed overnight on Friday in Pueblo, Colorado. It's a pretty big town about an hour away from CO Springs. We got there super early. So we just did nothing basically. I bought some sick skinny ties though haha. Those are my favorite. They are just so classy... :P Saturday morning we arrived in Springs. YES! I was so stoked to be back haha. We drove through my old area on our way to the church building. It was awesome! I wanted to go visit people, especially my recent convert. But we didn't have time :( The meeting with Elder Holland lasted about 2 hours. He brought people from the presiding bishopric with him too. So it was awesome. Elder Holland can get really into his speaking. He doesn't do it in conference, but he likes to yell and scream haha. It's kind of scary! But he is just passionate about what he speaks about. He also looks really different in person too. Like I didn't recognize him! It was an awesome edifying, uplifting experience. It definitely re-pumped up for missionary work. I just wanted to go out and baptize the whole world! haha We were only in Colorado springs for about 3 hours in total. But it was still fun. 
The drive home was SUPER long. On the way home we saw this tarantula in the road. So we stopped and took pictures of it. It was super gross. Coming back to Kansas was hard haha. Everything is flat. SUPER flat. Seeing the rocky mountains again was epic. Ulysses is home now, so I guess it was nice to be back? haha We came home to an empty mail box too. Lame. About mail.. start sending mail to the mission office address again. Transfers are next week! Holy cow! This transfer flew by! I guess that happens when you work really hard. 

 Yeah my B-day is coming up! Crazy! I'll be 21! Now I can buy alcohol.. sweet. haha  Nathan is going to be a sketchy driver ;) haha You better not let him drive anywhere!   That's AWESOME that they have a date to be sealed in the temple. It's like a 2nd wedding kind of. That's way exciting! Congrats! I'll have to write them. Dang Dad. You struck out haha. It's okay though, just try harder next time. :D

What ever came of the phone cards that I bought? Also I want an ipod. I hate buying CD's. They are so expensive. I want an ipod nano. I don't know which one though. Maybe a 6th generation 8gb ipod nano. Let me know the cheapest you find it before you buy it!  Well I think that is all for this week!

I love all of you guys!

Elder Wheelwright 

The pictures:

  Me standing by road signs. Fantastic. 

Me with the spider and a dead snake. Outstanding. 
The bottles are all things that we find everywhere here in Ulysses. This is what we drink. 
It's all stuff from Mexico! Super awesome stuff. Especially the fresca. 
The meat with the tools..haha. We had the frozen meat log and we didnt know how to cut it. 
We tried sawing through it for like 20 min with a knife. We got sick of doing that, because we were going nowhere. So we used a screwdriver and a sledgehammer.  = Success! Haha.

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