Monday, December 31, 2012

Hola Familia!
This week has been super awesome! First of all because I got to skype you guys! That was awesome. Everything worked with Nikki and Alisha too. So I got to see everyone!!   (from Travis's Mom - this picture is a screen shot that we took when we were skyping with him - it was so good to see him!)

We went and caroled to one of our investigators who has cancer that day too. We got to come back later and talk to them. It was a really nice almost teary eyed conversation. He said that we barely know him, but he feels that we care about him a lot. He also said that when he gets better, he wants to come to church immediately! Legit!!!
Also this week we found an awesome pre prepared family. They were a reference from another set of elders or a family in another branch. Not sure. But these guys own one of our hymn books and they love playing them on their piano. They love the Mormon Tabernacle choir, they have seen conference before on their own, online. They have a Book of Mormon too. These guys are legit. They have really looked into the church and love that it is family oriented. We taught them the first lesson and have accepted baptismal dates. There is a mom and a dad and a 9 year old daughter. Supposedly right now, they are only searching for a church for their daughter, but I know they will jump on board. This Sunday the daughter attended!! It was legit. This was our first person that has come to church here in Olavarria. FINALLY!  We were worried about her making friends and fitting in. Because shes been to other churches before and she never feels included. This Sunday though, literally everything went perfect. This other primary girl came up to her and they like instantly became friends. They are the same age too. We checked on our investigator every hour secretly by walking in the halls haha, and everything was going great. When her dad came and picked her up later and he asked how she liked it. She told him that she loved it!!! YES!! Everything was perfect! It literally couldn't have gone any better.

So like everyday this week, we've been having asado, which is basically really good steak. I'm starting to get sick of it though haha. Some people probably think I'm crazy, but when you have a ton of it all the time, its not as good. I'm good with eating pasta every day haha.

Last night we came home to a dark house. Our power was out, with like half of the city. We had to plan in the dark and everything. It was so terrible. I used my alarm clock light to see things. Also without power, we have no fans. So our house was incredibly hot.

 I got a lot of mail today!! It was so awesome! I got a sweet letter with pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Wheelwright. I got 2 packages! One from the Kauers and one from Grandma and Grandpa Garlick!! THANKS! Everything I got today was way awesome and it totally made my day! Also everyone in the house was really jealous too haha.

Well I think that's it for now. Everything is closing down early for the new years. Apparently its a really big deal here. Well Chou! Love you guys! I hope I didn't forget anything...haha.

Elder Wheelwright

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