Monday, September 17, 2012

Hola Family!      
This week has been pretty crazy and pretty awesome. We've seen a lot of huge successes this week! There have been 3 sweet days this week that I wanted to share completely. I don't have enough time to write or explain it all haha. So I just took a picture of my journal. I made sure you can still read it. You just need to zoom in haha. 

But yeah, stake conference was this week. And that is in Garden City, which is quite a bit away from Ulysses. So we had to get a ride there. We actually got an investigator to come too! It was awesome! This guy is turning out really solid. I definitely think he's going to get baptized. And it will be this transfer too! The Sunday before transfers actually. Sweet!  This transfer has gone by so fast! People are already talking about next transfer! haha I actually hope I can stay here. I'm really liking Ulysses! 

Yesterday we went tracting in this place that we call Old Mexico. Its a giant trailer park a couple miles out of town. It's like 90% spanish too. So that's awesome language practice! I found $2 on the ground while walking too. Cool. haha One door we knocked on, this super funny mexican guy came outside and set up chairs for us to sit in. haha So we just sat down. Spanish people are SO nice. So we talked to him for a little and then taught him the first lesson. I did a big chunk of the teaching and it was SO hard haha. I would like stumble and think about what I was trying to say. It was embarrassing. The guy helped me with my spanish as we went though. I can definitely understand a ton more than I can speak. For the most part I can tell what people are saying. Except for people with crazy accents from Cuba. That's impossible! We invited him to be baptized, but he wasn't really interested. We did get a return appointment with him though. Spanish people are so nice that they will never turn you down. And if they do, then they do it in the most nice round about way that they can haha. Or in other words, nice excuses? 

It's been pretty cool recently, like in the 70's and 80's. I'm still getting burnt/tanned though. I actually have color to my face! haha it's pretty cool. I've started wearing my contacts so I can fix my glasses tan. Because that looks dumb. 

This week Elder Holland is actually coming to speak to our whole mission. So we're traveling up to Colorado Springs Again on friday! :) The springs are awesome. I miss the mountains and the big population and Walmarts! I'm really excited! It should be a fun time. I'm just not looking forward to the 5-6 hour drive. 

Well my VISA didnt come. Transfer day in Argentina is tomorrow. So.. yeah. I'll be here for a definite 6 more weeks. Lame. I always get my hopes up but when it comes down to it, it never comes. Oh well. I want to baptize a couple of people here that we're working with before I leave anyways.

I think that is all from this week, that was eventful at least. Everything else that was epic is in my journal entries.  I got your package last P-day! Mailing straight here works good. Although now that its getting close to transfers again. Maybe sending it through the mission office would be better now. But the package was awesome thanks! I already had the filter bottle that you sent me. They gave us one in the MTC if we were going foreign. But now I have 2, Sweet! Also the towels look weird. But my companion says they are really good. He has one. Well I love all of you guys! :) Nathan good luck with your drivers ed. You're going to need it ;) haha Well everyone, have a sick week!

Elder Wheelwright

Mosca= Fly in spanish. Elder Wilde is really good at killing them in mid-air. haha so I gave him an award/sticky note. There are SOOOOO many flies here in Kansas. It's not even funny!

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