Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Family!
Nope. Nothing on my VISA yet :(   I legit think it's alphabetical now haha. Because the only people I'm seeing get them are in the beginning of the alphabet. Hopefully it will come soon. There is this guy I think I told you about, he's in my district. His last name starts with a W too. And he has been in this mission as a VISA waiter for 6 months already. So yeah. My theory is that because there is no W in the Spanish language, they don't like bringing people over that have W's in their names. Haha. that's the best I got so far.
This week was pretty cool I guess. We had 4 people with baptismal dates that looked SUPER solid. 3 of them are these kids who want to get baptized. The mom is a member and she owns this big restaurant down town. She works like 80 hour weeks so she cant ever come to church. Anyways, she said she really wants them to go to church and let to get baptized. She said she would bring them for Sunday. And it was like a sure thing. But when it came time to start sacrament meeting, they didn't show :(    It turns out she did bring them to a church. Just not ours... She knew it wasn't ours too. We're not fully sure what happened there, but we are definitely going to find out!  Also every time we teach them lessons, we have to do it in the restaurant haha. The mom always gives us menu's when we come.. mmm bomb mexican food. They let us go in the back room and grab food too..haha it's wierd. But cool.
This other guy, said he would come to church too. We were going to go pick him up (aka walk to his house) and we were going to walk with him to church. Church is at 10am here in Ulysses. So we went to his house, and his dad answers the door half Haha. He was like, yeah it was a late night. He won't be able to make it today. NOOO.    And then another investigator didn't come either. Dang. 0/5 at church. It's so defeating and makes you really discouraged sometimes. BUT there was actually an investigator at church, not to our knowledge at the time. He was a referral that we couldn't make contact with. He liked church and says he is looking for one to join. So major potential there. This is his 2nd time going to church too. So one more and he can be baptized!
So this Sunday was way busy for us.. We both had to give talks on church callings. Basically, the message that was given to us about the talks, is that they wanted us to chastise the ward...haha what the heck. Also we were in charge of a missionary presentation for priesthood during 3rd hour. So busy busy! haha. It was kinda stressful, but whatever. I'm glad it's over. Now we can get back to being missionaries... haha

What else? Hmm this guy we talked to this week told us that the reason why there is so much oil in the middle east is because that's where the garden of Eden was. Baghdad, Iraq is the center of the Garden of Eden. According to him haha. He told us that everytime we fill up on gas, we should think about how we're filling up our car with the garden of Eden..haha. It was so funny. I tried not to laugh when he told us that. It was hard! Also he was telling us about how he has seen ghosts before. I love talking to this guy! He's awesome. He loves mormon music, like mo-tab. I think he's actually going to watch conference with us too! This guy like lives on his porch of this condemned house. He's epic.
What else.. hmm. Walking miles around in 100 degree weather is still as fun as ever. We had a dinner/service this week with this less active family. The service was helping pick produce. It was soo fun haha. We picked watermelons and cantaloupes and things like that. best service ever. The guy would like throw the melons to the ground ( I guess that's how you test them?) and they would break open. So we got to taste a lot of it. It was so awesome. I tried a yellow watermelon and an orange watermelon. I didn't know those even existed! He also sent us home with a ton of stuff too. Everyone does. We have so much produce at home right now that it's going bad.

I think that's everything that happened this week. I'm sure I forgot a ton. But I love you guys! Thanks for everything! :)

Elder Wheelwright

Random photos he sent:


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