Monday, February 17, 2014

Alright so this week was pretty lame, my email is going to be really short too..wahh wahh wahh. You´ll never guess who got sick this week! :(   Yupp..thats me. I basically couldn't eat anything at all or it left immediately. I leave it at that. haha. I was on a diet of rice and water and nothing else. My stomach always killed me, even now I'm not 100%.   Its a good thing that my investigator and recent convert are nurses/doctors!   I was blessed in that sense (trying to see the positive in the dark hole I was in haha). They helped me out and even brought me pills and medication to the house. I'm super grateful for them. Now I'm doing pretty good. I'm still watching what I eat, nothing too intense, but yeah. I was basically out for this week.
Our baptism is so on for this Saturday.  Cristina is super solid and there is nothing in the world that could happen that could change her mind. She just got back from vacations, so we couldn't teach her all this week. But she brought her BOM with her and all of her family gave her crap for it and they were talking bad, etc. But she didn't let that bother her at all. She told us that she just cried and took it haha.  I think that trial strengthened her testimony a lot. We were worried that something bad was going to happen, and it did. but she came back better than ever!
Also... this weekend we planned out a missionary activity. It was a tarta making contest, yummm! hahaha. The ward didn't super support us, only 20 people came and the majority were less actives and investigators..but still. It was awesome. We played a few games and then we all tried the tartas and then voted. My companion and I wore chef uniforms... = awesome! Sooo out of everyone Cristina won the competition.. yay! she was stoked. The prize for first place was something we just found in the house, since were a little broke. It was a package of cookies, a salami stick, and a game of ninja turtles tops. haha it was the best. Everyone had a great time.
That was my week. we already have transfers this weekend ugh. I hate this. This will determine where I'm going to ¨die¨. I hope I stay! Also my pal Elder Schroeder is going home this weekend... noooo! So that's going to be sad. Okay well, I better run! I'll be praying for snow in the mountains in April haha. legit! Love you all!!

Elder Wheelwright

ps:  I just received something called trunky papers.. I have to fill it out so they know where to buy my airplane ticket...they will be in contact with you guys in a couple weeks. Shoot, I dont like this....haha. Chau!!

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